Photos: Mother burns little daughter’s hand in horrific attempt to stop her from sucking finger Photos: Mother burns little daughter’s hand in horrific attempt to stop her from sucking finger
A facebook user, Enemuo Nneka, who posted the photos on Facebook didn’t disclose when or where the incident happened. She wrote. “What a mother... Photos: Mother burns little daughter’s hand in horrific attempt to stop her from sucking finger

A facebook user, Enemuo Nneka, who posted the photos on Facebook didn’t disclose when or where the incident happened. She wrote.

“What a mother did to her daughter all because she wants to stop her from sucking her finger
,is that not madness of d highest order?people shud pls desist from listening to advice of frienemies dat pretends to be friends,hearts of man d bible said is desperately wicked,u dont know if she harbors ill-feelings for u yet pretends to be a gud friend,it was her friend DAT adviced her to do such now see d result”

Henry Okafor

  • Marquita Harris

    2017-01-18 #1 Author

    Shouldn’t no baby’s hand be burned for sucking their thumb. The parents could of tried anything else besides harming the baby…


    • Breannin

      2017-01-18 #2 Author

      Some Mother’s Shouldn’t have No Right To Be Blessed With A Child


      • Sarah washington

        2017-01-19 #3 Author

        Just sad hope she heals poor baby


        • Carleda

          2017-01-19 #4 Author

          Can’t believe someone will actually burned their daughter hand . It’s so many other options you can choose from !


        • Aureal powell

          2017-01-19 #5 Author

          Exactly who sits up and burn they child hand just because she sucks her finger it is really some sick people in this world ?


        • Qsmith

          2017-01-19 #6 Author

          Right dont no child deserve that mostly every child suck there thump!


        • Franchesca

          2017-01-19 #7 Author

          This is very sad, no child deserves that, there are other motives and ways to handle situations like this


        • Ajee

          2017-01-22 #8 Author

          This is so sad, i absolutely hate seeing stuff like this ? poor baby


      • AriAnna Grier

        2017-01-21 #9 Author

        Exactly. Smh. This is just sick. I don’t understand why her “mother” or her friend would think this is OK….


      • JhewDheet

        2017-01-21 #10 Author

        That”s correct. Some parents or mother they don’t have the right to having children. I am saddenless


    • Franchesca

      2017-01-19 #11 Author

      Shouldn’t no child have to go through this, it saddens me! There are other ways to handle this


      • Ellaine

        2017-01-21 #12 Author

        This is unbelievable, theres a lot of ways to divert her baby from doing it. How could you do this?


    • Tieresha

      2017-01-19 #13 Author

      How could you do this to a child? This is just cruel. I hate child abuse


      • Kay Ali

        2017-01-20 #14 Author

        Exactly this is child abuse!


    • J. McBride

      2017-01-20 #15 Author

      Really Over Sucken A Thumb It Really saddens and Bc Sometimes They grow out of certain things it’s so much that you could tryntontrynto prevent babies from sucking fingers but this was absolutely the wrong & Most disturbing way to go….Two things I hate child abuse & animal abuse


    • Anita Sullivan

      2017-01-20 #16 Author

      aw ?? poor baby .


    • Paige

      2017-01-20 #18 Author

      This is so sad and unbelievable that a mother would even do such a thing to her own child


      • Devan

        2017-01-28 #19 Author

        It’s terrifying that she could do that to that poor baby. She must have a mental defect and should be evaluated.


    • Akelia

      2017-01-20 #20 Author

      That is absolutely wrong! Sucking her thumb is not a crime, plenty children do it! I understand that it will affect her teeth but her Mom had no right to burn her! Prayers going up for the little girl…..she deserves better treatment than that!


    • Courtney Tucker

      2017-01-20 #21 Author

      Anything could’ve been done besides burning that poor baby hand. So hateful!


    • Ericka

      2017-01-20 #22 Author

      This is sad, I hope this gets taken care of


    • Jasmine D

      2017-01-20 #23 Author

      Smh!! She Should Of Known Better Than To Burn The Child Hand Just To Stop Her From Sucking Her Thumb. Some People Just Dont Need Kids…


    • Deth Clemencio

      2017-01-21 #24 Author

      This is horrible!! They don’t have the right to have an angel came from Our Almighty. Child abuse !!!!


