How Is The ‘Octomom’ Doing After 7 Years Since She Gave Birth? How Is The ‘Octomom’ Doing After 7 Years Since She Gave Birth?
Nadya Suleman, AKA “Octomom”, rose to fame back in 2009 when she gave birth to the first set of octuplets to survive past the... How Is The ‘Octomom’ Doing After 7 Years Since She Gave Birth?

Nadya Suleman, AKA “Octomom”, rose to fame back in 2009 when she gave birth to the first set of octuplets to survive past the one-week mark.


While news and media outlets were shocked by the fact that a woman could have that many babies, she did not have the money to afford raising them all.


Suleman already had six children at home and was unemployed. She also didn’t have a significant other to help her raise her children.



According to CNN, all 14 of Suleman’s children had been conceived via IVF provided by Beverly Hills physician Dr. Michael Kamrava, whose medical license was later revoked.


Suleman reportedly paid for her IVF treatments with the $165,000 in disability payments that she had been collecting after allegedly suffering a back injury while working at a mental hospital years earlier.

Octomom Nadya Suleman And Shila From The Chio Morning Show Celebrity Pillow Fight Press Conference And Weigh In

For years, Suleman remained in the tabloids, but it wasn’t until just a few years ago that she actually became a suspect in a criminal investigation.


Back in 2014, Suleman applied for government assistance—after filing for bankruptcy and collecting food stamps for her children—and failed to disclose that she had received roughly $30,000 in earnings while working as an adult film actress and a topless dancer.



Despite the allegations, Suleman was sentenced to nothing more than probation and 200 hours of community service.


Last November, Suleman was once again back in the spotlight when a rumor began that she would be joining the line-up of Celebrity Big Brother, along with Vanilla Ice.


While it doesn’t look like that rumor panned out, Suleman did end up making her big Hollywood debut in the adult film, Octomom Home Alone.


Henry Okafor

  • Yashra Kamlian

    2017-02-13 #1 Author

    Being an Octomom is both unbelievable and amazing. I admire this mom who had the couraged to bring these babies into this world. I cannot imagine the pain she suffered during her pregnancy. Another God’s perfect miracle to every woman.


  • Yashra Kamlian

    2017-02-13 #2 Author

    I hope this will serve as an inspiration to all the mom out there especially those having twins, triplets, and more. If this mom can brought these 7 babies into this world, they can also. More power to all the pregnant mom in the world.


  • Keila

    2017-02-13 #3 Author

    Wow that’s a blessing . Good luck to you and those little ones I’d probably faint if it was me


  • Jennifer

    2017-02-13 #4 Author

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to conceive 8 babies at one time especially while being a single mother of 6 already & is unemployed to top it off . Well looks likes she’s still managing even with government assistance more power to her .


  • ShaTerria

    2017-02-13 #5 Author

    Wow you never know what you may have to do when you become a parent


  • Tenisha

    2017-02-13 #6 Author

    Omg shes is such a inspiration to me. She empowered because I was so scared when I had my 1st daughter and my. Boyfriend wants to have another one but I was so scared now I feel I can do it.


  • Nini

    2017-02-13 #7 Author

    This Is Really Inspiration On People Who Are Having More Than One Baby


  • Ariel

    2017-02-13 #8 Author

    That’s really crazy wow……

    I was wondering what happened too her.
    I can’t even imagine all those contractions she was having back to back.

    She’s strong for everything I don’t know if I would’ve made it.😩


  • Cher Banner

    2017-02-13 #9 Author

    Wow… Blessings to u and your adorable babies😍😍


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-14 #10 Author

    She has such beautiful babies. You got to be a strong woman to carry all those kids! I didn’t know she had 6 kids already though, wow.


  • Christie

    2017-02-14 #11 Author

    This is crazy and someone needs to check Into the we’ll being of the children!!


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