How To Potty Train Your Kid In Just 3 Days How To Potty Train Your Kid In Just 3 Days
The end-result is worth it – and obviously necessary! – but is there any part of early childhood parents dread more than potty training?... How To Potty Train Your Kid In Just 3 Days

The end-result is worth it – and obviously necessary! – but is there any part of early childhood parents dread more than potty training? We’ve heard parents make it sound like a never-ending battle that makes everything kind of awful for a little while. There’s just GOT to be a better way, right? Well, says they’ve found it! It comes via author Lora Jensen and her book, whose title gives the method’s idea away: 3-Day Potty Training.

Yup, THREE days. We couldn’t believe it either, but Jensen and say that if you’re willing to devote the time, it can totally be done:

“The parent(s) needs to know that it will take work and you have to dedicate a full three days to the child. This means giving up ‘me’ time. You won’t be cooking, cleaning or visiting with friends—or ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ You will seriously be spending all waking hours with your child for three days,” says Lora Jensen, author of “3-Day Potty Training.”

And, she says you must plan ahead: “Have your shopping done and meals prepared ahead of time. Do the laundry and clean the house prior to starting. Be ready to play games, color, watch cartoons and just enjoy some bonding time with your child.”

It sounds super-intense, but if it works, it’s probably worth it, right? Here are the central, step-by-step ideas:

  1. On Potty Training Day 1, have your child say good-bye and throw out her diaper herself.
  2. Instead of a diaper, wrap a t-shirt around him and explain that there’s nothing there to catch anything— it all must go in the potty!
  3. After breakfast – and an extra drink! – immediately make a potty trip.
  4. Have a sippy cup always available, and take her to the potty every 15 minutes without fail.
  5. Cut off all food and drink after dinner.
  6. Take him to the potty right before bed, and set an alarm for a trip halfway through the night.

Repeat these steps for three days, stay calm through accidents, and you should make it through these three days with a fully potty-trained kid. There’s even more information and tips over on Check it out and let us know what you think! Do you think this method could work? Is this the way you potty-trained your kids?

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  • Tia Capel

    2017-01-17 #1 Author

    This is a very good gesture my 3 year old has to get off these diapers ASAP


    • Sierra O

      2017-01-18 #2 Author

      Don’t feel bad, we are still trying to potty train my 3 year old neice. But this post looks like it will be helpful.


    • Justice white

      2017-01-19 #3 Author

      Thank you for the gesture trying to get my 2 year old of diapers asap


    • Whitney May

      2017-01-19 #4 Author

      Yes this is a terrific Article For First Tine Moms Like Myself


  • Kiara Barber

    2017-01-17 #5 Author

    Wow that’s amazing. I’d have to try this with my daughter. It took a while for my son, but hopefully this process will work for my baby girl!


    • Kiara

      2017-01-21 #6 Author

      This is a great way to potty train very instering


  • Desiree

    2017-01-17 #7 Author

    Very helpful read! I’ll have to try this in about a year.


    • Raven davis

      2017-01-17 #8 Author

      This is Great!!


      • Kiara

        2017-01-21 #9 Author

        Tgis very instering i will try this next around


  • Shaevon Hicks

    2017-01-17 #10 Author

    I Feel that This Could Be A Good Way To Potty Train Some Kids But In Most Cases It Might Not work .


  • Lashaun Hopkins

    2017-01-17 #11 Author

    Great Tip…I Used Cheereos With My First Son lol we made A game out of it he couldn’t wait to use it


  • Jem

    2017-01-17 #12 Author

    This method is so helpful especially to the mother like me. Instead of buying diapers we will do this tip to save money.


  • Staquavia Kendricks

    2017-01-17 #13 Author

    Going to try this method with my baby boy once he’s older. Now is there an article on teaching boys how to aim and shoot ? lol


    • LaQuita Carrier

      2017-01-18 #14 Author

      Im defiantly gone try this an hope it works.. My son is ready to be potty trained. He pats his butt when he makes a stinky for me to change him lol..


