Newborn Twin Only Has 11 Days To Live, So Parents Snap Emotional Photos To Last A Lifetime Newborn Twin Only Has 11 Days To Live, So Parents Snap Emotional Photos To Last A Lifetime
It’s never easy to hear that it’s a matter of time before a loved one is gone. You think to yourself, what do I do... Newborn Twin Only Has 11 Days To Live, So Parents Snap Emotional Photos To Last A Lifetime

It’s never easy to hear that it’s a matter of time before a loved one is gone. You think to yourself, what do I do with the limited time I have? And no matter what, it doesn’t feel like enough time.

But look at it this way: at least you know you have a certain amount of time left with that particular person — just like this man got to do with his dying wife.

On December 17, 2016, Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger gave birth to twins they named William and Reagan. But this was a miracle in itself, considering doctors didn’t even think William would make it into this world.

William had a serious heart defect that doctors knew they couldn’t save him from. He appeared healthy and alert, but he was dying from his condition. However, Lyndsay and Matthew were grateful to have any time at all with William, and decided to make the most of it by reaching out to friend and photographer Mandy Edwards.

Lyndsay and Matthew asked if she would photograph their family for the first and last time together. Two days after asking, Mandy met little William and his sister Reagan.

The photographs really do speak for themselves. William looked as healthy as can be next to his twin, appearing peaceful and happy.

And even though William wasn’t feeling as well as he looked, the family now had memories of their son that would last a lifetime.

Henry Okafor

  • Kay

    2017-01-16 #1 Author

    This is very heartfelt . I wouldn’t know how to handle myself in this predicament.


    • Brianna

      2017-01-17 #2 Author

      So sad . Beautiful babies


  • Olivia

    2017-01-16 #3 Author

    So Sad . Prayers To The Family .


    • Vonte’

      2017-01-18 #4 Author

      So sad prayers for they family


    • Marie

      2017-01-22 #5 Author

      It is sad but will remain the best memories ever. God won’t put you in a situation u can’t handle


  • Sandra sand

    2017-01-16 #6 Author

    So sad Prayers for them


    • Leah

      2017-01-19 #7 Author

      So sad. Praying ??


  • M’Kayla

    2017-01-16 #8 Author

    I couldn’t imagine! Praying for the family.


  • Shudailys concetion

    2017-01-16 #9 Author

    This is so sad???I can’t believe


  • kiesy khan

    2017-01-16 #10 Author

    omg this is so sad. will keep ur in my prayers. rip baby boy


  • Brooklynn Robertson

    2017-01-16 #11 Author

    this is so sad ! Praying for the family


  • Danielle Coprich

    2017-01-16 #12 Author

    This is sooo sad, I couldn’t imagine the pain they feel. Praying for this family.


  • Brandii

    2017-01-16 #13 Author

    Prayers goes out to this family I have twins and this would be very heart breaking to me.


  • Tameka Lanus

    2017-01-16 #14 Author

    Prayers for mom and dad, RIP precious baby boy?


  • tye

    2017-01-16 #15 Author

    i couldn’t imagine as a parent having to take pictures of your child’s last few days of living. prayers ??


  • Michelle

    2017-01-16 #16 Author

    So sad praying for them.


  • Alaina

    2017-01-16 #17 Author

    That is so sweet. I’m glad they have pictures ?


  • Kerryann

    2017-01-16 #18 Author

    Truly so sad breaks my heart ….pray God watches over the family ??


  • Devaunshae Allen

    2017-01-16 #19 Author

    This really touched my heart . But god has the last say so in this .


  • Alyssa Burrow

    2017-01-16 #20 Author

    Awee this is very sad! Prayers sent their way! ❤


  • Genesis Cedeno

    2017-01-17 #21 Author

    This is heartbreaking, I couldn’t imagine the mixed emotions this family must have. 🙁


  • Griselda

    2017-01-17 #22 Author

    This is so sad ? I’ll be praying for the family god blessed them.


  • jurkaria

    2017-01-17 #23 Author

    im really praying for the family on this one pretty twins


  • Alexis

    2017-01-17 #24 Author

    This is Sad I’ll ne keeping y’all in my prayers. ??


  • Alexus

    2017-01-17 #25 Author

    Wow that’s really sad to have such little days to spend with your love one knowing you’ll never see them again, prayers to the family


  • Donjaii

    2017-01-17 #26 Author

    Awe rip babbys so sad


  • Jayveon

    2017-01-17 #27 Author

    So heart breaking


  • Karla

    2017-01-17 #28 Author

    Poor Baby prayers for the family


  • Danica Katrina M. Joson

    2017-01-17 #29 Author

    It breaks my heart??? praying for your family. I know what it feels like. Cause I have a friend that his baby boy also the same cause of the death and I can’t stop seeing my friend crying all the time. ??? be strong William’s family. God bless


  • Sonja Ravenell-Williams

    2017-01-17 #30 Author

    Praying for the family! May God give you strength doing these trying times


  • Odalys

    2017-01-17 #31 Author

    So sad. Praying for the family.


