Parents release video of 18-week-old Baby Jaxon, born alive Parents release video of 18-week-old Baby Jaxon, born alive
The Tanner family was extremely excited for the upcoming birth of their third child – their second boy, Jaxon. However, at only 18 weeks,... Parents release video of 18-week-old Baby Jaxon, born alive

The Tanner family was extremely excited for the upcoming birth of their third child – their second boy, Jaxon. However, at only 18 weeks, Charity went into labor. Baby Jaxon was coming, and much too early.

Unable to stop the contractions, the doctor told Charity to push, and tiny Jaxon was delivered. He was alive; his heart was beating, and his tiny chest rose and fell with his short breaths.

Jaxon’s due date was this month, September 2015. In his honor, his parents have released a video, showing him alive, breathing, and loved after birth.

Tiny Baby Jaxon illustrates – bravely and beautifully – the reality of human life in the womb. At a very young age, preborn babies are extremely developed; they are always growing; and from the moment of their first beginning, they are 100% a new and unique human – worthy of life and basic protections. Jaxon illustrates the need to protect living babies by defunding Planned Parenthood.

While Planned Parenthood claims to be a women’s health care provider, its focus is chiefly on abortion. Under Cecile Richards’ leadership, Planned Parenthood’s abortions have increased, its affiliates have been forced to provide abortions, and its breast exams and cancer screenings for women – as well as adoption referrals – have dropped significantly. The abortion focus of Planned Parenthood is just one reason millions of taxpayer dollars need to be redirected to the more than 13,000 comprehensive health care clinics around the nation that provide basic health services for low-income women and their families – all without aborting babies like Jaxon.


Planned Parenthood affiliates and executive Deborah Nucatola have announced their intentions to increase late-term abortions – a violent and inhumane procedure that would have targeted Baby Jaxon.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Charity revealed that she had placenta previa during her pregnancy with Jaxon:


Doctors told Charity that she had a complication called placenta previa in which her baby’s placenta had attached to the wrong place in her uterus, covering her cervix. They told her that in many cases, the problem often corrected itself, and that in worst cases, they might have to do an emergency cesarian section once the baby made it to at least 24 weeks, at which point the baby would have a good chance of surviving.

But the bleeding only kept on getting worse.

“The doctors did not understand why I kept bleeding, and bleeding, and bleeding,” she said.


In fact, one doctor was so confounded by Charity’s constant bleeding, that he suggested she could have an abortion to end it. Charity and her husband were entirely blown away by this comment, knowing that they wanted to keep this precious child as long as they could.

Charity told LifeSiteNews that she was “shocked with how casually the option to have her child killed had been offered.”

“My husband and I were like, ‘No that’s not even an option.’ There was nothing at all wrong with this baby. He was perfect. He was completely, perfectly, and beautifully formed. I was going to do everything in my power to keep him alive,” she said.

Charity remembered thinking at that time that abortion simply wasn’t a choice that she felt was hers to make.

When Jaxon was born prematurely at 18 weeks, the Tanners knew in the midst of their sorrow that it had been entirely worth it to keep their son with them as long as they could. While the medical personnel thought the tiny baby would probably be stillborn, he was actually born alive.

His family was able to hold and caress him, and a nurse laid him on a bit of plastic that would protect his fragile skin. The Tanners knew their experience was an inestimably precious one, and they caught it on video.

While the Tanners still grieve their tiny son, they know that his life was not in vain. Like Noah, Nathan Isaiah, Annabelle, Riley, and many others like them, Jaxon is giving a face to the preborn children of this world, showing how valuable, living, and precious each of them is.

Each child deserves the chance to live, and it’s time America recognized it.

Henry Okafor

  • Destiny Clarkson

    2017-02-19 #1 Author

    Awwww ❤️. Bless the baby heart .


  • Sujata

    2017-02-19 #2 Author

    I know this feeling all too much. Something has to be done about late term abortions. These babies deserve a fighting chance and It should be a parents choice to decide their child’s fate after birth. Rest In Peace sweet Jaxon. Fly high above … my little angel is up there too.


  • Cary

    2017-02-20 #3 Author

    Amen. I do believe every child deserves to live. Especially at 18 weeks old the fetus has developed most of its body parts…


    • Superstar

      2017-09-10 #4 Author

      Has actually developed ALL of their body parts by 18 weeks. As a matter of fact, the heart starts to best as early as five weeks & by 10 weeks every thing is developed & only needs to mature during the duration of the pregnancy


  • Amanda Montgomery

    2017-02-20 #5 Author

    God bless that child!!!!


  • Jazmyn

    2017-02-20 #6 Author

    It’s So Amazing To See Situations Like This An How The Baby Survives It


  • Tiffani holloway

    2017-02-20 #7 Author

    I did a research project on Planned Parenthood when I was in highschool….many moons ago. As a young girl who had no desire to get pregnant, I thought they were sent from heaven. Now that I’m an adult woman, mother of 2, and grandmother of 1, I am looking at them differently!


  • Micaela

    2017-02-20 #8 Author

    Pregnancy itself is so incredibly beautiful and magical. Although this family did not get the end result they probably wanted, it is still amazing that they got to spend the time the did with Jaxon.


