After 17 miscarriages and being told she can’t have children, woman has four kids within nine months After 17 miscarriages and being told she can’t have children, woman has four kids within nine months
32-year-old Lytina Kaur, a former housing officer, who was told she could never have children, has had four daughters within nine months of each... After 17 miscarriages and being told she can’t have children, woman has four kids within nine months

32-year-old Lytina Kaur, a former housing officer, who was told she could never have children, has had four daughters within nine months of each other and they are not all twins! Lytina who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, an aggressive cancer of the white blood cells, at the age of 17, was told that she could not have children after she had a bone marrow transplant.

In the years to follow she suffered 17 miscarriages, but now, aged 32, she has four daughters.

When she got married in 2007, at age 23, Lytina became worried about being unable to have children after having several miscarriages, the first of which happened in 2010.

Her first pregnancy was a set of male twins which she miscarried at 17 weeks. Lytina who worked for Nottingham City Homes said she was devastated when this happened.

She tried IVF which was unsuccessful.

She also tried adopting but could not find a suitable Asian child so she and her husband opted to try surrogacy.

Six attempts made by an Indian hospital to implant an embryo into a surrogate failed all times and the couple gave up.

However, in February 2015, Lytina found out she had fallen pregnant naturally. She gave birth to her first daughter, Kiran in September 2015. Two months after, her twins, Kajal and Kavita, were born to a surrogate mother in India. And in June 2016 Lytina welcomed another daughter, Kiyara, at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, UK.

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    Oh my !! 17 miscarriages ?! I would of given up and wanted a stop to this , see why am I having all these miscarriages but you didn’t give up .. look at God


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      God is wonderful that is such a beautiful blessing ×4 congratulations and welcome to motherhood


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    I wish u had girls I have three boys they are so gorgeous.


  • Monica Maddix

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    I know how she feel… I was told I couldn have kids when I was younger to but now I have three beautiful girls… I pray for many blessing to come to her and her family…


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    Wow this is a sad story with a beauitful ending


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    Wow thats amazing congratulations god bless


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    ‘That’s A Blessing That She Ended Up With Kids?????They Are So Beautiful ❤❤?


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    Wow that must of been great broken to go threw that I’m happy for you that you have 4 beautiful daughters now


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    Woww That’s Fantastic !!!


  • Lynn

    2017-01-11 #10 Author

    Wow! Just when you are emotionally exhausted and feel all is lost! Blessings on blessings on blessings.


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    Beatiful story! So glad this women got a chance too be a mother.


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    God is great!??????????


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    God blessed her


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    Glad she got a chance to experience motherhood. God is good congratulations on 4 beautiful children


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    Wow amazing story! These babies are beautiful. ?


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    Congrats on your babies ???


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    Congrats on your beautiful babies!! God is good?


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    This is a true blessing ??


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    Congratulations!!!!! Very nice Story with happy end !!!! Good Luck with the kids!!!! Kisses


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    God is indeed wonderful. Congratulations.


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    Wowww congratulations on your beautiful babies ‘ GOD IS SO GOOD


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    Omg praying for you


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    That Is Such A Blessing ??❤️


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    She blessed & good luck to her.


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    Remarkable blessings


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    She’s a amazing women with faith to continue to try !! God bless you and your babies ❤️


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    This is truly a blessing.. congratulations on your and your beautiful children!! Maybe God continue to bless you..


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    2017-01-12 #32 Author

    This story hits home for. I was also told that I would not be able to conceive. But 17 miscarriages. wow. I didn’t know a woman could have so much courage & heart! I’m so glad God blessed her with 4 beautiful girls!!


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    Wow! That is an absolute blessing!!


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    She’s more than blessed they are beautiful after all the trying God still blessed her to have her own plus she have four babies that will love her unconditional that’s love❤❤??


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    Wow! God bless! ??


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    This has no other name than to be called a MIRACLE….God Bless!


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    What a dumbfounding miracle
    God is great


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    Such a blessing


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    wow. may God bless her and her daughters ameen


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    only the grace of god.


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    Wow God is great! She’s blessed!


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    This is a blessing. God truly does work in mysterious ways. Bless you and your babies, they are all so gorgeous. Xo


  • Sheila Mae Solicfian

    2017-01-27 #44 Author

    I also experienced miscarriage myself the first one was last 2013 and I was diagnosed of having a nabothian cyst same year I tot i would not be able to have a second child but then last 2014 I was positive and gave birth last August 2015. Last year 2016 I was then positive and had my second miscarriage of my 8 weeks pregnancy. I am hopeful that I will be fine., because in God nothing is impossible. Right now I’m recovering with my two lovely daughters.


  • Christina barnett

    2017-01-27 #45 Author

    Wow ur so patient ,loving this god is good


  • Keshana

    2017-01-27 #46 Author

    I can relate to this i had tons of miscarriages before i had my princess thats the most hurtful painful filling in the world not only physically but more emotionally.. my daughter is now one years old and would be 2 March praying God blesses me with many more..


    • Keshana

      2017-01-27 #47 Author

      *will be one. Sorry about the typos


  • Alfreda Wynn

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    God Works miracles!! Even when the doctor told you you couldn’t have anymore he made a way! Congratulations & welcome to motherhood.


  • Alfreda wynn

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    That just shows how God works miracles, After 17 miscarriages I would have lost hope. Out of it she had not one but four blessings. Congrats and welcomed me to motherhood.


  • Takia Lee

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    Wow all you have to do is pray to God and recieve a blessing


  • Takia Lee

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    Wow all you have to do is pray to God and recieve a blessing

    When prayers go up blessings come down


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    Such a blessing….they’re beautiful babies


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    This is a crazy story! So happy she finally got her babies


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    I know it’s heartbreaking to lose kids , I haven’t lost any but i can’t imagine what it would feel like.


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    I couldn’t imagine. God really blessed her, and the babies are beautiful.


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    God is great… actually those are what we call miracle babies and God given


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