Teen who was kidnapped as a baby 18 years ago reunites with her biological parents for first time Teen who was kidnapped as a baby 18 years ago reunites with her biological parents for first time
The now 18-year-old, Kamiyah Mobley who was kidnapped from a Florida hospital as a baby has finally reunited with her biological parents, Shanara Mobley and Craig... Teen who was kidnapped as a baby 18 years ago reunites with her biological parents for first time
The now 18-year-old, Kamiyah Mobley who was kidnapped from a Florida hospital as a baby has finally reunited with her biological parents, Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken. Kamiyah lived in South Carolina as Alexis Manigo with the woman she believed was her mother, 51 year old Gloria Williams.
Kamiyah met with her biological parents on Saturday in South Carolina, 2 days after she learnt that the woman she thought was her real mother, actually kidnapped her as a child.


The meeting took place behind closed doors at a police station in Walterboro, South Carolina, where Gloria Williams, is currently in custody awaiting extradition to Florida to face kidnapping charges.

Kamiyah burst into tears when she saw the woman who raised her,  who she thought was her mum, Gloria Williams, when she talked to her behind bars. She said to Williams:
‘I love you mom,’ as the two shared a moment, separated by a mesh screen in the Colleton County Jail in Walterboro, South Carolina. Williams blew Kamiyah a kiss as the teenager cried out ‘Momma’ and told her she was ‘praying’ for her.

After spending nearly an hour with his daughter at the Police station, her 41 year old father, Craig Aiken said:

‘It was the best day of my life. It was a beautiful, beautiful day. We are so happy. I hope the world is rejoicing with us.’

Craig Aiken’s wife, Shannon Aiken who was also present with her husband and Shanara Mobley said:

‘We laughed, we chatted, we didn’t allow any negative thoughts. We didn’t talk about the kidnapping,’

‘It’s going to be hard for her to turn this into a positive. She’s got very mixed emotions about the woman who raised her. ‘But we are going to be there for her, this is just the start of a wonderful future.’

Williams waived extradition to Jacksonville, where she will face kidnapping charges.

Hours after police revealed that Kamiyah Mobley had been found, Alexis Manigo took to Facebook to defend her abductor/mother.

‘My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted,’ she wrote. ‘My mother is no felon.’ 

It has been revealed that the now 51 year old Williams had suffered a miscarriage about a week before she drove the three hours from South Carolina to Florida and abducted baby Kamiyah 18 years ago.

It is believed she then passed off Kamiyah as her own daughter to family and friends, who said they never suspected a thing.

Source: Dailymail.com

Henry Okafor

  • Dayshawnna

    2017-01-15 #1 Author

    This is a hard pill to swallow yes she was wrong taking someone else baby but she also loved and took care of her like she was hers.. it’s goin to be hard for that girl to be took away from her because that all she knows and that’s who raised her


    • Sierra O

      2017-01-17 #2 Author

      I agree with you 100% , although i don’t think it will be too hard for the child to come around and accept it because seems to me they would have done it personally instead of involving the system knowing the consequences.


  • Teekayy richard

    2017-01-15 #3 Author

    Omg this story is so touching , Being a Mother I honestly feel there pain over the years


  • Destine

    2017-01-15 #4 Author

    This is do beautiful. I truly hope she can still bond with her real parents and not think about the woman who raised her.


  • Brianna

    2017-01-15 #5 Author

    This is really sad but also heartwarming


  • Ravin lymon

    2017-01-15 #6 Author

    I watched a movie on lifetime about the exact same thing. I feel so sorry for the parents who had to live without their child for 18 years. I also feel for the child who loves the woman who actually raised her.


    • Maria

      2017-01-16 #7 Author

      I watched a movie on lifetime about this same situation too


  • T.T

    2017-01-15 #8 Author

    Wooooooow thank god she’s home


  • Zoey Lebron

    2017-01-15 #9 Author

    18 YEars Later ? but Atleast She are united with her family memebers ! Theirs time to be recovered after all that.. hopefully everything will turn out good for the family .


  • Az Gonzalez

    2017-01-15 #10 Author

    Can’t believe it after 18 Years … May the family enjoy for the time missed ! God is good !


  • Camille

    2017-01-15 #11 Author

    What a blessing☺☺ im a mother of 2 and I will lose my mind if they aren’t by my side?❤


  • LaSheena booth

    2017-01-15 #12 Author

    Very sad situation for the mom who raised her by it’s a bitter sweet moment to the daughter because if though she lost her momma who raised her she finally knows the truth and meets her real parents.


  • Roniquwa Ford

    2017-01-16 #13 Author

    This is a sad story.. And an even heartbreaking case.. Poor child


  • Ty’Esha

    2017-01-16 #14 Author

    Amen. This is nothing but a blessing. Love it


  • Jacoura

    2017-01-16 #15 Author

    Extremely happy for her !


  • Reina

    2017-01-16 #16 Author

    This is amazing. I am happy that finally youve meet your parents omg , so happy for you girl i wish you guys will be happy always !! Godbless you guys ?


  • Lyric

    2017-01-16 #17 Author

    Blessings from above ❤️ Glad she found her real parents


  • Keejuan

    2017-01-16 #18 Author

    Wow this is something you would see on Lifetime. Being a parent is a wonderful thing but it is other ways to experience it. I would like to know how she found out and did the husband know?


  • Cortez green

    2017-01-16 #19 Author

    This is wonderful I had a cousin that went thru a similar situation glad they were able to reunite


  • Kayla

    2017-01-16 #20 Author

    This was a very beautiful article, glad she was able to reunite with her parents


  • Dyasia Isom

    2017-01-16 #21 Author

    OMG ! This Is Scary But Also A Blessing That She Was Reunited With Her Real Parents. I Couldn’t Imagine Being Without My Child For 30min let along 18yrs .


  • Tiara Robinson

    2017-01-17 #22 Author

    This Is Sad But Also A Beautiful Thing I Hope She Can Be Apart Of Both Her Parents Life


  • Nigeria

    2017-01-17 #23 Author

    That is such an amazing story..It should be written almost as an lifetime movie.


  • Iremide David

    2017-01-17 #24 Author

    I’m hoping and praying she finds happiness with her biological parents!


  • Mikhaíl

    2017-01-18 #25 Author

    Hopefully things work out for all of them and they can be one big happy family!


  • Tifani

    2017-01-19 #26 Author

    I’m glad she was able to reconnect with her biological parents. No child should ever have to go through something like that. I truly hope for the best for this family.


  • Sheneka Jones

    2017-01-19 #27 Author

    Similar story I watched on lifetime like this, but I can’t imagine ever having to live without my son he’s my whole world?


  • Jade

    2017-01-20 #28 Author

    Its sad because her real parents missed out on a whole 18 years because of this lady. I couldn’t imagine this happening to me but at least she’s safe?


  • Shania Wiggins

    2017-01-20 #29 Author

    This is sooo sad . But it will be a lifetime movie


  • Vunjessica Allen

    2017-01-21 #30 Author

    They say all wounds heel over time but this is heartbreaking . I don’t wish this pain on my worst enemy. Love her and never let her go again .


  • Jastacia

    2017-01-26 #31 Author

    This is Gods work he always has the last word. Amen


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