    • Brittney Mendez

      2017-01-22 #25 Author

      I agree with you! This is truly sad and disgusting! There are plenty of women that have problems conceiving and would love the opportunity to become a mother, then there are people like this who do not deserve the opportunity. I’m truly sick to my stomach.


    • Jasmin

      2017-01-22 #26 Author

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with a baby sucking their thumb. That was wrong n very sad that a mother would do that to her own child. Hope the little girl can heal physically n emotionally. ?


    • Khimani Smith

      2017-01-23 #27 Author

      It’s Sad When Mothers Dont Let Their Kids Be Kids ‼️‼️‼️?


    • Janasia Niyona

      2017-01-24 #28 Author

      This is just sad!!!! A baby having their hand burnt from trying to prevent hand sucking? Are you serious? I couldn’t imagine the child’s pain smh, a lot of people just aren’t fit to be parents period, God bless that baby.


    • Geena

      2017-01-25 #29 Author

      I really hope she’s locked up this is disgusting ! There were so many other options this really hurts my heart.


    • Bretta

      2017-02-02 #30 Author

      She should’ve went to jail it’s plenty of other ways to stop that. She should’ve done that baby like that.


  • C. Chauntae

    2017-01-18 #31 Author

    Poor baby. This is too sad.


  • Nikki

    2017-01-18 #32 Author

    Her mother needs to be in jail . That poor child did not have to go through that.


  • Josh

    2017-01-18 #33 Author

    I could never do that. I’m a new father and I have a 16 month year old daughter and she just started doing that. I could never imagine doing such a thing. Crazy!!!!


  • Shatavia Holmes

    2017-01-18 #34 Author

    Wow this makes me sad because they can’t help it my son sucks his thumb and I would never do anything like that!


  • Nariah Brown

    2017-01-18 #35 Author

    This Is So Sad Now The Child Is Going To Be Traumatized Poor Babygirl Prayers To Her. Mother Should Be In Parenting Classes.


  • Ashley

    2017-01-18 #36 Author

    Some ppl do not deserve to be parents!!


  • Jayla todd

    2017-01-18 #37 Author

    What kind of mother does that to her child ? ??


    • Ellisha Wright

      2017-01-20 #38 Author

      This sad and I think that some people don’t need kids


  • Terrance Martin

    2017-01-18 #39 Author

    I hope her guardian was put in jail for this, no child should ever have to suffer from that


  • QaShay

    2017-01-18 #40 Author

    That is so sad ,


  • Lynnette Onomuvwe

    2017-01-18 #41 Author

    Oh poor child, this is really heart breaking.


  • Malia

    2017-01-18 #42 Author

    Why waist your time having kids if your going to abuse them this little girl is so innocent she was doing what every other baby does that is something you have to give time


  • Terrell Brack

    2017-01-18 #43 Author

    I don’t know What’s Going On in this World today


  • Orji Esther

    2017-01-18 #44 Author

    U doesn’t deserve to be a parent….so sad


  • Jade

    2017-01-18 #45 Author

    This is horrible so sad !!?


  • Claudia

    2017-01-18 #46 Author

    Poor baby. This is too sad….???


  • Ramona Ritt

    2017-01-18 #47 Author

    I could Never do something like that. ? This is so sad! Poor lil Girl ?


  • Jamel

    2017-01-18 #48 Author

    Thats so fucking sad man all these stupid ass parents she a fucking baby so fucking what its her hand she not biteing you so you fucking 3rd degree burn her fucking disgrace of a parent youll be feeling thay hot shit when its your turn to burn in hell!


    • Ebony

      2017-01-21 #49 Author

      That?so sad and sick ?


  • Brittany

    2017-01-18 #50 Author

    Really Sad A Baby Have To Go Through This Poor Baby Praying For Her ?????


  • MeMe

    2017-01-18 #51 Author

    Poor child! She could’ve lost her whole hand and the mother could’ve thought of something else better to stop her from suckin on her finger. It’s not the child’s fault because she doesn’t know any better.!


  • Sierrah

    2017-01-18 #52 Author

    Most parents may put some spicy or something that the child doesn’t like the taste of but this ……… This is no way to get a child from sucking their thumb . It’s child abuse.


