8 year-old boy accidentally shoots sister dead with his mother’s boyfriend’s gun 8 year-old boy accidentally shoots sister dead with his mother’s boyfriend’s gun
An eight year-old boy has shot his five year-old sister to death after they were left home alone with their mother’s boyfriend’s gun. The... 8 year-old boy accidentally shoots sister dead with his mother’s boyfriend’s gun
An eight year-old boy has shot his five year-old sister to death after they were left home alone with their mother’s boyfriend’s gun. The mother left them to go to the store when the little boy picked up the gun and fired a single shot at his sister, Serenity Allen, who died instantly.

The police has arrested their mother’s boyfriend, Maurice Mobley, 34, after he turned himself in.

Maurice who already has a criminal record as a sex offender has being charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Henry Okafor

  • Jaaliyah Amor

    2017-02-08 #1 Author

    I’m Just Trying To Figure Out Why They Were Left Alone &’ Why Was The Gun In Their Reach ….. Prayers Goes To That Family


    • Brandon Nelson

      2017-02-08 #2 Author

      This is sad parents need to be more aware


      • Miteasha Starr

        2017-02-08 #3 Author

        Story is so sad , my question is why leave them home alone ? Why leave a gun inside when an adult is not around . 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Pray


      • Karina

        2017-02-08 #4 Author

        This is why we have to keep guns in a safe place specially if they’re l.o around the house ! Rip little princess 👑


    • Kymetria

      2017-02-08 #5 Author

      I think it’s crazy, why didn’t the parents have the gun put up…. kids are pretty curious.


    • Kymetria

      2017-02-08 #6 Author

      I just think it’s crazy, why wasn’t it put up? kids are pretty curious these days.


    • Rickiesha

      2017-02-09 #7 Author

      It’s so sad why was the gun in reach anyways that’s crazy 😔


    • Lorri Williams

      2017-02-11 #8 Author

      I’m trying to figure out why was this gun left in this child’s possession and why where they left alone?? Child negligence point blank period. And on top of that, the boyfriend had a background of being a sex offender. He wouldn’t even be around me nor my children. I wouldn’t dare trust a person who has that type of history under their name!! It’s not safe at all!!!


  • Lynardia

    2017-02-08 #9 Author

    Omg that’s so sad 😭


    • Alexis smith

      2017-02-09 #10 Author

      That is so sad , I’m going to keep her in my prayers 😒


  • Keturyah

    2017-02-08 #11 Author

    This is truly a sad story, that little boys life will never be the same. And my main question is why in the world did this mother leave her children alone at the age that they are? This story breaks my heart..


  • Rachael

    2017-02-08 #12 Author

    Oooww, how is that possible…. And why does the woman keep a gun in the house


  • Alexis Dawson

    2017-02-08 #13 Author

    Dear Heavenly Father I ask that you wrap your arms around this family and help them through this loss. In your name Amen.


  • deborah

    2017-02-08 #14 Author

    Awwww poor little baby. Their mother is so careless. And the boy should taken care of cos the death of hiis sister can be traumatic for him.


  • Shatonia little

    2017-02-08 #15 Author

    Lord please be with the family


  • Rachel montoya

    2017-02-08 #16 Author

    Wow so sad. Who leaves guns out where kids can get them.


  • mamashalom

    2017-02-08 #17 Author

    that so sad really


  • Ja’Bria Walls

    2017-02-08 #18 Author

    This Is Truly Sad Praying For The Family Rest In Heaven BabyGirl 😥😘


  • Lonnie

    2017-02-08 #19 Author

    Wow that’s crazy


  • Jordin

    2017-02-08 #20 Author

    This is so sad. They should have not been left alone and especially with no guns around. Like if you’re going to have a gun in your house where there is kids put it somewhere they will never find. This is getting out of hand! Prayers for the family


  • Elizabeth williamu

    2017-02-08 #21 Author

    Ooo my god but why,this is so sad


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-08 #22 Author

    My God! My heart just goes out to the family and loved ones. Its crazy. The gun shouldve been in a safe.


  • Jackie

    2017-02-08 #23 Author

    omg this is so sad 😫 .. I’m praying for the family 🙌🏼


  • Jackie Jones

    2017-02-08 #24 Author

    this is so sad 😫 WOW so young !! The family is in my prayers


  • Deidra

    2017-02-08 #25 Author

    I’m from the city this happened at its so sad. I’m praying for the family


  • Nicole Charmaine

    2017-02-08 #26 Author

    Smh that’s sad omg 😱


  • Jasmine Catlin

    2017-02-08 #27 Author

    This is sad 😢 Keep this family in your prayers.