  • Chelsea

    2017-01-17 #15 Author

    Very interesting. I will be trying this. I don’t think taking away juice is going to work. My daughter always has her cup in her hand.


  • Chelsea

    2017-01-17 #16 Author

    Very interesting. I have been trying to train. I will be trying this.


    • Adrienne

      2017-01-18 #17 Author

      Wow very helpful I’m gonna try this with my daughter.. thanks


  • Tiara Chambers

    2017-01-17 #18 Author

    Potty training can be very difficult at times I have heard, but me being a first time mom I have been watching a lot of videos on potty training, so when it’s time for my little man to start going he will be ready, I have also been trying him out on the toilet when he is doing number 2 I tried to make up something with that because I can tell when he is about to go so I tried running him to the toilet immediately but it didn’t work he is afraid of the toilet so that was a epic failure, but I love this idea of the potty trading here I can now pass this along to some of my stay at home moms now who are on the verge of potty training their little ones


  • Litice

    2017-01-17 #19 Author

    This sound like a master plan to potty train your child I think I’m going to take this tip and try with my little a lot of the article I have read seem to be real interesting and helpful thanks for the tips


  • Mariah

    2017-01-17 #20 Author

    I’ve tried this several times with my soon to be 2 year old. She has even pee-pee right next to the potty..


  • Laura

    2017-01-17 #21 Author

    This is such an informing and also interesting article!


    • Ashely gaffney

      2017-01-19 #22 Author

      I sooo needed this I’m trying so hard with my 3 year old daughter hopefully she will be fully trained with this 3 days steps.


  • Nika

    2017-01-17 #23 Author

    I Potty Trained My Oldest Daughter In 3 Days Literally it’s not as bad as people make it sound… i put underwear on my daughter and made sure she went to the potty every two hours and after 3days of that we never had a accident.. plus putting underwear on them lets them get a feel of acutally being wet that diapers dont.


  • Samantha

    2017-01-17 #24 Author

    Going to start trying these tips!!!


  • Rachell

    2017-01-17 #25 Author

    Definitely trying this!


    • Taylor

      2017-01-24 #26 Author

      I can’t wait to try he will be 3 next month


  • Tavia jade

    2017-01-17 #27 Author

    I would like to know how lol it would help a lot


  • Rashemia

    2017-01-17 #28 Author

    Definitely going to try this with my son.


    • Zan

      2017-02-16 #29 Author

      I am as well when my nephew comes to my house to stay…. My nephew that is 2 years old told me he isn’t going to the potty no more


  • Adriana

    2017-01-17 #30 Author

    I can’t wait to try it with my child. ? thank you for all this tips. Makes me really excited to think my lil one soon will no longer need a diaper! ??


  • Nidedra Managan

    2017-01-17 #31 Author

    Use insentives! And congratulate them everytime it works great ! ?


  • Lashawn smith

    2017-01-17 #32 Author

    I’m currently trying to potty train my daughter. We have the morning routine down. The night routine not so much. I’m going to try these.


  • Shivana Ramkissoon

    2017-01-17 #33 Author

    What happens when they potty un the tshirt and how does it work with boys? This sounds effective though.


  • Jessika

    2017-01-17 #34 Author

    I agree! I also have purchased my daughter a potty that look just like an adult toilet since the like monkey see, monkey do. Plus its super cool


  • Kelia

    2017-01-17 #35 Author

    This is awesome advice! I must try it!


  • Zoe

    2017-01-17 #36 Author

    That was helpful I been struggling with the potty training stage


  • Ke’Arra

    2017-01-17 #37 Author

    I have a 2 year old I’m going to try this on because she’s advanced in EVERYTHING she does but when it comes to potty training she’s still having a bit of a hard time. Hopefully the techniques in this article help to potty train my daughter.