  • Emily

    2017-01-18 #53 Author

    This horrible ???


  • Euro Delaney

    2017-01-18 #54 Author

    That’s so sad , everybody isn’t meant to be a parent ☹️


  • Destiny

    2017-01-18 #55 Author

    Now that baby has to suffer.


  • Selena

    2017-01-18 #56 Author

    This is so sad. No child deserves this. They are too young to understand. Woman like this don’t deserve children ?


    • Daja Adair

      2017-01-19 #57 Author

      That’s not okay at all. Poor baby.


  • Crystal cole

    2017-01-18 #58 Author

    This is very sad i pray thst the little girl mother gets what she deserves.


  • Oyedo Oladayo alaba

    2017-01-18 #59 Author

    That is so bad of the mother, illiteracy is cause of her action, the mother should be enlightened more about sucking of thomb


  • Ariana

    2017-01-18 #60 Author

    Wow! While they have people that can’t have kids and want them….the ones that have them mistreat them! (Some)


  • Oyedo Oladayo

    2017-01-18 #61 Author

    So bad of her mother, illiteracy is the cause of her action, her mother must be enlighten about sucking of thumb by small kids not to be put behind bars.


  • De’Asia

    2017-01-18 #62 Author

    I hope she feels better❤️


  • Abri

    2017-01-18 #63 Author

    What kind of MOTHER does this?! Poor baby..


  • john

    2017-01-19 #64 Author

    Oooh my god this is too sad


  • Cali Williams

    2017-01-19 #65 Author

    This is sad abuse…Poor baby..


  • Herndona

    2017-01-19 #66 Author

    I don’t think that was the best option


  • Chilombo Nakazwe

    2017-01-19 #67 Author

    God keep this child ??


  • Samantha

    2017-01-19 #68 Author

    Some people aren’t meant to be parents!!! Makes me wanna burn them


  • Mariah

    2017-01-19 #69 Author

    This is horrible poor little girl praying for you ?


  • Kaneisha English

    2017-01-19 #70 Author

    A parent is the one individual that a child trust the most and for a parent to violate that level of trust is troublesome. I pray that justice will be swift and severe.


  • Sheila Mae Baroro

    2017-01-19 #71 Author

    I was once sucking my fingers too when I was 5 then. What my father did was a military trading. He told me that he will be covering my hands with a hankie if I will not stop thumb sucking and so he said that he will be buying whatever I want if I can promise not to do so. I ended up deciding not not to suck it again and the covering of my left hand taped ended and lasted for 1 day only. So I think that whatever manner of parenting you may apply make it a priority that your kid will not get hurt of it. Kids are still young so let the kids be kids sooner or later they will get through it with the guidance of parents not other people.


  • Nkule Gwala

    2017-01-19 #72 Author

    aaaah my blood is boiling , what type of a mother does this ! feeling sad


  • April

    2017-01-19 #73 Author

    Some parents just don’t derserve to have a child ..


    • Dkiya

      2017-01-22 #74 Author

      Right Das Never The Correct Way To Do Anything Sure Not A Baby ???


  • Lakenya dawkins

    2017-01-19 #75 Author

    This is horrible !! Why she didn’t ask a pediatrician for advice and tried other reinforcements?


  • Arbreal

    2017-01-19 #76 Author

    Now how could somebody do such a lowdown thing like this to there seed ?? Thats not only evil but lowdown there other ways thing couldve been solve vs a Bundle of joy being harmed she will live with that for the rest of her life something she didnt deserve!! Baby lives matter as well !! to her mother anything that comes your way you deserve!!!


  • Bailee

    2017-01-19 #77 Author

    Thats terrible and sick of somebody to do.


    • Brandy

      2017-01-19 #78 Author

      Wow this is terrible! I can’t believe any mother that’s suppose to protect and love their child will harm their baby.


  • Timishia

    2017-01-19 #79 Author

    Wow… This is ridiculous she is just a child


  • Tyesha

    2017-01-19 #80 Author

    Wow….. My Heart Aches Seeing Horrible Things Happening To These Innocent Angels.. Some People Don’t Deserve To Be Parents ?


  • Kendra Simone

    2017-01-19 #81 Author

    She is so beautiful how could someone do such thing to a child ??


