One Twin Dies During Childbirth, Then Dad Looks At Mom’s Chest And Sees The UNTHINKABLE One Twin Dies During Childbirth, Then Dad Looks At Mom’s Chest And Sees The UNTHINKABLE
Kate and David Ogg couldn’t wait to start a family, and though they struggled to get pregnant, they persevered. So, you can imagine their... One Twin Dies During Childbirth, Then Dad Looks At Mom’s Chest And Sees The UNTHINKABLE

Kate and David Ogg couldn’t wait to start a family, and though they struggled to get pregnant, they persevered. So, you can imagine their sheer happiness when they finally learned Kate was pregnant with not one, but two babies. It was twins! One boy and one girl, Jamie and Emily.

But things were about to take a terrifying, and then incredible, turn. The twins were ready to enter the world at only six-and-a-half months into Kate’s pregnancy.

Following their premature birth in March 2010, Kate and David were told their son, Jamie, did not survive childbirth.

But if you’ve ever doubted the power of a mother’s touch, what happened next will make you rethink everything you know to be true.

The nurses delivered the devastating blow — that their baby boy had passed. But Kate and David refused to let go.

They cradled their son’s lifeless body, wrapping him up in their warm embrace and gently speaking into his ear. Suddenly, they felt something move — and when the doctor walked in, he couldn’t believe his eyes…

Watch the video below to hear what happened, from the amazing mother herself. Please SHARE the Ogg family’s miraculous story with your friends on Facebook.

Henry Okafor

  • Keyaria

    2017-02-20 #1 Author

    Wowwwwww GOD is goood. if you believe anything can happen. Im so happy for them that truly is a blessing!!!!


  • Keyaria

    2017-02-20 #3 Author

    Wowww thats a blesssing. GOD is good the parents believed and had faith and GOD got rid of their worry. Loveeee itt!


  • Ajaniq

    2017-02-20 #4 Author

    That is such a blessing .


  • Jada

    2017-02-20 #5 Author

    That’s so sad I could only image how the mother feels 😔


  • Emily Merryman

    2017-02-20 #6 Author

    This is indcredible. Shows how powerful the mothers touch is!


  • Mesha

    2017-02-20 #7 Author

    Wow that’s amazing, so happy for them.


  • Mya Hamilton

    2017-02-20 #8 Author

    This is very sad but the touch of a mother can do miracles


  • Jayron Williams

    2017-02-20 #9 Author

    Shows how power god is ! Wow


  • Jazmen Fields

    2017-02-20 #10 Author

    This article was beautiful my daughter was born 5 weeks early and happen to be just fine. I made sure to have skin to skin every chance I could because I believed in it bond. I’m so glad that they were able to have both their kids.


  • Andreiona

    2017-02-20 #11 Author

    This is so sad to me it’s crazy god be with the family


  • Mya

    2017-02-20 #12 Author

    Aw so sad. Bless this family


  • Kenyatta Harris

    2017-02-20 #13 Author

    That is such a blessing! So happy for them!


  • Jaylah horton

    2017-02-20 #14 Author

    Very happy for them ❤


  • Kastesha

    2017-02-20 #15 Author

    Wow such an aspiring story


  • Amanda

    2017-02-20 #16 Author

    Amazing am so crying right now…. God is truly amazing….. your such a remarkable mom God bless you and your kids


  • Lameshia Joseph

    2017-02-20 #17 Author

    this is very devastating to no that if the mother and father didn’t hold the their child that the doctor would’ve let the baby die , i am so happy that the baby boy was able to grow older and live a happy life !


  • Taylor

    2017-02-20 #18 Author

    That is amazing ❤ you can never break the bond a mother and her child has


  • Iara Andrade

    2017-02-20 #19 Author

    Thats the power oF GOD🙏🏻


  • Tyla henry

    2017-02-20 #20 Author

    Such a blessing ❤️


  • Ceara

    2017-02-20 #21 Author

    That is such a blessing!


  • Kadara

    2017-02-20 #22 Author

    Never underestimate the power of God! Such great parents!


  • Asia blankenship

    2017-02-20 #23 Author

    This is such a beautiful story congratulations to mommy and daddy 🙂


  • Ndia kemp

    2017-02-20 #24 Author

    god is powerful 🙏🏽


  • Lauren

    2017-02-20 #25 Author

    This is so amazing. God knows what hes doing


  • Aynur

    2017-02-20 #26 Author

    Ownnnnn Good Bless you 😘


  • Taylor Rowland

    2017-02-20 #27 Author

    God is good 😍 this made me cry!! Bless you and your family


  • Destiny

    2017-02-20 #28 Author

    Wow! Such a blessing!


  • Tupree

    2017-02-20 #29 Author

    A mother knows her child….. there’s nothing in this world that can’t be done with the power of a mothers love……


  • Kierra

    2017-02-20 #30 Author

    This is so touching! Caring a child and almost losing the child you carried is heartbreaking. I don’t know what it feels like and God knows I don’t ever want to imagine or come near that feeling. You are truly blessed! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!


  • Desiree

    2017-02-20 #31 Author

    So sad 😭 God bless the family ❤


  • Kenyatta Crispin

    2017-02-20 #32 Author

    Omg I Cried 😓❤️


  • Tasha

    2017-02-20 #33 Author

    Wow, I’m In Tears.


  • Keisha

    2017-02-21 #34 Author

    The power of faith💪🏾💪🏾.. Strong Parents.. The video got me in tears of joy!


  • Nikki Williams

    2017-02-22 #35 Author

    But God!!!! I am a mother of twins and I couldn’t imagine going through this. I’m so happy for them!!!


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-23 #36 Author

    Wow this almost sound like something I went through god is good all the time


  • Age

    2017-02-25 #37 Author

    That baby is a miracle baby . They’re so blessed . I am so happy for them . God most definitely was a big help !!!!


  • Stacy Green

    2017-04-10 #38 Author

    Wow a mother’s touch. Thank God 4 u guys


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