  • Nikki sanders

    2017-02-08 #28 Author

    Praying for both families


  • Perry

    2017-02-08 #29 Author

    How does something like that even happen, like here were there parents. If your goning to keep a weapon for safety it should at least be where you children couldn’t reach them, that’s jus sad


  • diamond

    2017-02-08 #30 Author

    Omg that’s so sad I’m praying for the family


  • Ken

    2017-02-08 #31 Author

    Rest in peace baby girl and be strong little man. She’s in a better place.


  • Keke monay

    2017-02-08 #32 Author

    Saddest ever!!! I pray for the family, would just forever hurt to loose a child…


  • Corrine Jackson

    2017-02-08 #33 Author

    This Is A complete tragedy I couldn’t imagine their pain 😔


  • Erica

    2017-02-08 #34 Author



  • Erica

    2017-02-08 #35 Author

    Ohhhhhhhhh. Wowwwwwwwwwwww


  • Erica

    2017-02-08 #36 Author

    This is so sad , praying for mom and family


  • Erica

    2017-02-08 #37 Author

    This is so sad, praying for family


  • Erica

    2017-02-08 #38 Author

    So sad , I praying for family ! So young to be involved in such things


  • Kira King

    2017-02-08 #39 Author

    I Have Major Questions That Need To Be Answered 1) Why Were The Children Left Alone a 8 year old abd a 5 year old shouldnt be left unattended. 2) why has the mothers boyfriend left his gun out so the children could touch it. 3) why is a sex offender in the house with other mindless children who dont know anything in the world thats going in. What if he was to hurt the kids females need to be more mindful.


  • Alysia

    2017-02-08 #40 Author

    Wow this is so sad praying for the family. Rest peacefully baby girl.


  • Raymond

    2017-02-08 #41 Author

    Omg That’s So sad 😔


  • Auja

    2017-02-08 #42 Author

    Omg this is horrible 😡😡


  • Raymond

    2017-02-08 #43 Author

    That Is So Sad 😞


  • mari aguirre

    2017-02-08 #44 Author

    this is so sad 🙁


  • Ann Rose Bongon

    2017-02-08 #45 Author

    very sad
    parents should be responsible gun owner


  • Cheyanne

    2017-02-08 #46 Author

    Why were they even left alone in the first place? This is truly sad, may she Rest In Peace.


  • Erika

    2017-02-08 #47 Author

    lord please help this family 😔


  • Felicia Watson

    2017-02-08 #48 Author

    Wow!!! This just breaks my heart!! A young life cut so short!! I just don’t understand people try hat have guns and young children. If you’re gonna have one PUT IT UP!!! Rest in peace baby!!


  • Sally Remone

    2017-02-08 #49 Author

    that is so sad 😩


  • Shaquantiara

    2017-02-08 #50 Author

    aww this is sad 😩😭


  • Candance Steward

    2017-02-08 #51 Author

    Very Sad & Heart Breaking. Why Would They Even Been Left Alone. Neither Child Is Not Old Enough To Be Left At Home By Their Self. And Why Wasn’t The Gun Put Up Some Where Safe Out Of Reach Of Children. Smh R. I.P To This Beautiful Little Baby, Prayers Goes Out To Her Family As Well.


  • Dontavia Jackson

    2017-02-08 #52 Author

    These kids should not be guns and shouldn’t be accessible to them .


  • Jayden Wright

    2017-02-08 #53 Author

    Omg. So sad. Parents should be more responsible.


  • Larra

    2017-02-08 #54 Author

    Omg that’s so sad


  • Julissa peralta

    2017-02-08 #55 Author

    OMG. This is sad , this is way I don’t believe in having weapons at home, especially if there are kids in the house.


  • KeShawn

    2017-02-08 #56 Author

    May that beautiful baby girl Rest In Peace, I’m praying for the mother and big brother. The boyfriend was a sex offender why was he even around them little babies ? 😞😞


  • Amaya

    2017-02-08 #57 Author

    So sad 😭 Rip Baby Girl ! Prayers for there Family !


  • christy wester

    2017-02-08 #58 Author

    this is so sad rest up baby girl may your soul rest in heaven beautiful baby


  • Saveria Williams

    2017-02-08 #59 Author

    Smh that’s so sad


  • Taletrice

    2017-02-08 #60 Author

    Wow! This is very heart breaking 😖


  • Lele

    2017-02-08 #61 Author

    Wow! This is very sad!