  • Alyssa

    2017-01-19 #82 Author

    Omg this is so sad?


  • Kristina southworth

    2017-01-19 #83 Author

    U should but something in her hand so u don’t have to worry abt her sucking on her hand and and she so cute she should be hurt and she will live I promise u that I will keep her in my heart


    • Bridgette

      2017-01-19 #84 Author

      Man I have 3 kids that suck their thumbs I wouldn’t dare do no crap like that


  • Shayne

    2017-01-19 #85 Author

    They should remove that child from the home. That’s just cruel, she is just a child. You don’t have to go to the extreme to make a child stop something. You have to be a parent and have patience to teach a baby or child when it comes to many things in life and this is one of them


  • Emanual

    2017-01-19 #86 Author

    This is foul no child should ever go threw this for such a natural habbit


  • kodie

    2017-01-19 #87 Author

    this is unbelievable she should be ashamed


  • Shenequa Buffong

    2017-01-19 #88 Author

    What mother would do such thing to a child? They are others ways yo prevent your child from sucking its finger besides harming them. This is just crazy


  • Imaobong

    2017-01-19 #89 Author

    Lord have mercy.How would she be facing this child every day?the scar on the hand is gonna hunt her all her life.


  • sue allen conception

    2017-01-19 #90 Author

    This is horible. She must be punished. How can she do that to her own daughter. There’s nothing wrong with sucking fingers hopefully when she grow up she would stop!!!


  • Arianna

    2017-01-19 #91 Author

    Smh that is ridiculous it’s never that serious


  • Ayabonga

    2017-01-19 #92 Author

    Her mother is so cruel my God help the child


  • Taniqua Walters

    2017-01-19 #93 Author

    She couldve handled that differently , Are you serious ?


  • Tashima johnson

    2017-01-19 #94 Author

    ??? omg how can u do that to an innocent child ???


  • Winifer gomez

    2017-01-19 #95 Author

    Poor baby .,this is so sad


  • Nastalja

    2017-01-19 #96 Author

    This is so sad, how can you do this to a BABY? It’s not that serious. All babies suck their fingers. This is unacceptable and she needs to be punished


  • Kimberlyn Jeter

    2017-01-19 #97 Author

    Omg, that’s so sad!


    • Amber

      2017-01-20 #98 Author

      Omg this is sad ? she didn’t deserve that.


  • Lara Phillips

    2017-01-19 #99 Author

    Too bad,she’s a witch


  • Matianna

    2017-01-19 #100 Author

    This is so sad. It break my heart to see people do their kids wrong


  • Adeline Bian Rose Espenilla

    2017-01-19 #101 Author

    this child does not deserve this kind of treatment. Every child needs a caring loving mother. There are so many ways to prevent the little girl from hand sucking. 🙁


  • Bianca Huguley

    2017-01-19 #102 Author

    She Has Traumatized This Little Girl For The Rest Of Her Life. This Is Not A Good Way Of Parenting At All.


  • Adeola ajasa

    2017-01-19 #103 Author

    Oh no this is sad why????????


  • Brittany

    2017-01-19 #104 Author

    there’s people out here who can’t have kids.. & this is what some parents do to their children, its disgusting.


  • rekerrie allen

    2017-01-19 #105 Author

    My son is 11 months and sucks his thumb from time to time, I never get mad it’s a habit…


  • Mesha

    2017-01-19 #106 Author

    What type of oerson would do that to such a sweet child?? She needs to rot in jail.


  • Shanetta Evans

    2017-01-19 #107 Author

    Poor baby! Sorry yiu had to go through this.


  • Honcho

    2017-01-19 #108 Author

    My daughter suck her fingers this is terrible


  • Mauresha

    2017-01-19 #109 Author

    This is horrible I feel for her ?? how could you stop something that children do ? There is no reason for any mother to do things like burning your child or harming them in general to make them stop something that all children do/ are doing . People are sick .


  • Beez

    2017-01-19 #110 Author

    This really break’s my heart. I could never imagine doing suck a thing to my child. My child is my heart and I would never want him harmed in any way. I wonder how people thing to even do things like this. Its very sad and for that god is gonna throw her some bad karma. Poor baby.


  • Brandi Holland

    2017-01-19 #111 Author

    This is awful! No child should endure such pain intentionally! God bless her!


