Woman watches as her boyfriend rapes, tortures, posions and strangles her 14 year old daughter to death Woman watches as her boyfriend rapes, tortures, posions and strangles her 14 year old daughter to death
In what can only be described as a sick, twisted act, a mother in order to fulfil a fantasy she and her boyfriend shared,... Woman watches as her boyfriend rapes, tortures, posions and strangles her 14 year old daughter to death

In what can only be described as a sick, twisted act, a mother in order to fulfil a fantasy she and her boyfriend shared, killed her 14-year-old adopted daughter in her home in Abington, Pennsylvania, USA.

Sara Packer watched as her boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, raped her daughter, Grace Packer. Afterwards, the couple went on to beat the teenager and poisoned her.

When Grace survived that up till the following day, she was strangled and to cover their tracks, the couple packed Grace’s body with cat litter to hide the decomposing smell and stored it in the attic. They eventually dismembered the body after being scared by a police visit and scattered it in the wilderness where some parts were found by hunters.

For the months following Grace’s death, Sarah kept cashing her daughter’s monthly $700 Social Security checks without mentioning the girl’s disappearance. When she eventually reported Grace missing, she provided misleading information to investigators which led to her being charged with child endangerment and obstruction.

It was also revealed that Sara Packer without informing the authorities, withdrew Grace and her 12-year-old biological brother, who was also adopted by Sara Packer, from the Abington school district then went on to enrol the boy in a different school in Quakertown, a new district she moved to.

After killing Grace in July and as investigations were ongoing, Sara and Jacob tried to overdose on prescription pills on December 30 but were found by a woman who lived with them and taken to hospital where Jacob was said to have confessed the killing to workers at the hospital.

Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan appeared in court on Sunday and as they were being led into court, Sullivan reportedly said, “I’m sorry for what I did. It was wrong.”

According to the Probable Cause Affidavit, it was on the morning of July 8. Grace, who had been adopted by Sara Packer, was taken to the attic of a Quakertown house the couple rented.

“Grace was in her pajamas and during the ride fell asleep in the back of Jacob Sullivan’s vehicle,” it read.

“When they arrived at the Quakertown residence, they walked Grace into the home where Jacob Sullivan struck Grace in the face several times splitting her lip. Following the physical assault, Jacob Sullivan and Sara Packer took Grace Packer up to the 3rd floor attic of the residence.

He admitted that they discussed him raping Grace before killing her. In the 3rd floor finished attic Jacob Sullivan ripped Grace’s pajama top and bit her breasts while Sara Packer watched. Jacob said Sullivan admitted that Sara Packer was sexually aroused witnessing him do this. Jacob Sullivan admitted that he took a Viagra pill prior to attacking Grace in preparation of the rape.

Skipping other details, the report says,

“Grace was conscious during the sexual attack.”

She was then poisoned, bound and gagged and left for dead, Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said. Officials allege they dismembered the body in October after being scared by a police visit.
On the evening of Oct. 31, the affidavit says Pennsylvania State Police troopers responded to a report of human remains in Bear Creek Township, Luzerne County.

“Investigators on scene noticed the absence of insect infestation about the torso, indicating that the torso was most likely stored in another location prior to being dumped at this outdoor location, where it was exposed to weather conditions and the elements of nature.”

It continued that a police “canine ‘Cratos’ located additional human remains identified as the arms and legs severed from the found torso.” On Nov. 8, the torso “was positively identified as Grace Packer.”
The affidavit described:

“Investigators learned that Grace’s body had been discovered unclothed. No jewelry was found with Grace’s remains despite the fact that her ears were double pierced. She was not covered over to avoid detection.”

It was also determined “due to “no insect infestation upon the torso” that “Grace had been killed and dismembered elsewhere and actually stored somewhere else where insects were not able to infest her remains.”
As for the dismemberment, authorities “found a receipt from the Tractor Supply store in Richland Township. As for the dismemberment, authorities “found a receipt from the Tractor Supply store in Richland Township, Bucks County, Pa., dated October 16, 2016 for a bow saw and two extra blades.” Those were not found but authorities “were able to secure video at the Richland Tractor Supply store of Sara Packer buying the aforementioned bow saw and two extra blades.”

Sara Packer’s ex-husband was charged and jailed for sexually abusing 2 small children in their care in 2010. Few months after he was arrested, they got divorced.

Sara Packer worked as a supervisor for the Northampton County Children, Youth and Families Division for adoptions from 2003 to 2010 before she was suspended, but the reason for the suspension was not revealed.

They are both being held without bail.

