She Was Tired Of Being Called A Liar, Finally Films Proof Of Her 2-Month-Old Talking [video] She Was Tired Of Being Called A Liar, Finally Films Proof Of Her 2-Month-Old Talking [video]
When a couple has a new baby, it’s as if every single day of their life becomes a new adventure. From the moment the... She Was Tired Of Being Called A Liar, Finally Films Proof Of Her 2-Month-Old Talking [video]

When a couple has a new baby, it’s as if every single day of their life becomes a new adventure. From the moment the baby arrives, the couple stares down at their new bundle of joy in awe. And then there are all those firsts that start highlighting their days from the very moment they leave the hospital. A sense of relief fills them when their baby cries for the first time and then there is the first time that the baby falls asleep in their arms. Again, they look down in awe at the life that they created. A first smile is one of those other moments that can easily lead a new mother to tears and a spread a proud smile across a new father’s lips.

And then, there is that first sign of verbal communication. Parents are very proud the first time their baby speaks, and they happily check off another accomplished milestone. And then, when the baby becomes a tornado of a toddler, those same parents sometimes long for the days when their baby was still a baby, when he/she was quiet and spent a lot of time sleeping. Typically a child starts to mimic their parents words at around 18 months, but every now and then, you get a baby who proves that they were born to talk.

One proud mom, captured her two-month old’s first “hello,” on film and she has shared it it on social media, showing the world that you are never too young to have a good chat.

In the video, Michigan mom, Samantha Jones is heard speaking to her two-month old son, Christian. In the midst of her sharing some baby babble with the boy, she says “Can you say hello to Amber?” Seconds later, baby Christian says a very coherent “Hello,” back at his mama. The video was initially created to send a quick hello to her friend Amber, but Jone’s didn’t think that the baby was actually going to respond as quickly as he did.

Jones admits that she gasped at the sound of her son’s clear word. “I really couldn’t believe it,” said Jones.

It will be interesting to see if Jones can get baby Christian to say hello again, and if maybe she will work on expanding his vocabulary at the young age.

Viewers of the video are generally amazed by the baby’s advanced vocabulary…

“Haha that little voice!”

“OMG that is amazing!”

“I can’t stop watching this video.”

“OMG the cutest!”

The short video clip has even caused some viewers to crave a baby of their own…

“I want another baby!”

And of course, folks are sharing their own similar stories…

“My baby at 5 months mmm mumbled have a nice day brother oooh! Was so freaky this is adorable!!!”

Some viewers predicted that the video would go viral and the baby would be a young celeb, and that is certainly what has happened, as the boy’s video has thousands of views and shares. People love baby videos.

Who knows…maybe baby Christian will be giving lectures at age five?

Henry Okafor

  • Mary

    2017-02-19 #1 Author

    That is amazing


  • Victoria Stewart

    2017-02-19 #2 Author

    This video just melts my heart… What a beautiful baby boy.


  • Jhane

    2017-02-19 #3 Author

    Omg , Did that baby really say HELLO or is someone talking in back lol 😂😂


  • Larita

    2017-02-19 #4 Author

    Aww she’s so pretty😍😍


  • Kym

    2017-02-19 #5 Author

    Wow….. This awesome


  • SHarita Blocker

    2017-02-19 #6 Author

    Awwww that is so precious!! I love babies!!😍😘💜


  • Tony

    2017-02-19 #7 Author

    That lil baby is so cute. God bless them


  • Ifeoma

    2017-02-19 #8 Author

    Wow this is unbelievable am so tripping baby is just two months old and can say Hello lolzzz


  • Ashley

    2017-02-19 #9 Author

    It’s like you have to always film everything because people just don’t believe you. How sweet😍


  • Iyonna Hall

    2017-02-19 #10 Author

    Aww, how cute. I can’t stop watching it


  • Tia

    2017-02-19 #11 Author

    Her baby is such a cutie 😩😩


  • Shaneka Hart

    2017-02-19 #12 Author

    Woww, I didn’t believe until I heard him!!!


  • Ashley Munoz

    2017-02-19 #13 Author

    That’s awesome my son didn’t start talking until a year!


  • Essence Myers King

    2017-02-19 #14 Author

    I honestly think this is the cutest and coolest thing . It’s seriously amazing how advanced babies are now and days . My babygirl is only a month and coos and rolls over to her stomach as well as tries holding her head up . It’s so incredible and scary how fast they grow . I love this video though and its an so cool that the moment actually got captured .


  • Zian

    2017-02-19 #15 Author

    My 3months old baby can also say “mama” whenever he cries. 😂


  • Mariama Bah

    2017-02-19 #16 Author

    This is amazing and yes I’m not surprised now babies are born with all the credentials of milestone


  • Ceecee

    2017-02-19 #17 Author

    Awl She Was Trynna Talk


  • Lealen

    2017-02-19 #18 Author

    Wow this is amazing


  • Charaie

    2017-02-19 #19 Author

    This is beautiful never judge something that you don’t know 100 PERCENT God can make anything happen


  • Emuy

    2017-02-19 #20 Author

    “OMG that is amazing!”


  • Emuy

    2017-02-19 #21 Author

    OMG that is amazing!


  • Aisha

    2017-02-19 #22 Author

    Awww How Adorable 😍😍😛😙


  • Amber Causey

    2017-02-20 #23 Author

    This is so cute. My son has been talking for a while like this. Never consistently though. 😍


  • Tay

    2017-02-20 #24 Author

    This is the cutest 😍 I can’t wait until my baby starts to say little things!


  • Mayaa

    2017-02-20 #25 Author

    This is amazing 😩😍 so cute 😘


  • Aaliyah

    2017-02-20 #26 Author

    Oh wow😍😍 this is amazing


  • Armonnie

    2017-02-20 #27 Author

    This is really cute😍😍omg she he really cute💜


  • Precious

    2017-02-20 #28 Author

    Yes my baby cartavius was trying to talk at a very young age to.


  • Bre Day

    2017-02-21 #29 Author

    This is beyond amazing! This little fella is going to be so smart & alert, even at a very young age! Good luck and blessings to this family.


  • Dawn C.

    2017-02-21 #30 Author

    This is astonishing! I’m all about teaching the babies early!!! 😍😇👶🏼


  • Phumeza

    2017-02-23 #31 Author

    Wooow this is amazing


  • Donna

    2017-02-27 #32 Author

    Woow preety babies


  • Kristine

    2017-03-01 #33 Author

    babies are so amazing. so lovely 😍😍


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