  • Marra

    2017-01-17 #38 Author

    3 day potty training has the be the most brilliant idea ever. I’m a first time mom and it worked great for my daughter. She was potty in 3 days exactly. It really works.


  • Tiana bellamy

    2017-01-17 #39 Author

    Very helpful information I have a 1 and 3 year old it’s been hectic trying to potty train a three-year-old thank you


  • Tiana bellamy

    2017-01-17 #40 Author

    Very helpful information I have a 1 and 3 year old it’s been hectic with the three year old thank you


  • Ophelia

    2017-01-17 #41 Author

    My niece is actually potty training right now . She acts as if she doesn’t want to learn tho . This is good I’m going to have to try this with her . She’s 2 she needs to be potty trained by now.


  • keah

    2017-01-17 #42 Author

    . I really feel like these tips are going to be useful. Thanks!


  • Marlon Keen

    2017-01-17 #43 Author

    That has to be the smartest guy ever ?? good job he’s goona be intelligent when he gets older he I am proud of the young man ?


  • Stephanie Knowles

    2017-01-17 #44 Author

    This was very helpful to read. Will have to start trying in a couple of months.


  • Anna

    2017-01-17 #45 Author

    So informative! My daughter is about to turn 1 and I had no idea how to start the transition
    I love this article


  • Monique williams

    2017-01-17 #46 Author

    Great read! I will have to try this. How soon hould you start potty training? My daughter is 6 months!


  • Tamara S

    2017-01-17 #47 Author

    Potty training is going slow only because the daycare does not work the kids her age so there are no bathrooms in her classroom to make it easy for her to go. She get’s it and we were doing it at home but it’s hard to keep her on track when the daycare isn’t working with us at the moment. These are all great tips and we’ve used them all. Once she goes upstairs to the older toddler room they will work more with us on it.


  • Conswanus

    2017-01-17 #48 Author

    Omg. I’m gonna try this starting today ! Very helpful idea ! Thanks !


  • Dewanna

    2017-01-17 #49 Author

    Happy my daughter is coming along nicely with it


  • Myesha

    2017-01-17 #50 Author

    Wow this should be very helpful for me since I’m trying to potty train my daughter


  • Tommickya Sims

    2017-01-18 #51 Author

    I think this is really great advice! I will be trying this with my son! Who doesn’t want to be potty trained in three days lol


  • Renee Decosta

    2017-01-18 #52 Author

    Great tip, this is an easy and great idea.


  • Dre’Sean Buxton

    2017-01-18 #53 Author

    Potty training my son still has its good days and bad days but as a father , I’m making sure he doesn’t sit in a little ” tinkle ” ?


  • Kamralasia Murphy

    2017-01-18 #54 Author

    I think this is good but I also believe it depends on the child as well. Not every child is going to get the hang of potty training in three days, sometimes it takes longer. Just have to have consistency and patience.


  • Selena Blake

    2017-01-18 #55 Author

    Wow! This should be very helpful for my daughter, when she gets older.


  • Ashley

    2017-01-18 #56 Author

    Looking at this is so helpful.. this is great to try out


  • Will

    2017-01-18 #57 Author

    Very nice information!! Potty training does take lots of dedicatition and patience but it’s all worth the wait! Good stuff, I’ll be reading more articles.


  • Donna conkle

    2017-01-18 #58 Author

    This was very helpful thank you, I’m trying to potty train my one year old .


  • Sharlene

    2017-01-18 #59 Author

    Omg I can’t wait to.try this!! My 2yr old is almost there..this should make 100% ready! Thanks!!


  • Alexandria washington

    2017-01-18 #60 Author

    I Wish I would Of seen this article months ago i surely will try on my youngest


  • Brooke Smith

    2017-01-18 #61 Author

    I really like this one! I was actually advised to start my little girl early! 🙂


  • Jasmine McDonald

    2017-01-18 #62 Author

    Very helpful. Thanks


  • Larissa

    2017-01-18 #63 Author

    I’m trying to get my 1 or old to do this so far so good


  • Carmen

    2017-01-18 #64 Author

    That its so cute?????