  • Arianna

    2017-02-08 #62 Author

    Wow… Soooooo sad😩


  • Laketa

    2017-02-08 #63 Author

    Poor baby praying for the family


  • Gloria

    2017-02-08 #64 Author

    Omg, that terrible! Praying for your family!


  • Sierra

    2017-02-08 #65 Author

    The mother went wrong first when letting a sex offender around her kids. He was unfit then. Rest in heaven to the beautiful baby girl!


  • Imani

    2017-02-08 #66 Author

    Wow! The gun should have been put away. Nowhere that kids can find it! Praying for the family involved


  • Imani Corry

    2017-02-08 #67 Author

    Wow. This hurt my heart. Praying for the family involved


  • Janeysha Mitchell

    2017-02-08 #68 Author

    This is so sad guys. Praying 4 the jfamily.


  • Christian

    2017-02-08 #69 Author

    Rip Babgirl That gun shouldn’t have ever been to where she could get to it 😞 This is so sad


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-08 #70 Author

    This is very sad to hear even though you would want a gun in your home to protect you and your family in case of an invasion you should make sure it is out of reach of your children and only you know where it is located. R.i.p little one


  • Steven

    2017-02-08 #71 Author

    😢 very sad may she rest in peace


  • Ladeja

    2017-02-08 #72 Author

    That is so sad he is a Sex offender so he needs to go away


  • Lawrencia

    2017-02-08 #73 Author

    May de lil angel rest in peace.


  • Brittany hunter

    2017-02-08 #74 Author

    Very reckless decision and a costly one praying for the family


  • Quisha

    2017-02-08 #75 Author

    Parents need to b more careful…


  • Marlon Mollere

    2017-02-08 #76 Author

    Prayers for the family!!!


  • Clanehia

    2017-02-08 #77 Author

    Wow so sad 😭 Rip little one


  • Skye

    2017-02-08 #78 Author

    Prayers are with this family.


  • Tahajalla

    2017-02-09 #79 Author

    Never have guns in reach if kids smh rip baby


  • Kayla dukes

    2017-02-09 #80 Author

    So sad. This is crazy


  • Athena

    2017-02-09 #81 Author

    My question is WHY In the world would you have a sex offender around your babies… I understand sometimes you need to run out to the store, but just make sure you leave your children around reliable people or take them to the store with you…..


  • Courtney

    2017-02-09 #82 Author

    This is why I will not allow my children around any firearm. My youngest dad wants one so bad but I don’t trust it. My brother passed from an accidental gun shot woun to the head when he “thought” his weapon was in safety. I just do not trust these things


  • Sylvanna

    2017-02-09 #83 Author

    So sad😞 they were not old enough to be left on There own


  • Dre

    2017-02-09 #84 Author

    This is so sad i hate when things like this happen 🙏🏽


  • Lisa Lopez

    2017-02-09 #85 Author

    That’s the reason parents who have firearms should always keep them n a safe something that kids could never get in now there’s a precious life tooken because parents want caution enough


  • Jaraven

    2017-02-09 #86 Author

    That poor innocent baby, where was the parents when this was going on and why was a gun even in reach?? Where did that Lil girl learn that do that ???


  • Bryonna

    2017-02-09 #87 Author

    That’s so sad 🙁


  • Emoni aiko

    2017-02-09 #88 Author

    This is sad people need to really be smart about where they put their firearms.


  • Zhane

    2017-02-09 #89 Author

    This Is Sad 😔 I wanna know why wasn’t nobody watching the.


  • Nece washington

    2017-02-09 #90 Author

    Why was they left alone in the first place, why is the mother boyfriend around the kids and he is a sex offender, why is there a gun in the reach of a kid anyways


  • Jenelle

    2017-02-09 #91 Author

    This is heartbreaking 😢 a firearm should never ever be left where a child could access it


  • tina rideoutt

    2017-02-09 #92 Author

    this is sad and heart breaking , watch your babies


  • Deedee williams

    2017-02-10 #93 Author

    Wow this is really awful…that’s why we as single parents have to be very mindful about the men we choose to date…I know men don’t come with a background check taped to their foreheads but if your children are most important to you & your getting serious about someone, I suggest paying a small fee to perhaps get a background check done…We as parents can not put a price on our kids safety & well being…I myself have invested in one,& did not approve of what was on there…so I really hate this happen to this innocent beautiful baby…my heart goes out to the mother & the family will be in my prayers


  • Johnssia smith

    2017-02-11 #94 Author

    This article brought tears to my eyes. A life was lost due to parents carelessness and it’s really sad


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