  • Brandi

    2017-01-19 #112 Author

    This is ridiculous some people shouldn’t be parents poor baby. She failed this little girl as a parent cz she shoul have caught the habit when it start but instead she more than likely allowed her daughter to suck her finger from earlier stages to soothe her self when she was crying n now she feel she to old and ain’t gt no patience to break the habit … I hope they took that little baby to a better home


  • Keke

    2017-01-19 #113 Author

    This is so sad… she should have took time to wing the child off of sucking her fingers


  • Alexus

    2017-01-19 #114 Author

    Some people don’t deserve kids


  • Natasha

    2017-01-19 #115 Author

    That’s sad no nobody shouldn’t have to go through that that look very painful every


  • Jada

    2017-01-19 #116 Author

    Wow . It’s crazy how some parents can have so much hate in their heart to hurt their OWN little babies ! It doesn’t make no sense .. that little girl was still young she could have grown out the thumb sucking phase ANOTHER WAY


  • Dee Doee

    2017-01-19 #117 Author

    I think that is horrible babys should be loved in cared for. It’s not right at all to do an innocent baby like this??


  • Tanea

    2017-01-19 #118 Author

    It hurts me to see things like this because nobody especially a baby should have to go through that


  • Kiari Cummings

    2017-01-19 #119 Author

    I really hope this mother was remanded for her actions this is so sad to see a child havingnto go throught thisbtype of punishment


  • Shanice Thomas

    2017-01-19 #120 Author

    Wow that’s so sad just to stop her from sucking her tumb


  • Cynthia

    2017-01-19 #121 Author

    So Sad , I Would Just Put Sock Or Something Over Her Hands .


  • Derrick p

    2017-01-19 #122 Author

    This is cruelty on a whole nother level I think she’s adorable in should be well respected in I wish this would of never happens to her pretty self.??


  • Lexie

    2017-01-19 #123 Author

    This is just horrible, I hope they took that baby away and give that woman the harshest punishment possible, or hopefully someone gets to her before the police do and set HER on fire.


  • Mark

    2017-01-19 #124 Author

    It’s natural that baby suck their fingers.?? Poor baby i hope her parents would realize what they doin.


  • Jessica Young

    2017-01-19 #125 Author

    Omg this is beyond sad


  • Tiara jones

    2017-01-19 #126 Author

    Why would any mother do this to her child? This child is a human being, someone that has feelings. I would never do anything like this to my son, I carried him for 9 months and gave birth to him. Honestly I hope she get the punishment she deserve.


  • Diana

    2017-01-19 #127 Author

    What is wrong with some people ?! Everyone has their beliefs how to go about things but this is just extreme ! I hope the little girl gets more love than she has ever felt !


  • Meyona

    2017-01-19 #128 Author

    No child shoulf ever have to go through something likr this its other ways to teach them how to stop anf thats not the way that poor little girl .


  • Veronica Smiley

    2017-01-20 #129 Author

    How could anyone even think something like this would be ok. I feel so bad for this baby


  • Hillary Johnson

    2017-01-20 #130 Author

    This story is so sad, why would you harm your child let alone burn her hand because she was sucking her thumb! I’m sure that their was other ways of trying to get her to stop sucking her thumb instead of making her live with something horrific as a life long scar


  • L Williams

    2017-01-20 #131 Author

    This is sad and angers me! It’s child abuse and I hope the mother is punished!


  • Jordae Cole

    2017-01-20 #132 Author

    This is sad . Her mother deserves to be in jail ! 🙁


  • Deyanira

    2017-01-20 #133 Author

    Omg poor baby! that’s so. Out rages to do , my parents never did that to me ! Onlyput chili for me to stop but that is so out of hand


  • Deyanira

    2017-01-20 #134 Author

    Omg that is so sad … no child should ever deserve to be treated this way


  • Mecia Snipes

    2017-01-20 #135 Author

    Some people shouldn’t have kids this is so sad poor baby


  • Tesia08

    2017-01-20 #136 Author

    This Is Sad & Sick! No Child Deserves It’


  • Kyky Waters

    2017-01-20 #137 Author

    Omg you can’t be serious?! Really burning a innocent child’s hand like that for something she does to self soothe? That’s extremely uncalled for and definitely abuse! I cringed looking at these photos she doesn’t deserve to have the Lil girl… My older sister had trouble sucked by her thumb my parents had put duck tape on her thumb at night also put hot sauce on her thumb sometimes so she wouldn’t be tempted since she hated hot sauce and this was when she was around 8 yrs old! Let that lil girl be exactly what she is a Lil girl so what if she sucks her thumb for a lil longer smh


  • Alex Garries

    2017-01-20 #138 Author

    OMG, this was uncalled for! Poor little baby


  • Brittany

    2017-01-20 #139 Author

    This made my heart hurt, very saddening ?