  • Bria

    2017-01-17 #32 Author

    OMG it’s sad & beautiful at the same time


  • Wachira

    2017-01-17 #33 Author

    This is heartbreaking….Praying for the baby and the family


  • Tasheya

    2017-01-17 #34 Author

    This is so sad I’m praying


  • Tasheya

    2017-01-17 #35 Author

    This is so sad I’m so sorry


  • Brittany

    2017-01-17 #36 Author

    This is so sad..To the family keep the faith God will always see you through..


  • Angela

    2017-01-17 #37 Author

    Omg This Is So Heartbreaking I Have Twins I Couldnt Imagine Losing Them Praying For The Family


  • Randi

    2017-01-17 #38 Author

    This story really hurt my heart! Always heartbreaking to hear about a child in pain! I still say GOD has the last say so bless the family’s hearts!


  • Tiah

    2017-01-17 #39 Author

    Very heart touching and beautiful ❤


  • Ashley Edwards

    2017-01-17 #40 Author

    I deeply feel the mother’s time of mourn because I too lost a baby. He was my first baby boy but just like I have an angel she will have two of watching over her.


  • Ashley Edwards

    2017-01-17 #41 Author

    I can deeply feel the mothers too lost a angel. I lost my first baby boy but I know I’ll always have an angel watching over me and my new baby boy. She too will now have an angel watching over her and her future loved ones


  • Jay Bennett

    2017-01-17 #42 Author

    This Broke My Heart ? I Love Babies So Much I’m Praying For The Parents & They Children


  • Lashaun hopkins

    2017-01-17 #43 Author

    Prayers to the family this sad


  • Juliet Clinton

    2017-01-17 #44 Author

    I couldn’t imagine going through anything like this. This is really sad.


  • Alreze

    2017-01-17 #45 Author

    This is really sad. ?May God grant you strength during this difficult time. Keeping you in my prayers.


  • Katherine olivero

    2017-01-17 #46 Author

    So sad ? Prayer for the family!


  • Sweetie Thomas

    2017-01-17 #47 Author

    My prayers with the family! I know it hard loosing someone close to you. Sometimes you feel like they travelled n swill be back but the u fortunate thing is you will never get to see them again!


  • Jocelyn Lopez

    2017-01-17 #48 Author

    That is really sad i pray for. All these family’s


  • Dazia

    2017-01-17 #49 Author

    Prayers for the family ????


  • Tiawanna Griffin

    2017-01-17 #50 Author

    That Is So Sad , Prayers To The Family ?


  • Benya Sanchez

    2017-01-17 #51 Author

    Sad history too late God gives strength to those parents! My baby is a miracle of God the doctors did not assure her, then a nation whit a condition collected Congenita Diaphragmatic Hernia and it was always bad news, I thought my world was collapsing but my daughter was a warrior and God and the angels were at her side my daughter is a miracle of god! Blessings to the twins ‘ Family Gad has a purpose whit the little angel.


  • Bebe Maynahonah

    2017-01-17 #52 Author

    Prayers sent out for the family


  • Bianca

    2017-01-17 #53 Author

    My heart breaks ! Very sad story ! My prayers are with the family <3


  • Justina Sarpee

    2017-01-17 #54 Author

    May the almighty God continues to blessed and protect these beautiful babies.


  • Tiara Chambers

    2017-01-17 #55 Author

    This is something i don’t think I could handle, I can’t imagine how this mother feel someone she birthed watching them in their last days but only god knows best. Praying for this family


  • Kierra

    2017-01-17 #56 Author

    Praying for the family. Just always remember you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. A life may last just for a moment, but memory can make that moment last forever.


  • Kerry

    2017-01-17 #57 Author

    My heart goes out to this family. They will soon gain an angel ? Such beautiful little boys.


  • Char Morrison

    2017-01-17 #58 Author

    Heartbreaking! ??


  • AyShiaa

    2017-01-17 #59 Author

    You couldn’t even tell that he wasn’t feeling well , I couldn’t imagine what this family is going through . I’m sending my deepest condolences. #RestEasyAngel ??


  • Doriana

    2017-01-17 #60 Author

    So sad My heart hurts for them


  • Audjenea

    2017-01-17 #61 Author

    So sad?? They will be in a better place & will always watch over their family?


  • Jasmine Gilmore

    2017-01-17 #62 Author

    Praying for these babies


  • Cori

    2017-01-17 #63 Author

    Omg this is so sad. They are some beautiful babies. My heart goes out to the family.


  • Angel barela

    2017-01-17 #64 Author

    This made me cry this is a very sad story. They are a strong family and nothing can take that from them.


  • Shaqnns

    2017-01-17 #65 Author

    This is so heart breaking! ??


  • Maliyah Smith

    2017-01-17 #66 Author

    so sad! praying for the family!


  • Chantay daise

    2017-01-17 #67 Author

    I dont know what i would do if this happen to my twins


  • BabZar

    2017-01-17 #68 Author

    OMG. this is too sad, i can’t even imagine the pain this family is going through. father lord cover this family under your blood, comfort them lord. xxx


  • Chykira Carter

    2017-01-17 #69 Author

    Awww ???? Prayers for the family …! I know its hard to deal with something like this


  • Jaida jacobs

    2017-01-17 #70 Author

    Awwwww cute babies


  • Lilianna daviz

    2017-01-18 #71 Author

    Prayers ?❤️ beautiful babies


  • Jounet Casanova

    2017-01-18 #72 Author

    I couldn’t imagine! Praying for the family.


