Science Has Designed a Song to Make Your Baby Laugh With Pleasure Science Has Designed a Song to Make Your Baby Laugh With Pleasure
Experts have teamed up to answer a question that any parent wishing to soothe or amuse a little one would appreciate the answer to:... Science Has Designed a Song to Make Your Baby Laugh With Pleasure

Experts have teamed up to answer a question that any parent wishing to soothe or amuse a little one would appreciate the answer to: What kind of music do babies like?

Caspar Addyman, an expert in child development, and Lauren Stewart, a musical psychologist, were asked by U.K. baby food manufacturer Cow & Gate to analyze existing science about infant preferences in order come up with the ideal parameters for a baby-friendly pop hit—one that was “proven to make babies happy.”

After extensive research, the two hired Grammy-winning composer and vocalist Imogen Heap — formerly of the synth-pop duo Frou Frou and mother to an 18-month-old girl — to put together a melody following some ground rules: it had to be in a major key, be simple and repetitive, and have a broad range of dynamics to keep the baby surprised and tuned in.

The song also had to be uptempo, mirroring a baby’s heartbeat, which is faster than a human’s, and it had to have a lively female vocal track, “ideally recorded in the presence of an actual baby.” Previous studies have shown that babies tend to be partial to the sing-song tones that women often use around infants.

“The secret was to make it silly and make it social,” Addyman say, so they surveyed Cow & Gate customers to find out which sounds made their babies laugh. Heap then packed in as many of the sounds as she could, like “beep beep!” and “whee!” and other noises that babies love.

The result was The Happy Song. Did it work? Watch the full music video above and find out.

Source: Times

Henry Okafor

  • Shana

    2017-02-08 #1 Author

    My nephew was diagnosed with Down syndrome but that didn’t defeat him. But music to his ears lights up his face!


    • Sharhonda Burton

      2017-02-08 #2 Author

      The babies were so happy about the different noises that were being played. Very enjoyable moments.


      • Breanna

        2017-02-08 #3 Author

        I just love how my baby reacts to music


  • Trig

    2017-02-08 #4 Author

    Is music really good for babies? considering they don’t understand anything.


  • Sequoyah L Davis

    2017-02-08 #5 Author

    Smart idea…😂😂😂


  • Primrose

    2017-02-08 #6 Author

    I can imagine him laughing


  • Tyasia Bradford

    2017-02-08 #7 Author

    That Looks Sweet!


  • Cecilia

    2017-02-08 #8 Author

    This is awesome,my son loves music! ❤


  • Amosu sebomi

    2017-02-08 #9 Author

    Wow this is cool, see the Smile
    Babies are fun to be with, nice vidoe


  • Amosu sebomi

    2017-02-08 #10 Author

    interesting and cool. i love the video


  • Latoya Herron

    2017-02-08 #11 Author

    This is really cool! I’ve read other places that music helps development not any particular genre just music in general!!


  • Kristen

    2017-02-08 #13 Author

    Awe so sweet hahah I’ll have to try it


  • Tyneshia Willis

    2017-02-08 #14 Author

    This is so interested now i found a good way to to calm my baby down from crying when she is upset


  • Christile

    2017-02-08 #15 Author

    Wow..what will they come up with next?! So amazing.


  • Jamiah

    2017-02-08 #16 Author

    This is cool, I want to try it on my baby😘


  • Nihmath abi

    2017-02-08 #17 Author

    My angel love music… When she heard melody music she fall in sleep …when she heard fast song she trying to dance


    • Kimya

      2017-02-08 #18 Author

      He is so handsome I bet he loves music lol


  • Joelle bou sleiman

    2017-02-08 #19 Author

    Adorable baby!!


  • Talithia Stuart

    2017-02-08 #20 Author

    My babiea love music. The video is so adorable. I love seeing kids so happy


  • Cedes

    2017-02-08 #21 Author

    Great Idea , I want to try this with my daughter!


  • Mckinzie

    2017-02-08 #22 Author

    This would probably would be the most sweetest thing to watch 💜💜💜


  • kamarra

    2017-02-08 #23 Author

    my kids love music while there falling asleep.


  • Tanoa

    2017-02-08 #24 Author

    This song actually works! I played it for my daughter and she started laughing 🙂


  • Felicia

    2017-02-08 #25 Author

    I’m a music fanatic and my 3 month old loves it when I sing to him!! It automatically puts him to sleep… Music is so soothing for the soul!!!


