2-Year-Old Girl Left With Dead Toddler For 3 Days Because Mom Had Something More Important To Do 2-Year-Old Girl Left With Dead Toddler For 3 Days Because Mom Had Something More Important To Do
When you are a parent the most important job you have is taking care of your children. You feed them, give them baths, put... 2-Year-Old Girl Left With Dead Toddler For 3 Days Because Mom Had Something More Important To Do

When you are a parent the most important job you have is taking care of your children. You feed them, give them baths, put clothes on their backs, and make sure they are safe. Most intelligent people know that a child will need to eat food several times a day.

Sadly, one Ukrainian mother felt it was okay to leave her two children (a 23-month-old boy and a 2-year-old girl) alone in the house – for nine days.

The mother went off with her lover and left her children to fend for themselves. Most two-year-old’s I know spend their day exploring and playing.

cruel mother
Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / Facebook

They cannot be trusted to be alone for long – they will find trouble! The 23-month-old died of starvation while his mother was gone.

cruel mother
Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / Facebook

The 2-year-old was all alone with his body for three days.

cruel mother
Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / FacebookCan you imagine the horror? They children were so desperate to get out that they ripped the wallpaper off the walls. Their screams were finally heard by a neighbor who called the police.
cruel mother
Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / Facebook

The mother, who is pregnant with her third child, said she didn’t realize that children could die without food. Seriously?!

cruel mother
Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / Facebook

Throw her in jail and sever all parental rights. Some people don’t deserve to be parents. The little girl was rushed to the hospital.

cruel mother
Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / Facebook

She is reportedly eating small amounts of solid food and will physically recover.

cruel mother
Image Credit: Vladislav Podchapko / Facebook

As you can imagine this story went viral. People around the globe were shocked and horrified to learn of the fate of these children. Rest in peace, little one.

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Henry Okafor

  • Iriyann

    2017-02-21 #1 Author

    Nothing is more important then your child , that’s your main essential priority


    • Mia martin

      2017-02-21 #2 Author

      I agree your kids come before anything this is honeslty so disappointing


    • Tymecia Clark

      2017-02-22 #3 Author

      This is pretty sick. The fact that she stated “I didn’t kno kids could die from not eating, seriously”, makes me sick. You can not tell me that she really believed that. Smh. I hope they take this 3rd child away from her as soon as she pushes it out.


    • Shay Kinnard

      2017-02-22 #4 Author

      The Most Heartless Thing You Can do Is Put An Adult before your child(ren). It’s sad and horrifying that people [Some Parents] actually does. R.I.p baby love.


  • Jekera

    2017-02-21 #5 Author

    How do you leave your babies alone for 9 days? So sad. RIP Baby.


  • Janay

    2017-02-21 #6 Author

    This is just sad and just not right. I dont see how this can even happen.


  • leahverdos

    2017-02-21 #7 Author

    omg. sge is irreponsible mother. her babies are so very young they don’t know how to do or how to eat if they are hungry they are still need carrying. :'( :'( rest in peace for baby


  • Roesha

    2017-02-21 #8 Author

    Sad and ridiculous its people out here who would love to have kids but can’t and then there’s the ones who doesn’t even deserve the ones they have… smh rip little guy❤️


  • Jada

    2017-02-21 #9 Author

    Poor baby. 😔 Your in a better place


  • Doreen

    2017-02-21 #10 Author

    This is so sad ohhhhh gosh I can’t imagine even doing this. ……..she deserves a punishment for sure.


  • Tamika Diaz

    2017-02-21 #11 Author

    This is horrible! As parents we are supposed to love and protect our children. I just don’t understand this! My heart is broken!


  • Asia Gren

    2017-02-21 #12 Author

    There is nothing more important than your kids … Furthermore more a real lover would ask where the kids are or who are they with before he/she leaves to go anywhere. If they can’t go with their parent then the parent should not be allow to attend . It’s kind of saying it wasn’t safe for them so that mean it wasn’t safe for her .He didn’t really love her and she didn’t really love her kids or her freedom . She most definitely should be put away without food like how she left them.


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-21 #13 Author

    Wow that is ridiculous, rip baby girl 😩❤️


  • Felicia

    2017-02-21 #14 Author

    This makes me so upset. People like this shouldn’t be allowed to bear kids!!! Poor babies!!! My kids are my number one priority!!