  • Jordan

    2017-01-18 #65 Author

    I’ll have to try this with my 17 month old who knows how to throw his own pamper away and has pee’d in his potty. He also grabs himself right before he pees sometimes. I think I should wait a few more months though.


  • Briada Sims

    2017-01-18 #66 Author

    This is hard to believe but definitely worth a shot so I’m going to try it. Thanks for this article.


  • Leandra Bartell

    2017-01-18 #67 Author

    I hope this will help for my grandson, he is a year old and still won’t sit on the potty but he tries to take of his diaper a lot, which I’m assuming he is ready. But boys always seem the hardest to potty train.


  • Corethia

    2017-01-18 #68 Author

    I definitely will be trying this diapers for two small children are expensive. Thank you for sharing.


  • Destini

    2017-01-18 #69 Author

    Very Helpful , I’m going to use go on my three year old


  • Madeeha Zaheer

    2017-01-18 #70 Author

    so helping tips m gonna try for sure to potty train my 1.5 years old son…. thnks for such a great article


  • Madeeha Zaheer

    2017-01-18 #71 Author

    very helpful tips, must gonna try for my 1.5 years old son….. thanks for sharing such a great article


  • Nene Williams

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    This is awesome and very helpful !


  • Imaesha Donaldson

    2017-01-18 #73 Author

    I hope This Helps Me When Its Time To Train My daughter!


  • Lakishia Winston

    2017-01-18 #74 Author

    This sounds like it definitely would be worth a try, especially if you are tired of buying diapers, pull ups, etc.


  • Kendall alyssa

    2017-01-18 #75 Author

    Wow! This is so helpful. Im going to try this method to my toddler.


  • Ganga Adhikari

    2017-01-18 #76 Author

    thank u so much for ur tips…


  • Beauty

    2017-01-18 #77 Author

    When should a child start potty training?


  • Prince Philip

    2017-01-18 #78 Author

    Wow this is really amazing and interesting. I actually got something from this article. Thanks very much


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    2017-01-18 #79 Author

    I can’t wait to potty train my handsome baby ?


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    2017-01-18 #80 Author

    so interesting will definitely try when my baby hits that point!


  • Laurex mcpherson

    2017-01-18 #81 Author

    Very interesting i.will try this


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    2017-01-18 #82 Author

    I will definitely try this with my son once he gets to that stage. ?


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    2017-01-18 #83 Author

    This info it’s amazing ! I have to try this!.


  • Brittney

    2017-01-18 #84 Author

    This is a great gesture I will definitely be trying this with my daughter. I really hope it helps because diapers and wipes are starting to be expensive.


  • Tia white

    2017-01-18 #85 Author

    I need to be doing this


  • Cassy

    2017-01-18 #86 Author

    valuable information undeed i have to try this next year when my lil one turns two


  • Ebony

    2017-01-18 #87 Author

    This looks like it could be done with time and it may have a good trend going I’ve been trying to potty train my son and he still uses his diaper but this weekend I’m going to use this little method.


  • Tabitha Daye

    2017-01-18 #88 Author

    This is very helpful! I will have to try this out when my little one is ready 🙂


  • Jermika Edwards

    2017-01-18 #89 Author

    Interesting! I’ll definitely try this with this new baby boy that I am expecting!


  • Lirik

    2017-01-18 #90 Author

    I’m going to try with my one year old. She’s very smart and knows what her potty is just doesn’t know when to really go


  • Dria Johnson

    2017-01-18 #91 Author

    This was very helpful. I have been trying to potty train my son for months now! Thank you for this!


  • Stacia

    2017-01-18 #92 Author

    My son will be 2 in March. I’ve been trying to potty train him but haven’t really been consistent. I’m definitely going to try this once he turns 2.


