The doctors thought it was a poison ivy rash, but days later they noticed THIS. The doctors thought it was a poison ivy rash, but days later they noticed THIS.
WARNING: This story contains clear images of the Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which can be disturbing to some people. When Mandy Smith collects her son, Zachary, from school... The doctors thought it was a poison ivy rash, but days later they noticed THIS.

WARNING: This story contains clear images of the Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which can be disturbing to some people.

When Mandy Smith collects her son, Zachary, from school she knows immediately that something is wrong. Zachary is not doing well. He says he has an itchy poison ivy rash on his feet and on his eyes. She rubs a soothing cream into his feet.

Facebook/Mandy Suzanne Smith


The next day, his whole body is covered in a rash. Then his temperature starts to rise, and he begins to get a fever. Mandy doesn’t know what else to do and rushes to the hospital with her son.

Facebook/Mandy Suzanne Smith

The doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong with Zachary. They presume it’s a viral infection but the medication isn’t taking effect. His condition is deteriorating by the hour and the rash also keeps getting worse. His eyes are bloodshot, and his lips are beginning to crack open.

A nurse has a terrible suspicion of something, which quickly gets confirmed: Zachary has Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a very rare and dangerous disease that primarily attacks the skin and mucous membranes. It usually begins with symptoms similar to those of flu but can rapidly turn fatal.

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The Stevens-Johnson syndrome is usually an allergic reaction to certain drugs. Mandy is certain that the pills she gave Zachary a few days prior to help with a migraine could have triggered the syndrome.


Facebook/Mandy Suzanne Smith

Zachary’s skin begins to blister and peel off. 90 percent of his skin is affected by the disease. His lungs are infected. The doctors have to put him into an artificial coma in order to remove his top layer of dead skin. They wrap him up in an artificial skin substitute, so his weakened little body can start forming new skin. No one is sure if he will survive.

Facebook/Mandy Suzanne Smith

Fortunately, Zachary is a very tough and brave little boy. Just one month later, he is out of the coma, and his body begins to recover remarkably quickly. Miraculously, he is not only completely healthy again but he also seems to have not suffered any permanent damage from it. His family is overjoyed.


Facebook/Mandy Suzanne Smith

Sometimes the smallest and most fragile individuals surprise everyone with a strength that no one would ever have believed possible. It is good to know that even seemingly hopeless cases can still turn good in the end.

Henry Okafor

  • Sabrina

    2017-02-10 #1 Author

    Amazing, I can’t imagine what state of mind the mother must have been in. To see you child going through something like that is devastating. He was determined to live just goes to show God is good. A miracle God bless him.


    • Alicia

      2017-02-11 #2 Author

      Everything is possible to God.


    • Jomigeorge

      2017-02-11 #3 Author

      By the grace of almighty god , Zachary will recover soon


    • HALO

      2017-02-11 #4 Author

      Only God can do that. His hands were on the doctors. Thank you Jesus


  • Taleka

    2017-02-10 #5 Author

    I hope Zachary is okay god.bless him


  • seyram geli

    2017-02-10 #6 Author

    Woww…we serve a living God.may God bless the medical team for their devotion.may God replace anything that was lost on little zackary’s life


  • Nthabi

    2017-02-11 #7 Author

    God is able and is good. Saying this in tears. Sad yet encouraging story. NEVER LOSE HOPE


  • Stephen Greene

    2017-02-11 #8 Author

    “GOD” is not a Healer. “GOD” is “THE HEALER”!! Good luck little Buddy. Your a very “STRONG YOUNG MAN”!💪As a Father myself, I know that your Father and your Dear Mother are spiritually thankful and extremely proud of your, enduring courage and relentless fortitude. Take care.😀🐯


  • Allen Nakyeyune

    2017-02-11 #9 Author

    God is Awesome no matter what circumstances we go through God puts every thing under His control.I really thank God for Zachary’s Life.


  • Gloria

    2017-02-11 #10 Author

    Awesome God! Miracle working God! Praise Jesus for healing.


  • Swiper

    2017-02-11 #11 Author

    God bless him and his family …..I couldn’t imagine how I will feel I’m very sensitive so i probably be cry the whole time……Lord is sooooo good I love him ….keep him in prayers


  • rian aldrin alvaro tumbale

    2017-02-11 #12 Author

    God is good all the time 💋


  • Beatrice Turner

    2017-02-11 #13 Author

    All I can and will say is God is good.Amen


  • Diane

    2017-02-11 #14 Author

    Wow what a very strong wee guy to get through that. Must have very hard for mummy to have seen her child so poorly. So glad when a got to end and read that he had got better 💙


  • Alasha

    2017-02-11 #15 Author

    Wow that is beyond crazy, god will not put anyone in situations he know that they are not able to get through you are strong and the lord is next to you the whole way through


  • Janine

    2017-02-11 #16 Author

    God bless zachary and to his family. My prayers for you. I know how’s your fanily suffered and be strong always. I am a victims of steven johnson also 11 years passed in our country and now i am working at uae. God always a purpose so don’t give up there are so many things we can do and we can see in this world. I will always count you in my prayers. God bless


  • Feranmi ifeoluwa

    2017-02-12 #17 Author

    D Lord is a living God dat never forsake his people,i tank God on ur behalf boy.may almighty God giv u a quick recourvery


  • Voke

    2017-02-12 #18 Author

    The second last pic is actually graphic!! God bless Zachary though


  • Amy

    2017-02-17 #19 Author

    Thank God for his recovery. I can’t explain the joy I felt in my heart when I read that he made a complete recovery. Would have spoilt my mood for a while otherwise. Glory be to God!


  • Resonate Barbie Sparks

    2017-02-17 #20 Author

    He is a miracle worker indeed


  • Nathaline

    2017-02-18 #21 Author

    God is so great, there is nothing that is impossible for God,You are bless child.


  • linda

    2017-02-19 #22 Author

    God is great ,his mercies endures forever


  • Nupur das

    2017-02-19 #23 Author

    Ohoo thanks God for saving this brave little boy frm all this odds..bless you child..


  • Mariah

    2017-02-24 #24 Author

    With God All Things Is Possible..!
    I’m So Glad I don’t give my kids medicine nor myself. God Bless Him && His Family.!


  • Oge

    2017-02-24 #25 Author

    What a miracle…..


  • M. B. Adebanjo

    2017-02-24 #26 Author

    Glory be to almighty God in the highest, may you be healed completely. God factor. ……..


  • Nonhlanhla Mchunu

    2017-02-25 #27 Author

    Thank God he is safe now… all the glory unto him


  • Eddie

    2017-02-27 #28 Author

    To God be the glory



    2017-02-27 #29 Author

    Thanks be to God Almighty. He is awesome


  • Jackie Harris

    2017-02-27 #30 Author

    In moments like that where man’s hand has stopped and there’s nothing much to think about…God’s hand starts from that very point
    So glory and honor be back to for giving him another chance and giving his family back it’s joy.


  • Peace

    2017-02-28 #31 Author

    Thank You so much Lord. It could only have been You.


  • Nakeisha warren

    2017-04-29 #32 Author

    Nothing is better than my god. Blessed is the man who persevere under trials. Thank you jesus. My god is a miracle working god.


  • Buffy Bence

    2017-06-01 #33 Author

    My son had the same thing when he was young.Childrens motrin is what caused my son to have stevens johnson syndrome.He is 19 now and very well.I know its alot for a mother to go through.I thought my son was going to die.There is a God cause he sure saved my son.I am very happy that your son is doing very well.


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