Sources: Daily Mail/FNC

Henry Okafor

  • Arianna

    2017-01-11 #1 Author

    Wow !! What mother would allow someone to harm her child that way ?? Like she actually was the supervisor for the Adoption clinic and all along she’s one of the reasons why babies x young teens toddlers etc etc is being tooken away now x split up because of the sick disgraceful behavior parents display and allow from outsiders. Smh. Hope they’re charged with everything !! Bless the young lady soul x Rest peacefully Beautiful


  • Maggie

    2017-01-11 #2 Author

    Just dont understand how someone would do this to an innocent child


  • Emerald

    2017-01-11 #3 Author

    They both need to be in jail !


  • Brittni Shackleford

    2017-01-11 #4 Author

    It’s so sad that the child had to suffer and due at tge hands if her adopted mother! She already wasn’t with her birth parents and to be tortured by someone who was supposed to love her and take care of her failed. You can definitely tell that they weew so sick individuals and I hope they get what they deserve.


  • Crystal

    2017-01-11 #5 Author

    Wow I can’t believe what I just read. People are so sick and doesn’t deserve to be parents


  • Martina McClendon

    2017-01-11 #6 Author

    Omgeeee! How could they be so cruel and heartless ? She was less than a mother to even indulge in such a crime ! They both need to locked up and put away forever!!! That was so sad !! I hope the son is with a better family.


  • Zhanea

    2017-01-11 #7 Author

    This truly shows us that we are living in our last days here on earth. People are doing senseless killings on innocent people, innocent children, not only that but the killings are getting more brutual and no onne is showing any remorse, but instead smiling in front of the judge. Or pretending to be sorry. As a mother this breaks my heart. I will go home and hold my daughter a lot closer and hug her a lot more. Though i can only protect her from so much, the world is a crucial place to live in and since i cant always be by my childs side i will give her all the knowledge she knows to stay safe.


  • Margarita

    2017-01-11 #8 Author

    This is ridiculous who allows anyone to do that kinda of evil to their child !


  • Daytona

    2017-01-11 #9 Author

    OMG So sad some people are sick and dnt deserve children


  • Daytona

    2017-01-11 #10 Author

    SO sad some people dnt deserve kids!


  • Dri

    2017-01-11 #11 Author

    Wow! Thats sick smh


  • Shay

    2017-01-11 #12 Author

    Wow that’s insane.


  • Shaunquette

    2017-01-11 #13 Author

    They are very sick people. How could someone do such a thing


  • Contessa

    2017-01-11 #14 Author

    Omg… This is very sickening. How can you do something like this to an innocent child!!!


  • Breon nash

    2017-01-11 #15 Author

    This is horrible they both deserve the death sentence


  • Shermekkia

    2017-01-11 #16 Author

    There’s no way I could allow anyone to hurt my children….. they both deserve to be punished!!! Innocent child didn’t deserve that at all!


  • Nicki Bestest

    2017-01-11 #17 Author

    This is so sickening?… Being a mother i can’t imagine someone doing this to my child, muchless being involved in this wickedness. sigh


  • Pamela bell

    2017-01-11 #18 Author

    This is so sad. That poor baby


  • Lay

    2017-01-11 #19 Author

    smh ! so sickening


  • Sarah

    2017-01-11 #20 Author

    Hope he rots in hell that hurt my heart


  • Ameke

    2017-01-11 #21 Author

    It’s very sad what that innocent child had gone through. Both of them should be jail for their actions.


  • Shermekkia

    2017-01-11 #22 Author

    There’s no end that I would go to with protecting my children. They both deserve to be sentenced to the fullest extent of the law, poor innocent child!


  • Yianna

    2017-01-12 #23 Author

    This has to be the craziest thing I’ve ever read. How do you sit there & watch somebody do that to YOUR child. It’s some sick people in this world man.


  • Raven brown

    2017-01-12 #24 Author

    That’s jus sick


  • Tanisha

    2017-01-12 #25 Author

    I can not image how this lady can. Watch someone do that to her child she is mental ill an needs to put away for life god bless that child


  • Tabretta

    2017-01-12 #26 Author

    I really can’t believe someone could really do this to a child ! They are so sick ! They need to be in jail for the rest of their life ! It’s just crazy how you can do these sick things ! And try to get away with it ! God do not like ugly !


  • Kadejah English

    2017-01-12 #27 Author

    Wow how could you do that to a child that you’re suppose to love they are sick and twisted and I hope they get what they deserve


  • Jasmin

    2017-01-17 #28 Author

    I don’t understand why some people are even blessed with children. You have to be mentally messed up to sit and watch this happen to your child!


  • Yalonda Crosby

    2018-10-04 #29 Author

    That’s so sad how people don’t love there kids I love minds


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