  • LeiLei

    2017-01-18 #93 Author

    Good to know will try this with my friend son


  • Tiaera garr

    2017-01-18 #94 Author

    This is very informative im in the process of potty training my son right now. I have two teenagers that pretty much potty trained themselves. So he is the first one i really have to work with. Im definitely going to try this thanks!


  • Monique

    2017-01-18 #95 Author

    This is definitely something I’ll be giving a try when it comes time for my son to be potty trained!


  • Hannah

    2017-01-18 #96 Author

    My daughter is 14 months and i definitely will be trying this 3 day process 🙂 my oldest is 6 i got her fully potty trained in about 2 and a half weeks !


  • Christine bucko

    2017-01-18 #97 Author

    This is awesome! Can’t wait until we start potty training!


  • Dashera D Bishop

    2017-01-18 #98 Author

    Wow that’s awesome… but I think it all depends on the child some kids don’t catch on as quick as others.


  • Ofelia Secada

    2017-01-18 #99 Author

    Hopefully this works with my now 2 year old because it’s time to get her out of these diapers!


  • Jennifer

    2017-01-18 #100 Author

    I’m not sure how you could have a fully potty trained kid In 3 days as all kids learn differently and at different times. But I do have to say I just put my 2 youngest kids in underwear and pull ups and it seemed to help potty train faster than than my oldest who I used pull ups on.


  • Katryna

    2017-01-18 #101 Author

    I might just try this with my niece. Only problem is kids learn different from others ? They seem like great techniques though.


  • Tia Payne

    2017-01-18 #102 Author

    My daughter is soon to be 1, and I start introducing the potty at about 18months. I will be trying this technique when she turns 2!!


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    Very interesting. I hope this work when it’s time to potty train my daughter!


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    2017-01-18 #104 Author

    My daughter is 13 months old but she show’s interest on potty already,m going to try this soon.


  • Treana Amoni

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    Very interesting. I hope this will work when it’s time to potty train my daughter!


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    This worked with my son. Its awesome!


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    Great idea I’ll have to try this in about a year 1/2


  • Hailey

    2017-01-18 #108 Author

    We’ve been trying potty traning but debating on buying pull ups. Heard a lot of mixed reviews that their a waste of money ?


  • Antwanette Thornton

    2017-01-18 #109 Author

    My daughter is 2&potty trained


  • Bria W

    2017-01-18 #110 Author

    I haven’t potty trained my little one yet but I’ll definitely try these tips when I do ❤


  • Belle

    2017-01-19 #111 Author

    I never knew you could potty train in 3 days glad to of read this article!


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    Great information


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    Very helpful I definitely will be using this gesture for when I start potty training my two.


  • Siarra

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    My baby is 8months Hope it works when it’s potty training time?


  • Jachel

    2017-01-19 #115 Author

    Omg these are very helpful tips , I really have to get my son potty trained immediately!! He will be three next month ??


    • Desiree’ W.

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      Gonna try this with my baby! I wonder if there’s a certain age you should start potty training..hmm


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    Pretty cool! Hope this works potty training is very important


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    2017-01-19 #118 Author

    This article is very helpful. I will have to try this with my third son when it’s time for potty training.


  • Marisha

    2017-01-19 #119 Author

    My 2 year old were potty trained at 9 months ! I did this exact routine for her and it works my daughter is now going on 3 years old and well trained to go to the toilet!


  • Faniswa Angel

    2017-01-19 #120 Author

    Wow thats amazing Cant þwait to train my own


  • Khierra Robinson

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    This is a really good salutations because it’s really hard train my 2 year old


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    This is a great way . I plan on potty training my son early … Very helpful.


  • Shameka mann

    2017-01-19 #124 Author

    I think that’s a good idea! Do you reward them for using the potty to give them a extra excitement to wanna go to the bathroom?


  • Zakell Hunt

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    This is soo helpful , I’m having a hard time potty training my 1 year old soon to be 2 year old .