  • Sariah Green

    2017-02-20 #9 Author

    What a miracle!


  • Ashley

    2017-02-20 #10 Author

    Good bless beautiful baby an parents


  • H Hill

    2017-02-20 #11 Author

    Omg. This is interesting. 18 weeks!


  • Naomi

    2017-02-21 #12 Author

    God bless his little soul ❤😍


  • Micklin

    2017-02-21 #13 Author

    I am a mother of two angel babies, everyday i missed them, it still hurts up to now. Sorry for your loss. God Bless you Jaxon!


  • Yvette Boakye Yiadom

    2017-02-21 #14 Author

    I felt your pain when I watched the video with tears in my eyes because I went through the same thing when I was pregnant with my baby boy. It was really a though time for me and my family but by the grace of God with strict bed rest, my previa resolved and had my baby at 34weeks. May his soul rest in peace


  • adede_amor

    2017-02-22 #15 Author

    Very touching story… Such a strong family. Bless Baby Jaxon ❤️


  • Tristin

    2017-02-22 #16 Author

    This story proves what i preach to people who like the idea of abortions/late term abortions… so sad but so moving … 👼🏼 RIP JAXON..


  • Erica

    2017-02-22 #17 Author

    God bless this beautiful little baby & his family. This story touched my heart. ❤


  • Qunita Young

    2017-02-23 #18 Author

    What a blessing!!! This just go to show you can never lose faith and God is in control of all things.


  • Makayla

    2017-02-23 #19 Author

    What a miracle!


  • Linda

    2017-02-26 #20 Author

    Crying profusely so sad God rest his soul and may he replace another Jason for u in Jesus name


  • Melissa

    2017-02-27 #21 Author

    As a mother of 6…from the first look at their precious Jaxon my heart seemed to stop.I couldnt control the tears..because although i’ve never had to experience loosing a child…i could only imagine how it must feel to have to say goodbye.I hope now over at year and a half later…that the Tanner family has been able to cope better..allowing the Almighty Father carry them from day to day.Rest in Peace Baby Jaxon…Shake on planned parenthood..and anyone who thinks babies are nothing unless they are outside the womb.For the Lord said..He knew us while we were still in our mother’s womb…so if GOD can acknowledge us so early on..why is it ao hard for others to acknowledge unborn children??… This world gets sadder every single day.


  • Gabriella

    2017-02-28 #22 Author

    This touches my heart Bc my daughter came early and had to get surgery at 2days of life. ❤️ She really is my miracle child.


  • Liz williams

    2017-03-01 #23 Author

    This is so sad but it is beautiful.. this should make a lot of women rethink abortion and think adoption


  • Monique

    2017-03-01 #24 Author

    I feel your pain I went thru the same thing twice I had them both at 26 weeks…GOD bless this family


  • Naffie

    2017-03-01 #25 Author

    This is so amazing God bless his beautiful soul


  • Livienne Nonord

    2017-03-02 #26 Author

    Hi, it is with mix emotions I write…
    I love when you said, “he is Perfect.”
    Just left Bible study…
    It is the Savior’s love that is able to comfort through all. Your precious baby story is love, highly regarded, and his life lived was for our own hearts. May our hearts, mind, conscious become as tender as how it felt when you first touched your baby.
    In loving memory of Jaxon aka J’s Son (Jesus’ son)


  • Simar kaur virk

    2017-03-02 #27 Author

    My heart bleeds when i read such type of story..
    I can feel ur pain and emotions
    God bless u


  • Kamilah

    2017-04-14 #28 Author

    That really brakes my heart to watch this. It made me cry.


  • Joseph William Billante Junior

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    Que pena


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    Thank god


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    Amen god is good he is the doctor


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    May god bless him always he so tiny n small


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    Sylvia Dimuna Moonga watch this so touching


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    God is good


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    I had that happen to me at home not nice


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    May God bless the baby!


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    Amen Taneia Denise watch this


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    Amen had my son at 20 weeks


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    Mungu kuwa pamoja na mtoto mpe nguvu na acfia


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    Will be okay take care


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      Kakapanood ko lng 😞


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    God bless his little soul amen


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    A mem


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    Amen ❤️ Rhoda and Eddie


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    God will do it


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    Good is good


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    Mon Dieu est pitié


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    Andrew Lopez this made me cry. God bless his little soul


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    God bless your little soul baby.


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    God bless the baby


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    Aww bless x sleep with the angels x


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    God. Is. Good. Amen


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    God bless uh baby


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    God is great o


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    baby you are welcome


  • Shaneise Najia Sanders

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    Why didn’t they try to save this baby ?


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    Geli Jäger


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    sad … but Gods will


  • Christina

    2017-09-10 #80 Author

    I can’t imagine the courage and strength it took to make this video and then share it with the world. I am a labor and delivery nurse and this it truly the hardest part of our job when a family loses a baby. Thank you for sharing your story. It truly is a blessing. May God be with you through all the years of this difficult journey.


  • Tavionna Flanigan

    2017-10-26 #81 Author

    This is a very sad story 😔 God bless that 👶


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