  • Shequelia Hurte

    2017-01-20 #140 Author

    Most parents use other methods to solve thumb sucking like for example putting black tape around the finger or even putting hot sauce but burning a baby is uncalled for, that’s child abuse what is wrong with people these days. Sometimes I think to myself some folks shouldn’t have been parents.


  • Laizary

    2017-01-20 #141 Author

    How irresponsible parents you are? You dont have the right to hurt your daughter. My son is 3 months old and always sucking his arm ,but ill never get mad because its a habit and i love when he’s doing it.


  • Rena Walker

    2017-01-20 #142 Author

    Are you serious? This is just so sad ?


  • Moniquea

    2017-01-20 #143 Author

    Wow!!!! This is horrible.


  • Mookie

    2017-01-20 #144 Author

    Wow , Poor baby!!!! This is horrible …


  • Tyneshia

    2017-01-20 #145 Author

    Omg This Sad ; How Could Yu Put Your Child Thru A Lifetime Of Pain For Something She Would Of Stop Doing In A Year Or So ! Praying For Her !


  • Courtney

    2017-01-20 #146 Author

    This is so sad and I hope actions are being taken against her!


  • Chelsie Deuel

    2017-01-20 #147 Author

    This is a disgrace. That’s is not right poor baby. Prayers are with her. Hope the god heals and protects her from any other harm coming her way ??


  • Tyneshia

    2017-01-20 #148 Author

    Omg This Is So Sad ; How Could Yu Out Your Child Thru a Lifetime Of Pain Over Something She Would Stop Doing In A Year Or So ; Praying For Her !


  • Keisha Brown

    2017-01-20 #149 Author

    She needs to be thrown into jail


  • Marquise

    2017-01-20 #150 Author

    She need the same treatment she does to this baby no matter what ever the situation is you shouldn’t hurt children , hell if you didn’t wanna don’t lay down and have em ??


  • Tubya

    2017-01-20 #151 Author

    This really hurt my feelings… I’ll never understand how ppl can harm children. Smh


  • Pearl Davis

    2017-01-20 #152 Author

    This is so disgust she needs to be beat omg poor baby smh


  • Kubi

    2017-01-20 #153 Author

    This is totally unacceptable. she is a bd mother and need to be sanctioned. The baby is innocent you should rather teach her that’s y you are a mother.


  • Sibongokuhle

    2017-01-20 #154 Author

    This is very bad…how can a mother do this to her own child? She deserves to go to jail…Such a heartless mother!! 😔😔


  • Winifer gomez

    2017-01-20 #155 Author

    Poor baby ,pray for her


  • Elsa

    2017-01-20 #156 Author

    OMG! Poor baby:( justice needs to be done.


  • Tarryn

    2017-01-20 #157 Author

    Wow this is so sad. I hope that Mother gets what she deserves. No child should experience something like that.


  • Skye

    2017-01-20 #158 Author

    This is Really Sad No Child Should Be Taught Anything In This Way Now She Is Scarred For Life All Because Her Mother Lacked The Patience It Takes To Wait For Your Child To Stop Sucking Their Thumb On Their Own. Smh


  • Gabby D.

    2017-01-20 #159 Author

    Thumb sucking should never be this deep smh. The mother has to be mentally disturbed. Prayers for this baby!


  • Shekeria

    2017-01-20 #160 Author

    Why would anyone want to harm a child??? How could you do something like that to your own flesh and blood??? I’m disgusted!!


  • Taj

    2017-01-20 #161 Author

    That is just crazy, praying for this baby.