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    This is very good advice!


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    This is an great idea. I’m trying to potty train my daughter now and it’s hard.


  • Kaitlin Lewis

    2017-01-20 #128 Author

    Very helpful read! I’ve been having a hard time just because I work so much as a single parent. Also my two year old still feel the need to drink something in order to go to bed. However like the article said as long as I put forth the effort even take an extra day off and be dedicated and also patient with her I’m thinking this could work because i knows I’m over sooooo diapers!!!


  • Shania Wiggins

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    Amazing. I Know I won’t have trouble potty training now .


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    This article was very helpful, I can’t wait to start training my son


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    Very Helpful. I want to do it tomorrow immediately to our baby. Thanks for this arcticle. More interesting and helpful articles. Thanks!


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    Interesting read I’m trying to get my one year old to potty train. He will go but I just have to be consistent.


  • Madison

    2017-01-21 #133 Author

    This is great to know now I think it’ll be easier for me to potty train my son ?


  • Angelique Brown

    2017-01-21 #134 Author

    I potty trained my daughter (my 3rd child) in less than 2 weeks, I stop buying pull ups and put her in pretty princess panties and told her princesses don’t go pee-pee in their cute little panties and that’s all she had to hear lol.


  • Verlaine

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    I’ll have to try that, very important thanks a lot.


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    Wow I’ll have to try this for my 2year old niece. Great info.


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    Thank You So Much This Is Very Helpful I Have A Little Cousin Who Could Use This Right Now


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    I’ve been trying to potty train my 2 year old son for the longest! I will defiantly try This Out this coming up weekend


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    This Method Of Potty Training Was Very Helpful. I Will Definitely Try This ?


  • jelissa l thomas

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    My son has been potty training for awhile but we will try this 3 day method to really get him over this hump. Thanks!


  • Nikki Hentz

    2017-01-28 #144 Author

    This is great! I will encourage my son and daughter n law to read this article. My Z-baby is only 1 but I feel she is ready for the potty.


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    So useful!!! Its good to know when the time for our baby comes. Must remember this 🙂


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    This’ is very useful …


  • Deidra Dinero

    2017-02-02 #147 Author

    I’m goin to try this out starting tomorrow, My son is one and he’s in the stage where he want to take his diaper off if it’s full so I think it’s time to start putting him on his potty lol. Fingers crossed these 3 days can work for me LOL


  • Deidra J

    2017-02-02 #148 Author

    This is a great idea I’m goin to try this out , I think my son is ready for the potty he’s in the stage where he take his diaper off when it’s full. Thanks for this article 😘


  • Tashara Thomas

    2017-02-04 #149 Author

    The Headline of this article do sound to good to be true but like it says all it takes is consistency and patience… I’m in the stage of Potty Training my little one and I must say it’s harder than ever but I know what I’m doing wrong so that’s what makes it all easier to know where I’m going wrong but now I am definitely going to try these steps within three days
    And see my results!!!


  • Shaquita Morris

    2017-02-04 #150 Author

    I’ve been looking for a easy way to potty train my son , thanks this sound like a great idea


  • Tshepo

    2017-02-08 #151 Author

    I better start on my son soon soon no nappies


  • Mridula

    2017-02-13 #152 Author

    Going to start this potty training to my baby


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-15 #153 Author

    My son is 3 he starting prek this year and still dont want to leave his diaper. This sounds like something that i might want to try out . Thanks for this …


  • Chasatie dennis

    2017-02-21 #154 Author

    My daughter just turned 3 on Valentine’s Day and in trying to potty train her I hope this helps…


  • Alethea Mack

    2017-05-03 #155 Author

    This sounds great but what about the pooping part? My grandson will be 3 in July… He was a preemie… 3 lbs…he will pee all day long but runs and hides when he wants to poop…. This is exhausting… Need help badly


  • Tomeka

    2017-05-04 #156 Author

    This sounds like a winner I will try it!!!


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