Ex-marine mother kills her 9-year-old daughter and herself Ex-marine mother kills her 9-year-old daughter and herself
46-year-old Ericka Bellamy Joseph and her 9-year-old daughter, Akili Joseph, were found dead at their home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in what is believed... Ex-marine mother kills her 9-year-old daughter and herself

46-year-old Ericka Bellamy Joseph and her 9-year-old daughter, Akili Joseph, were found dead at their home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in what is believed to have been a murder-suicide.

Though no one was there to witness the incident, Ericka Bellamy who used to be in the marine is believed to have killed her daughter before taking her own life.

A Neighbour reported that her attitude had been a little off of late and another said they saw her closing the hurricane shutter in the middle of the night despite the fact that there was no hurricane warning. Not long after, they claim they heard screams, like someone was in pain, and then a gunshot.

The bodies of Ericka and Akili were discovered by Akili’s father and Ericka’s ex-husband. He has custody of their daughter and was supposed to return with Akili to Bogota, Columbia, after their Florida visit. When he knocked on the door to pick up Akili for their trip on Tuesday, and got no response, he contacted a family member who then discovered mother and daughter dead in their bedroom.

It is believed that Ericka took her daughter’s life because she couldn’t bear to have her leave with her father, while some neighbours have revealed that Ericka was having problems with adjusting to life as an ordinary citizen. Ericka’s brother, Tony Williams, denied this claim and said she seemed to be transitioning from her military life to a civilian one well.

The authorities suspect no foul play and are treating the case as a murder-suicide.

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Henry Okafor

  • Juanesa

    2017-01-13 #1 Author

    Wow! So sad, senseless and selfish of the Mother. My thoughts and prayers to that child’s Father. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the hurt and pain he has to endure as a Parent. So sad


  • Tykeshia

    2017-01-13 #2 Author

    – wow! Dats crazy


  • Raquel

    2017-01-13 #3 Author

    Praying for their family.’ Must be hard


  • Sei

    2017-01-13 #4 Author

    That’s so sad may the poor girl Rest In Peace and justice be served


  • Mother of Bella

    2017-01-14 #5 Author

    This is a sad story. I don’t think i could ever kill my child that I given life to. But nobody knows what a person is going thru or thinking until it’s too late. My prayers and condolences goes out to the family.


  • Lesley

    2017-01-14 #6 Author

    Sad story she was only 9 she wanted a long life too ?


  • Kendria

    2017-01-14 #7 Author

    What a selfish act she had her whole life to live.. So many kids dying so young


  • Sheila

    2017-01-14 #8 Author

    That is so sad i feel bad for the family only if someone should have noticed her behavior sooner. Prayers will be givin out


  • DaeAnna Janey

    2017-01-14 #9 Author

    Wow this is so sad. My heart goes out to the little girl and her family #love


  • DaeAnna Janey

    2017-01-14 #10 Author

    Wow so sad. My heart goes out to the Little girl and her family #love


  • Lala

    2017-01-14 #11 Author

    This Is So Sad !


  • Virginia jones

    2017-01-14 #12 Author

    May they both Rest In Peace.


  • Tamara nashay

    2017-01-14 #13 Author

    Why would you kill the on you carried for nine months so sad ! Didn’t even get the chance to enjoy life


  • Jatovia

    2017-01-14 #14 Author

    Wow this is so sad a innocent child who had her whole life ahead of her smh praying for the family ??


  • Leeah

    2017-01-14 #15 Author

    Omg that’s so sad and crazy


  • Star

    2017-01-14 #16 Author

    Wow she was beautiful.


  • Leeah

    2017-01-14 #17 Author

    It’s really crazy how the military can change you so much . Poor baby R.I.P


  • Donjelle

    2017-01-14 #18 Author

    This is really sad and Hurting !


  • Kaaey

    2017-01-14 #19 Author

    This is really sad. I would never have the courage…


  • Yandisa

    2017-01-14 #20 Author

    This is so sad! Yhoooo, there is something missing in the world for someone to feel so empty as to take her own life and the life of such an innocent soul


  • Myriah Wilder

    2017-01-14 #21 Author

    This is very sad? R.I.P Baby Girl❤️


  • Victoria

    2017-01-14 #22 Author

    Prayers for the families of this very tragic loss. This is so sad and senseless.


  • Mother of Niahna

    2017-01-14 #23 Author

    That is so sad. I will never in my life kill an annocent child.


  • Lamonica Ramsey

    2017-01-14 #24 Author

    This Crazy , I wonder What be Going Through people head when They Do things Like This


  • Nadine Baker

    2017-01-14 #25 Author

    This is just sad, rip to Mother and child. Sometimes no one knows what you are thru.