  • Taj

    2017-01-20 #162 Author

    This is crazy, like it really makes me mad. Praying for this little girl


  • Dede

    2017-01-21 #163 Author

    ? Certain people shouldn’t even be given the right to parent these babies smh I can’t even imagine how much pain that little girl went through. She didn’t deserve that AT ALL? Plenty of methods other than burning her hand that may have worked!


  • Meisha

    2017-01-21 #164 Author

    This breaks my heart to see such thing like this…i don’t understand how can a “PARENT” do harm to someone that came out of them. I couldn’t imagine the pain that BBY going thru. Lord PLZ heal and be wit this child! #Amen


  • Pardeep kamora

    2017-01-21 #165 Author

    needs to be in jail . That poor child did not have to go through that.


  • Laurex mcpherson

    2017-01-21 #166 Author

    This make me so sick to my stomach she should be in jail


  • Kai Nash

    2017-01-21 #167 Author

    That poor baby that is crazy! Now I heard of putting hot sauce on the kids finger to make hem stop sucking on it/putting it in the mouth this is just sad& paintful to that poop child!


  • Faith ukponmwa

    2017-01-21 #168 Author

    I dont understand how a mother can do this to her child. She is lucky if she was to be in the USA she would have been in jail by now.


  • Dede Galtney

    2017-01-21 #169 Author

    So heart breaking that people can do something like this to their own flesh and blood. It’s not fair to that baby, that she have to go through so much pain.


  • Brittney McRae

    2017-01-21 #170 Author

    Prayers for this little girl, no child deserves that!!


  • Tyquan Berry

    2017-01-21 #171 Author

    Wow . This is crazy how can anyone do such a thing to an innocent child .


  • Kia

    2017-01-21 #172 Author

    No child should ever happen to withstand such circumstances how could you ever do this to a innocent little girl. Praying that there is justice for her and a quick recovery.


  • Dee jaye

    2017-01-21 #173 Author

    Wow that’s ridiculously crazy I can’t believe it poor baby I’ll pray for her


  • Kayla b

    2017-01-21 #174 Author

    This is terrible


  • Kaylynn

    2017-01-21 #175 Author

    Poor child .. that is a horrible burn .. shouldn’t be no reason a child got burned so bad


  • Sharron

    2017-01-21 #176 Author

    I feel the burning of the hands was a little too much?. She a child, of course she’s gonna do that, that’s not something she could just “stop, she has to grow out of it. I pray for the safety of Lil mama.


  • Ceara

    2017-01-21 #177 Author

    Finger sucking is what kids do! This is terrible


  • Marie

    2017-01-22 #178 Author

    What kind of mother would do this to her baby? My heart ?????


  • Nyasia

    2017-01-22 #179 Author

    Absolutey horrific. No baby deserves this. Any other method should have been used.


  • Brittany rowell

    2017-01-22 #180 Author

    Shouldn’t no child have to deal with this this is so sad I feel so sorry for her poor little girl that breaks my heart


  • Tisha

    2017-01-22 #181 Author

    Wow this just break my heart,how can people be so wicked.all 3 of my girls suck there fingers.


  • Armond

    2017-01-22 #182 Author

    Omg she’s just a little girl I feel so sorry for her I hope that she gets better every child sucks their thumbs but they will grow out of hit praying for the little angel


  • Ladarrius

    2017-01-22 #183 Author

    Praying for this baby ??


  • A’Nyla N Lisa Mac

    2017-01-22 #184 Author

    That is ridiculous that she would resort to such drastic measures she had to ne mentally I’ll there is no way a sane person could have done this to there own child that they loved and cared for. This so defies human nature a parent is suppose to protect there child from harm and danger smh new day new mind-set


  • Ajee

    2017-01-22 #185 Author

    This is so sad, i absolutely hate seeing stuff like this ? poor bab


  • Damaiah Bell

    2017-01-22 #186 Author

    This is horrible & it breaks my heart , how could someone do this to their daughter. Certain people should not be blessed with children , I’m praying for her ❤️


  • Jahyra Alston

    2017-01-22 #187 Author

    This breaks my ❤️ ! Prayers for baby girl


  • Marc Montgomery

    2017-01-23 #188 Author

    I have a niece of my own who constantly sucks her thumb but we just have to keep reminding her to take her thumb out of her mouth. So sad. Prayers for the little baby!