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-08 #26 Author

    This is awesome my baby love music


  • cursha eastman

    2017-02-08 #27 Author

    My daughter loves music and she sings along till she falls asleep


  • Alejandra saravia

    2017-02-08 #28 Author

    My Baby I think he doesn’t like music at all Cause everything time i put music in the car he start to cry 😭!!


  • quennie barata

    2017-02-08 #29 Author

    badly need this one. so I can glance her beautiful smile even her laugh by just playing this one. because everytime I take a picture of her, she’s not smiling. she will just stare at you. maybe she’s wondering what am I doing to her. lol


  • Erica

    2017-02-08 #30 Author

    Wow such a wonderful idea happy babies makes parenting fun n easy


    • Lola Lee

      2017-02-10 #31 Author

      I use white noise for my 18month old and my 4 month old boys i would love to try this on my newborn


  • ajee acosta

    2017-02-08 #32 Author

    I love this idea! I spent ssooooo much time trying to make my 3 month old laugh and smile. FINALLY I GET HELP LOL


  • Brittany Phillips

    2017-02-08 #33 Author

    Awww this is too cute ! My daughter is sitting next to me listening and is definitely enjoying it!


  • Keonna

    2017-02-08 #34 Author

    She is so beautiful. 😍


  • Keonna

    2017-02-08 #35 Author

    She is so beautiful 😍💓


  • Lucketa Cole

    2017-02-08 #36 Author

    My niece loves all types of music. As soon as she hears a song she automatically start dancing


  • Breanna

    2017-02-08 #37 Author

    I just love it…..My baby loves music


  • Keonna

    2017-02-08 #38 Author

    My baby start dancing to this song 😍


  • Ashante

    2017-02-08 #39 Author

    This is an great idea


  • Daijhanna

    2017-02-08 #40 Author

    I believe it. Music has always had a special connection with humans. I wasn’t to try it out just to see !! 🙂


  • Quenia

    2017-02-08 #41 Author

    Awwe this is just too adorable!! Music brings the fun out!


  • Anneciah Mulkey

    2017-02-08 #42 Author

    My daughter loves to listen to music she’s 7 months , she claps her hands and moves from side to side lol


  • Marie Marie

    2017-02-09 #43 Author

    That’s A Very Smart Idea 💯❤️


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-09 #44 Author

    I’ve been trying classical music lately, but I will definitely be trying this also! Thanks.


  • Brittany Garvey

    2017-02-09 #45 Author

    how do you get the happy song?


  • Joshilyn

    2017-02-09 #46 Author

    Omg that is so cool , I know my daughter would love it


  • Fadilat Usman

    2017-02-09 #47 Author

    I have noticed have my niece and nephew loves music do to kip Dem in one place I make sure I play deir favorite song.


  • Abriona

    2017-02-09 #48 Author

    awe adorable 😘😍


  • Tennille Myers

    2017-02-09 #49 Author

    My baby love all music. When I was carrying her in my womb I used to play music and let her listen


  • Lola

    2017-02-10 #50 Author

    Both of my sons are obsessed with white noise to calm them and sleep . i would. Love to try this on my new born


  • Thejaswi

    2017-02-10 #51 Author

    My Son really love’s music alot especially 3D Rhymes……, I love to see him with lot of expressions …. Enjoying each and every day with same excitement and fun.😀


  • Keitha Madison

    2017-02-10 #52 Author

    My baby loves it when I sing “Splish Splash” when he is bathing (my two older ones did too). I know it’s not very original of me, but they always loved it…similar type of music…upbeat.


  • Escarly Morel

    2017-02-10 #53 Author

    ja ja ja… this is so adorable. im going to try it with my baby girl…


  • Escarly Morel

    2017-02-10 #54 Author

    Ja ja ja… this is so adorable. I’m going to try it with my baby girl… ❤😍


  • Dennia

    2017-02-11 #55 Author

    My child likes music so much.he keeps on clapping to every song being played.😂


  • chyenne

    2017-02-11 #56 Author

    i do this with my son all the time he loves it 😻😻


  • Jazzzlyn Richie

    2017-02-12 #57 Author

    My 1 year old loves music he dances to any kind of music he hears. When he was still in my tummy I use to play nursery rhymes and set my headphones on my belly he would just be moving around in my belly and kicking.


  • Preston

    2017-02-14 #58 Author

    This is amazing I am going to try it out 👏


  • Jacky zavala

    2017-02-17 #59 Author

    Aww. I’m.gonna try with my baby girl … So Sweet


  • Ashley walker

    2017-02-20 #60 Author

    I would love to try this with my bundle of joy 😍😍 awesome 💞


  • Lanette Allen

    2017-03-12 #61 Author

    I have to try this i bet my little boy would love this


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