I Thought Her Belly Looked Big But Never Would Have Guessed The Number Of Babies Inside I Thought Her Belly Looked Big But Never Would Have Guessed The Number Of Babies Inside
Having one baby is a scary. But when this super mom Guillermina learned she was having five children, she was horrified. Not only does that... I Thought Her Belly Looked Big But Never Would Have Guessed The Number Of Babies Inside

Having one baby is a scary. But when this super mom Guillermina learned she was having five children, she was horrified.

Not only does that mean five times as many diaper changes, but it also increases the risk of something going wrong during the pregnancy.

And that’s what happened this Utah mom found herself in a bad situation while pregnant with her quintuplets. But when Guillermina and her husband Fernando first heard the news they were shocked.


But since Guillermina held her babies longer than average, the time might have been hard on her, but it was very beneficial to her babies.

They had some more time to develop their vital body parts like their lungs so they could come into the world healthier and stronger.

During the Memorial Day weekend in 2013, Guillermina had to forgo barbecuing as she was rushed to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City instead. She had gone into labor.

Although the team was very experiencing in multiple baby births, having seen more than a dozen cases of quintuplets before, the medical team which included a dozen nurses, a dedicated team of eight doctors, and one anesthesiologist worked long and hard to make sure Guillermina and all five of her newborn babies survived the ordeal.

In the end, Guillermina and Fernando welcomed three girls and two boys into their family.

Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando, and Jordan were born healthy and strong. Their parents vowed to love them forever.

In the video below, you’ll get an up-close look at Guillermina’s ultrasound that shows you five little babies inside her big baby bump.

She wasn’t carrying twins or triplets but five little lives inside her belly. And since there are less than 10 quintuplets delivered in the United States every year, it is an extremely rare occurrence that Guillermina was not prepared for…

Although the new mom suffered from high blood pressure and severe pre-eclampsia, Guillermina really impressed her doctor, Dr. Tracy Manuck.

Never once did the mother with five babies in her belly complain about pain or anything during her extraordinary pregnancy. And she had every right to.

Because she was carrying five babies inside her, Guillermina developed blue and purple bruising on her lumpy baby bump.

But mom was not the only all-star during the pregnancy. Fernando provided unwavering support to his woman during her pregnancy.

For 31 ½ week, the 32-year-old Guillermina carried the quintuplets.

While your average single-birth pregnancy is usually 39 weeks, quintuplets don’t usually gestate as long in the womb. On average, they’re born after 29 weeks.

The video description for the clip posted by the UofUHealthCare channel reads: “The University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City welcomed quintuplets over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Guillermina and Fernando Garcia say the three girls and two boys are doing exceptionally well under the care of University of Utah Health Care.”

In the video, you’ll see Guillermina’s journey from ultrasound to delivery.

Some of the content might be a bit graphic for some viewers though the hospital did well in keeping the camera away from anything to revealing.

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