Mum rapes 4-year-old son and live streams the act Mum rapes 4-year-old son and live streams the act
India Kirksey, 20, from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, has been arrested for raping her four-year-old son, filming it and broadcasting it live online.Kirksey appeared at Hamilton... Mum rapes 4-year-old son and live streams the act

India Kirksey, 20, from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, has been arrested for raping her four-year-old son, filming it and broadcasting it live online.
Kirksey appeared at Hamilton County jail, where police claimed she admitted performing a sex act on the young child.
Kirksey’s sick act was brought to the attention of the authorities after someone 1,000 miles away in Texas watched the abuse and contacted the Department of Job and Family Services (JFS) in Ohio.

Kirksey was sent to the Hamilton county jail after her arrest and her bail was set at $350,000.

Days before her arrest, Kirksey posted videos on YouTube including one where she twerked at the camera while a child could be heard crying in the background. The other muted video shows her dancing while a little boy sits beside her

A family member has revealed that she is a ‘special needs’ woman and needs the prayers of the public.

“Pray for the victim and pray for the family that had to be behind something like this and pray for her,” the family member said.

“We, as a family, try the best we can to get therapy and talk to her about stuff and safety and sometimes you can only do so much. This is just not in her character, its not nothing that she would do … I know that she is being portrayed as a monster.

“Anytime that someone is saying that had made some type of sexual attack on anyone I automatically would think someone is a monster too. But literally anyone [that knew Kinksey] would know this is clearly not her.”

Henry Okafor

  • Scrillz

    2017-02-10 #1 Author

    Prayers for the victim 🙏


  • Wiktoria krolicka

    2017-02-10 #2 Author

    Wtf do the same thing to her


  • Kristy Morgan

    2017-02-10 #3 Author

    All I can say is if she has mental health issues it called see a doctor. All this free penis and you rather take your son’s man hood. That a wife or girlfriend job not a mother. She needs her ass kicked where it comes out her throat. I have a son I could never do that or even think about it. 😠😣😤👿


  • Jasmyne

    2017-02-10 #4 Author

    This is sick. I hope this mother deserves all the consequences. This baby deserves better. This baby boy is in my prayers.


  • Jazmyn

    2017-02-10 #5 Author

    This Is Really Sick For A Mother To Do Something Like This To Her Own Child😪


  • Geena

    2017-02-10 #6 Author

    She is sick smhhh ! I prayyyy for this little boy


  • Nene

    2017-02-10 #7 Author

    I’m glad she did record herself doing it so the police could get that baby out that bad environment sooner rather than later


  • Deedee H

    2017-02-10 #8 Author

    Speechless! All I can do is pray for the baby and their family!!!


  • Desiree Smith

    2017-02-10 #9 Author

    Woooow my heartbreaks for him


  • Lex

    2017-02-10 #10 Author

    She Is Really Sick In The Head Who Would Do That To Their Child.


  • Marteal Nelson

    2017-02-10 #11 Author

    This is so unacceptable


  • Mahogany

    2017-02-10 #12 Author

    This is so aweful. Some women should never be mothers. It’s Always the good women who want children and have done everything right that have the hardest time getting pregnant…and then you see stories like this and think why does someone like this deserve the blessing of a child..? Smh


  • Jamo The Great

    2017-02-10 #13 Author

    Ok if she is a “special needs” person, why is she left alone with her young child? That makes no sense to me. It’s an excuse to get her off prison time. Also if she’s special needs, where was her parents while she was having sex to conceive this child. Bad parenting….not only they didn’t pay attention to her and she got pregnant, they failed to watch her again with that little boy. You know why…because there’s nothing wrong with her except for the fact she raped her son. She knew what she was doing. “Special needs” my ass. Go to YouTube and look for Tommy Sotomayor and this case.


  • Mischa

    2017-02-10 #14 Author

    She’s pretty probably sick


  • Deedee williams

    2017-02-10 #15 Author

    Mental or not how could a mother do something like this to her own child!?! That’s insane…I pray she gets the help she needs & I will keep the entire family in my prayers


  • Francilla

    2017-02-10 #16 Author

    Wow that’s crazy and sick what people will do do social media


  • Nametsegan Dagestan Malgas

    2017-02-11 #17 Author

    My the lord God be with them…….but why did she do that to her son???


  • Nametsegan shahedah Malgas

    2017-02-11 #18 Author

    Wail pray for u all…..God bless


  • Brooklyn

    2017-02-11 #19 Author

    Sick to my stomach, she needs to rot in hell


  • ChaVonne Hightower

    2017-02-11 #20 Author

    She needs to And UNDER the Jail 😡


  • Jenise

    2017-02-11 #21 Author

    Wow some people just don’t deserve to be a parent.


  • Kimiko White

    2017-02-11 #22 Author

    Poor baby I am sorry he had to experience that may God watch over him and get him threw this.


  • estela lazaro

    2017-02-11 #23 Author

    pray for the young boy 😔😔


  • Laura

    2017-02-11 #24 Author

    I’m not judgmental but she needs time and help pray for her and her family


  • Steven

    2017-02-11 #25 Author

    It crazy how some human being can be so cruel 😢Hope she get long prison time


  • Mikhail Wilson

    2017-02-11 #26 Author

    Prayers for the victim


  • Lauren

    2017-02-11 #27 Author

    Its sad that a mother can do that to her own kid 😔😔


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