  • Laney Norris

    2017-01-14 #26 Author

    Condolences! My heart Crys for the families of both the mother and father. As a mother living in a a different state from my child’s father. I understand her pain of seperation from her child.To be able to take your own child’s life is a big difference. I can’t even begin as to what I would do or say if I lost my baby due to death. She was supposed to protect her daughter. Instead she murder her. This so cold hearted. Then for her to take her own life. I’m so shocked. How could she be a Marine then to murder her own child. I’m disgusted. I pray that the child’s father is able to be strong. Please stop the violence.stil killing innocent kids.


  • Janee

    2017-01-14 #27 Author

    Omg. That is mad selfish. It’s one thing to kill yourself if you are disliking your life but drag a innocent child into the mix. I cant even imagine what that little girls final moments were like. Was she scared? Or did she feel safe knowing she was with her mom? Condolences go out to the father.


  • Adia Russell

    2017-01-14 #28 Author

    This is so sad beautiful girl life taken because of a selfish act..smh


  • Chasity

    2017-01-14 #29 Author

    Why take the child life, the child was innocent


  • Keiondra

    2017-01-14 #30 Author

    This is so sad I don’t see how people could do such hurtful things to children they are the most precious thing on this earth no matter what age.


  • Ashley

    2017-01-14 #31 Author

    Why take your child’s life and yours. The most selfish act you can do! That poor baby did not deserve that! Everybody wants to be God but there is only one!


  • Shontiyana Johnson

    2017-01-14 #32 Author

    Wow! This is so sad, my prayers are with this family & my heart hurts for the father.


  • Kayla janayy

    2017-01-14 #33 Author

    Shouldn’t kill an innocent life. A child did not ask to be brought into this world.. all lives matter and especially the youth. Be grateful your child is healthy and grateful you were able to experience parenthood in which many don’t get to have that opportunity. sad


  • Jazzmine Oliver

    2017-01-14 #34 Author

    How can people even sleep after they do stuff like this I know it’s hurting her family inside !


  • D

    2017-01-14 #35 Author

    Family is in prayers, must be so hard too know this happened. Can’t imagine it.


  • Hannah Karlea

    2017-01-14 #36 Author

    Praying for her family


  • Rayshawn perkins

    2017-01-14 #37 Author

    How horrible poor baby the mother should have went to therapy that child had a whole life to live


  • Darian

    2017-01-15 #38 Author

    This is awful. This is why anyone in the military should be evaluated before coming home so sad ! Feel for the father !


  • Darline

    2017-01-15 #39 Author

    Omg why would she do that


  • Darline

    2017-01-15 #40 Author

    Why would she do that


  • Darline

    2017-01-15 #41 Author

    Horrible thing to hear shame on mother


  • Sirecia

    2017-01-15 #42 Author

    So sad ?? prayers to the family. That’s child didn’t deserve this.


  • Jazmine Lashea

    2017-01-15 #43 Author

    This Is So Sad ! How Can People Be So Mean


  • Ash

    2017-01-15 #44 Author

    Wow this is so very sad, never know what someone is going through, I’m going to pray for the family.


  • Aliyah

    2017-01-15 #45 Author

    ?so sad, I can never see myself killing someone I gave life to?


  • Kennedye Hallmon

    2017-01-15 #46 Author

    That’s so sad. This murder suicide just happened in my city also. Just too much ?


  • Ketura Rogers

    2017-01-15 #47 Author

    That’s sad? shame her


  • Diamond

    2017-01-15 #48 Author

    So sad?? breaks my heart


  • tawanna

    2017-01-15 #49 Author

    This really broke my heart to read PRAYING for this family ?


  • Nicole

    2017-01-15 #50 Author

    Very sad. Prayers to the family??


  • Aly

    2017-01-15 #51 Author

    So sad praying for this family ??


  • Zedd

    2017-01-15 #52 Author

    So messed up hope they find who did it


  • bri

    2017-01-15 #53 Author

    Wow this is so sad smfh she didnt deserve to be a mother shes selfish for this


  • Shay

    2017-01-15 #54 Author

    Smh wow that’s crazy sending my prayers out to the family


  • Cornessia

    2017-01-15 #55 Author

    ?? this is so sad praying for the family the child didn’t deserve that!!!


  • Makayla Conway

    2017-01-15 #56 Author

    Wow how sad ! Prayers for the family


  • Makayla Conway

    2017-01-15 #57 Author

    This is so sad ! Prayers


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