Watch as an angry kid HIGH KICKS His Mom After He Didn’t Get His Way Watch as an angry kid HIGH KICKS His Mom After He Didn’t Get His Way
An 8 second video featuring a boy kicking his mom five times because she wouldn’t let him play on a smartphone has gone viral... Watch as an angry kid HIGH KICKS His Mom After He Didn’t Get His Way

An 8 second video featuring a boy kicking his mom five times because she wouldn’t let him play on a smartphone has gone viral on Chinese social media, much to the disgust of netizens.

The short clip shows the boy’s grandmother trying to defend the mom from her son’s temper tantrum. According to online reports, it was recorded at a hospital in Guangzhou. After viewing the footage, a reporter says that the boy looks to be about 10 years old and was mad at his mom for now allowing him to play on the phone.

As an unintended consequence of its one-child policy, China has become infamous for its so-called “little emperors,” only children that are given everything they need by their parents except discipline. After watching the video, one expert expressed that this kind of thing is happening more and more often in China and that parents need to do a better job of disciplining their kids.

“It is the parents that are at fault here, not the child. They need to show the boy how to behave,” commented one Weibo user.

“If this were my kid, I would beat the snot out of him,” another netizen writes.

Henry Okafor

  • Notoreauna Nelson

    2017-01-13 #1 Author

    That Is Unacceptable! Train your child onto how you want them to go , no child should ever put their feet on anybody just because they can’t get their way!


  • Tyasia

    2017-01-13 #2 Author

    Omg I hope My Baby never Does Anything Like This . You can tell he a was Really Mad , Maybe he Is Spoiled & always gets his Way


  • brandy

    2017-01-13 #3 Author

    These kids nowadays have no respect for their parents. It breaks my heart to see this.


  • Angela

    2017-01-13 #5 Author

    Parents need to stop worrying about trying to be their child’s friend. This child obviously lacks discipline. Start being a parent and teaching your children instead of letting them run over you.


    • Aniss

      2017-01-15 #6 Author

      This is so crazy! I feel bad for the mother, that boy needs to be punished!


      • Anissa

        2017-01-15 #7 Author

        This is crazy!! I feel bad for the mother!! He needs some kind of punishment


  • Kyana Summers

    2017-01-13 #8 Author

    Wow crazy kids how kids act out


  • Kyana Summers

    2017-01-13 #9 Author

    Omg this kids need some discipline


  • Stephanie

    2017-01-13 #10 Author

    This is terrible to see and disappointing. Honor thy mother and father. SMH


  • Tia

    2017-01-14 #11 Author

    Woooowww ? couldnt have been me child smh


  • Catrice Bell

    2017-01-14 #12 Author

    This is not okay no mother should allow there child to kick them or abuse them in anyway. If the child has a illness she needs to then get help for him put her foot down or something


  • Jazz

    2017-01-14 #13 Author

    This iS unacceptable with have to discipline our children and not let them become outrageous like this


  • Pj

    2017-01-14 #14 Author

    So mean!!! He shouldn’t be treated like this .


  • Virginia jones

    2017-01-14 #15 Author

    He need his ass whopped!!!


  • Shakeitha

    2017-01-14 #16 Author

    This is so sad the child needs discipline and if he has some kinds of syndrome he should be treated for it I pray thus child gets help so that this doest happen again.


  • Megan Smith

    2017-01-14 #17 Author

    Wrong on so many levels ?


  • Porsche

    2017-01-14 #18 Author

    He might be autustic or have ADHD I don’t think this is something he’s just doing smh


  • Kayesha Scurry

    2017-01-14 #19 Author

    Wow ! This is totally insane ? N emberassing at the same time ?


  • Monique

    2017-01-14 #20 Author

    That really shows that her son isn’t being disciplined at home. He was being disrespectful and it was unacceptable. He needs to immediately get the correct discipline before his behavior gets worse.


  • Eugewene

    2017-01-14 #21 Author

    So mean why do they treat him like that ??


  • Sheila

    2017-01-14 #22 Author

    Thats so terrible its the way kids are raised nowadays and that is unexceptable


  • gina

    2017-01-14 #23 Author

    I’m sorry I would really beat my kids ass


  • Nesha Howard

    2017-01-14 #24 Author

    No child should hit their mother and no mother should be so weak to let their child run over them


    • Mary

      2017-08-24 #25 Author

      I totally agree Nesha.


  • Melissa Santana

    2017-01-14 #26 Author

    That’s terrible! Shows he’s not being disciplined properly. His behavior needs to be corrected now before she faces bigger problems in the future.


  • Lasasha McLemore

    2017-01-14 #27 Author

    Oh wow this is awful and very wrong ???


  • Samone

    2017-01-15 #28 Author

    Wow this is crazy what’s wrong with these kids in this generation ?


  • Tatyana

    2017-01-15 #29 Author

    This is awful ? Praying for the mother!


  • Makya jones

    2017-01-15 #30 Author

    Omg I hope my daughter never do this , that’s crazy ?


  • Nikita Wise

    2017-01-15 #31 Author

    That is learned behavior and diffently wouldn’t be tolerated in my house hold.. he needs to be disciplined fast so that he knows that is unexceptable behavior. I can’t say I feel bad for the mom because she has let that foolishness go to far ? ?. .


  • Toria Mcwilliams

    2017-01-15 #32 Author

    This is the most disrespectful child SMH my kids can not grow up acting like this b/c I feel like I failed at being a mommy..


  • Cameron Abner

    2017-01-20 #33 Author

    Crazy what some kids will do to their parents


  • Maria

    2017-08-21 #34 Author

    I would slap the white off his teeth! The little brat! 😠 If his parents don’t discipline him he will have no respect for Nobody!! Let him have fear…It’s better …


  • Sheekie

    2017-09-03 #35 Author

    That’s what she get for allowing it. No way my child would be doing this but I don’t blame the child if my mom or any parent allows this serves them right. I have no sympathy or empathy. My child would be dead plain and simple. I wish I would be scared of my kid or any kid for that matter tuh. Kudos kid.


  • Injahnet

    2017-09-15 #36 Author

    This child went bad a long time ago. We blame the child.. It’s the parents job to train their kids from birth. Blame the parents not the child. Babies are NOT born with disrespect for their parents. They learn that.


  • Charlotte Diaz

    2017-09-15 #37 Author

    Id beat him down like he would never put his hands on me again


  • Lula Ligon

    2017-09-18 #38 Author

    He should have his ass beat


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