  • TiffanyM

    2017-01-18 #73 Author

    Couldn’t even begin to imagine how the parents feel, blessings to the family.


  • Latina griffin

    2017-01-18 #74 Author

    Such a sad story??


  • Kriesha Cruz

    2017-01-18 #75 Author

    Praying for this family. I just recently had my son 4 months ago. He was in NICU for 5 days since the day he was born. Me and my fiance were heartbroken and scared. I cried all the time wondering if he was going to make it. He swallowed a lot of fluid and his breathing was so rapid he had to have 5 tubes on him, had to feed through a tube. Was the hardest thing and now hes all healthy and the sweetest baby.


  • Oriee

    2017-01-18 #76 Author

    Sad but beautiful, praying for the family & baby boy.❤


  • Zoria Nicholson

    2017-01-18 #77 Author

    Such a strong family ♥️.. much blessing unto you all. He’s a true soldier and a true definition of how looks can be deceiving. Praying for you all strength ??


  • Coshalya heath

    2017-01-18 #78 Author

    So very sad prayers☝


  • Kimberly

    2017-01-18 #79 Author

    Omg! Prayers for this family. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through


  • Shamirah

    2017-01-18 #80 Author

    Awl, so sad , im a twin , this is sad.


  • Kendall alyssa

    2017-01-18 #81 Author

    It brokes my heart. Prayers for the family. God has plan. Stay positive.


  • Bamwete henry

    2017-01-18 #82 Author

    So sad may god keep them strong


  • Michelle Uluiviti

    2017-01-18 #83 Author

    My Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Family. Rest in Peace Little One


  • Ashley

    2017-01-18 #84 Author

    So sad. Could never imagine saying goodbye to by baby ?❤️ Praying for that family ??


  • Faith shelby

    2017-01-18 #85 Author

    I couldnt imagine the pain there in prayers?


  • Zian

    2017-01-18 #86 Author

    So sad.?Prayers for the babies. You are now in a good hands ??!


  • Markia

    2017-01-18 #87 Author

    Only God knows when its their time !! God bless them ?❤❤❤❤


  • Kayla B

    2017-01-18 #88 Author

    This was so sad, god has given an angel and decide to take his precious angel back home. Good ideal for pics, my heart goes out to the family. ❤❤❤


  • Alayazha Antoine

    2017-01-18 #89 Author

    I would hate to have to go through something like this, my heart and prayers go out to the family.. ?


  • thabang

    2017-01-18 #90 Author

    God perform ur miracles and bless them abundantly in Jesus name amen.


  • Makeda Obi

    2017-01-18 #91 Author

    I can’t even begin to imagine how distraught I would be to be given a time limit on how long I have to kiss n hold on to my child..I jus hope n pray that they have the strength to continue on their journey as first time parents wit their lil girl


  • Jacqueline

    2017-01-18 #92 Author

    God bless them ❣️ I wouldn’t know what to do!! They do look so happy next to each other. I wish they didn’t have to be separated! ?


  • Brittany

    2017-01-19 #93 Author

    Couldn’t Imagine Losing Such Adorable Babies May God See Them Through Praying For The Babies As Well As The Families ????‼️


  • Jasmine Alexander

    2017-01-19 #94 Author

    This story really touched me in so many ways. I could not imagine what the parents are going through. I pray for strength and guidance for the family.


  • Sibongokuhle

    2017-01-20 #95 Author

    This is so sad and upseting…knowing you have a baby but he/she will be gone from you. This is a very emotional story. 😭😭


  • Alexia Douse

    2017-01-23 #96 Author

    My heart really goes out to the child parents. I know that’s a hurtful feeling thinking your child ain’t gone make it. But truth be told anything is possible with god. God is more powerful than doctors. I almost lost my daughter at birth I went to panicking my baby heart drop from 146 beats a min to 22beats. I had to have emergency c section. I had to calm down and pray and give it to God. Keep your head up.


  • Nikki350

    2017-01-24 #97 Author

    ?? This is so sad. I wouldnt know what to do in a situation like this. Prayers for your family


  • Noma Mkhize

    2017-01-28 #98 Author

    This is heart breaking…. ? You can never have enough time with your precious little ones. praying for the family to have strength??


  • Ramiah

    2017-01-30 #99 Author

    This is heartbreaking. I don know what I would do if I had to go through this. Praying for the family.


  • Ramiah

    2017-01-30 #100 Author

    Praying for the family . This is heartbreaking!


  • Angie

    2017-02-02 #101 Author

    This is such sad news. Praying for the family!


  • Maribel

    2017-02-03 #102 Author

    That’s so sad 😢 Prayers to the family.


  • Caroline Esquivel

    2017-02-03 #103 Author

    That’s so sad😢 Prayers to the family.


  • Te’Untay

    2017-02-07 #104 Author

    That’s really sad . I’d hate to have to go through something like that!!


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