  • TDaisia

    2017-01-23 #189 Author

    How could anyone to this to a innocent child I really hope this little girl is okay


  • Monica

    2017-01-23 #190 Author

    Wow Thats So Sad , I Pray For Her ❤


  • Marshae

    2017-01-23 #191 Author

    That’s really said. No child should ever have to go through any experience like that’s or even close. As a parents i couldn’t hurt my child. I have to much love. Sucking a thumb is normal and not anything to be upset about a lot of children grow doing it but not forever. Bless the little girl


  • Raven

    2017-01-24 #192 Author

    MY baby do this finger sucking too i know its not good she keeps doing it but for gods sake shes just a baby i let her do it i just keep on telling her “no baby its not good” she just smile and dont do it .. Baby listens we should talk to them nicely.. But what she did to this cutee angel is cruelty god bless you the scars you left in her hands will remembered and hurt her just pray that she will not do this to her kids ??


  • Lexiyaunna Catherine

    2017-01-24 #193 Author

    Shouldn’t no baby hand be burned because they suck their thumb .. what a terrible parent , this is beyond sad


  • Mr T

    2017-01-24 #194 Author

    OMG!!! Heartless mother, how can you burn your own child like that? How do you feel now, seeing her in that pain?

    That’s why I always want to be there when my child is growing. This days you can’t trust a woman.

    Please lady’s/mothers out there if you don’t know how to look after a child ask advice please…


  • Yashicka Matlock

    2017-01-25 #195 Author

    Baby shouldn’t have went through it


  • Loreal

    2017-01-25 #196 Author

    Wow. I think that thats a very harsh thing for a child to have to go through, no child deserves that kind of punishment because they have a certain habit. The mother derserves to be locked up for doing that to that beautiful little girl. It wasnt worth burning her at all. My prayers go out to her.


  • Jessica

    2017-01-25 #197 Author

    That’s beyond messed up she didn’t deserve that it was other ways to go about it than this is very harsh! I’m praying for the little girl bless her heart!


  • Ky

    2017-01-26 #198 Author

    Shouldn’t No mother abused there kid like that there’re several otherways too stop the thumb sucking


  • Deanna

    2017-01-26 #199 Author

    Some people do not deserve to be parents ‼️‼️?? This really made me mad !


  • Shawneequa

    2017-01-26 #200 Author

    I’m 26 years and I suck my thumb that’s just so darn cruel and wrong


  • Kayla

    2017-01-26 #201 Author

    No kid should never be burnt for sucking thier thumb this is beyond horrible she should be arrested


  • Lucy

    2017-01-26 #202 Author

    This is terrible, shouldn’t burn the little ones hand because she’s sucking her thumb. It’s natural for little ones…. they all do it, doesn’t go forever…the parent should be ashamed of herself.


  • C’Asia

    2017-01-26 #203 Author

    Some mothers don’t deserve children because this is just sad! It was definitely uncalled for! I’m pretty sure it’s several different ways to stop thumb sucking. This is just awful


  • Shanny

    2017-01-27 #204 Author

    Wow praying for this little girl ! ??


  • Jessica Stuart

    2017-01-27 #205 Author

    So sad… there are other ways to go about this. There are a lot of children who sucks their thumbs ?


  • J

    2017-01-28 #206 Author

    That’s sad! Poor child



    2017-01-29 #207 Author

    It was a bad decision,, but she never thought of hooting the baby,, is just a mother care but she did in a wrong way.


  • Lamonica Williams

    2017-02-02 #208 Author

    Omg no child should have to go through this this is so messed up praying for this baby girl 🙏🏻!!!


  • Kanda

    2017-02-02 #209 Author

    This is very heartbreaking. I can only imagine the pain and mental damage that was done to this poor child. Hopefully she will get the care and treatment she needs for a speedy, infection free recovery. Praying for all of God’s children, especially this baby.


  • Kanda Hayes

    2017-02-02 #210 Author

    This is so heartbreaking! Praying for all ohf God’s children🙏🏽


  • Shawntrese Hatch

    2017-02-02 #211 Author

    This is absolutely disgusting..Whoever her mother does not deserve to ever bear another child..They have medication to prevent thumb sucking and its not expensive at all..I will keep this little girl in my prayers.


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