As Soon As Her Parents Saw Her Drawings, They Call Cops. Leads To Parent’s Worst Nightmare As Soon As Her Parents Saw Her Drawings, They Call Cops. Leads To Parent’s Worst Nightmare
Every young child likes to draw. It’s a natural way for them to express their feelings and communicate with the world. Since their vocabulary and... As Soon As Her Parents Saw Her Drawings, They Call Cops. Leads To Parent’s Worst Nightmare
  • Every young child likes to draw. It’s a natural way for them to express their feelings and communicate with the world.

Since their vocabulary and language skills are not at adult levels, drawing can be a more direct form of communication – especially when a child doesn’t know how to tell an adult what happened.

Unfortunately, a pair of Brazilian parents came across some very horrific drawings that their daughter had created. In the sketches, the pictures show the family’s priest sexually abusing the 5-year-old girl. Thankfully, the sexual predator has been brought to justice and the priest is locked in a jail cell…

When 54-year-old Father Joao da Silva was confronted with the sexual assault charges by the 5-year-old girl’s father, he admitted that he attacked the vulnerable little girl and used her for his own twisted pleasures.

The parents started to grow concerned when the 5-year-old girl refused to attend any more of Father da Silva’s English classes. They didn’t know why she didn’t want to learn anymore, so they approached a child psychologist.

Because the child psychologist was experienced, the professional suspected the little girl had been sexually abused. But it was still unclear who had done it.

The psychologist urged the parents to scour the little girl’s rooms for any clues or signs about what could have happened. That’s when the Brazilian parents came across the 5-year-old’s sketches of her and the priest.

In the images, which were hidden in one of the girl’s books, it seems pretty clear that the girl was subjected to physical and sexual abuse by the hands of the priest. The images clearly show a larger man looming over a little girl. The girl is lying on a bed or a desk. The other shows the man forcing his way in between the child’s legs.

The sketched little girl’s expression in both images is one of pure terror.

Because this crime is atrocious, Karine Maia of the Delegation for Stopping Crimes Against Women stated that they found six such drawings among the little girl’s possessions.

Now da Silva is being held in custody over the child abuse allegations.

This story quickly followed the one about the well-known Brazilian priest who hanged himself in jail while he was facing similar child molestation charges. To think that these religious figures are abusing their power to harm and torment children is unspeakable. 

The priest who committed suicide, Bonifacio Buzzi, had been arrested for molesting two young and vulnerable boys. The priest was no stranger to child molestation as he had previously spent time in jail for similar charges. He thought religion could save him from his true nature, but it didn’t. He hanged himself in jail effectively admitting his crimes.

Readers on shared their thoughts:

“Some think he should have to face his fellow prisoners, and others think he should be gassed.”

“This stuff needs to be met with capital punishment and met immediately if the evidence is overwhelming. No appeals no delays. Send messages to every perv out there that their days are numbered.”

“The church has to screen their priests far better than this”

Do you think churches should screen their priests?

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Henry Okafor

  • Stein

    2017-02-08 #1 Author

    Omg this is really sad that we have duck people in this world surrounding our children thank god that this has stop prayers to the family


  • Amber lanier

    2017-02-08 #2 Author

    As a mother of two girls this my worst fear someone touching my babies . The most traumatizing thing u can do to a child


  • Esther

    2017-02-08 #4 Author

    This is soo sad poor little girl


  • Yashika Goodman

    2017-02-08 #5 Author

    Praying for healing for the little girl and family!!!


  • Kye-Ante’

    2017-02-09 #6 Author

    This scared me and I feel so bad for the kids no child should have to go through this this makes me want to hold my daughter close and tell her she can talk to me about anything


  • Kharisha

    2017-02-09 #7 Author

    So glad he was caught, she’s such a brave little girl.


  • Lonnie

    2017-02-09 #8 Author

    That’s crazy bro


    • Tiffanie

      2017-05-20 #9 Author

      Don’t know who he was definitely not a Christian


  • Sasheka

    2017-02-09 #10 Author

    This is really sad


  • Zoey

    2017-02-09 #11 Author

    Omg!!! How could someone really do this to an innoicent child ?!?!?


  • Dana

    2017-02-09 #12 Author

    Iam Speechless, being a mother of 2 lil girls, this is terrifying! But thank god the child was aware that it’s wrong and expressed her feelings in her drawings… I defi hope that it’s doesn’t affect her growth


  • Dominique

    2017-02-09 #13 Author

    Only god made her draw that picture. I cant belive this. Im so SCARED with my girls


  • Darlene

    2017-02-09 #14 Author

    This is awful. You never know really know who you can trust with your child which is why I trust only myself, her father, and immediate family.


  • Victoria

    2017-02-09 #15 Author

    I think everyone that works with kids should go through a heavy screening it so sad the things these kids go through in this generation at a young age how easy ppl like this van have access to working with kids


  • Janet Villegas

    2017-02-09 #16 Author

    This is so sad! Makes me want to hold my daughter closer, she’s a brave little girl.


  • Des

    2017-02-09 #17 Author

    This is sad. Glad he was caugh. How could anyone to the to a innocent child.


  • Ola

    2017-02-09 #18 Author

    Thank God d girl was smarth enough to draw something straceable. I pray for quick recovery from dis strauma for d girl


  • Courtney

    2017-02-09 #19 Author

    This is sick it’s always people we trust most 😢


  • Raven

    2017-02-10 #20 Author

    Omg that’s so sad smh


  • Maria

    2017-04-10 #21 Author



  • Jay

    2017-10-11 #22 Author

    Sickening! Some people are just SICK , TWISTED and PERVERTED


  • Gail brown

    2017-10-11 #23 Author

    My God you shame the body of Christ and harm one of Lord Gods children….my Lord betrayal of the the God whom gave up his only begotten son Just as Judas he met the same fate….My Lord hope and pray that beloved little child recieve counseling….


  • Harriet

    2017-11-05 #24 Author

    Yes nd very well. Hiding under d priestly hood nd commuting harm to little children is wickedness. If abstanance is a problem, then quit, get married nd serve God without sin. Intact its high time priests are given d opportunity to marry nd still serve as priest to reduce nd avoid this irritating nd consistent story. Its bad


  • Hannah Lynne Fernandez

    2018-01-19 #25 Author

    In Jesus name, God will heal you!


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