  • Alexis

    2017-02-21 #15 Author

    Who leaves their two toddlers for their lover she doesn’t deserves to have any of her kids.


  • khiana ayers

    2017-02-21 #16 Author

    Smfh This is Crazy why do people Even have Kids


  • Kris

    2017-02-21 #17 Author

    Men who walk out their children lives should be equally charged in cases like these. Where was the daddy for 9 days!


  • Alexia

    2017-02-21 #18 Author

    Your child should be your number one priority before ANYTHING. PERIOD.


  • Cassie

    2017-02-21 #19 Author

    How could te love you have for a man make you neglect your children? This is very sad.


  • Tyrene Heart

    2017-02-21 #20 Author

    I’m a new mother. And things like this I will never let happen but not everyone is the same. It’s a shame it cost a beautiful child their life. But God makes no mistakes


  • Daniesha Washington

    2017-02-21 #21 Author

    This is so sad nothing is more important then your children my heart goes out to those babies because they don’t know know better their mother needs to be punish for her mistakes .


  • Candi

    2017-02-21 #22 Author

    Just sad your kids suppose to come first before anything or anybody


  • Deanna

    2017-02-21 #23 Author

    This is sad is hell I could never leave my babies unattended never!


  • Dshonte Oleary

    2017-02-21 #24 Author

    You should never put anyone before your kids😒 God be with this family R.IP baby 👶🏽


  • Keemeha

    2017-02-21 #25 Author

    Sad! Rest In Peace Gods beautiful child! No man alive can take my child’s value towards me away!


  • Stewandria Sykes

    2017-02-21 #26 Author

    That’s sad your children should be the most important person in your life..i hate sad people like this.


  • Dayla Doneghy

    2017-02-21 #27 Author

    I can’t even imagine doing this, it’s so sad how can someone let this happen? People like this don’t even deserve to have kids.


  • Kiesha

    2017-02-21 #28 Author

    Omg this is crazy. Nothing is more important than your children. I don’t understand why people have children that they don’t want.


  • Jaliya

    2017-02-21 #29 Author

    That just sad how could you leave your child I cant even go a day without missing my baby


  • Daisha

    2017-02-21 #30 Author

    Now that’s just horrible some people shouldn’t have kids


  • Tamera

    2017-02-21 #31 Author

    You should never put anything over your child, children are a gift from above


  • Mindi

    2017-02-21 #32 Author

    This is so sad!😢


  • Shawanda sturdivant

    2017-02-21 #33 Author

    I believe people should think before they have kids it’s sad what happens too unattended children


  • Elexia

    2017-02-21 #34 Author

    That’s sad how an parent can put things before their own child . & he was dead at that , with his two year old sister not knowing what was going on. Sad world


  • LaKenndra

    2017-02-21 #35 Author

    Now that’s just tragic and sad. A shame those little ones had to suffer because of their own mother’s selfishness.


  • Takaja

    2017-02-21 #36 Author

    I cannot see how ANYONE could leave their kids home alone. Especially at those ages! She should never be allowed to care for kids again. Is she in jail for murder and neglect? RIP baby boy


  • Marecha

    2017-02-21 #37 Author

    This is so sad.! I could never do this to my babies. Rest In Peace to the boy and prayers to the toddler.❤️


  • Jaynae

    2017-02-21 #38 Author

    Nothing is more important then your child… how can you leave them for 9 days… that’s just sad


  • Marecha

    2017-02-21 #39 Author

    This is so sad! I could never do anything like this to my babies. Rest In Peace to the boy and prayers to the little girl.❤️


  • Jhareka Welch

    2017-02-21 #40 Author

    Wow!!! This is horrible some people just don’t need kids…


  • Danny

    2017-02-21 #41 Author

    That is so sad I couldn’t never put anything before my children neglect is real


  • Kerra

    2017-02-21 #42 Author

    Wow that’s crazy in sad


  • Kamisha

    2017-02-21 #43 Author

    Nothing is more important than your children


  • Destiny

    2017-02-21 #44 Author

    One thing I can’t stand is when people have children and. Can’t care for them. None of these children deserve to be treated wrong at all they never asked for it😕


  • Natalie

    2017-02-21 #45 Author

    I wish I could take all the mistreated babies and give them the love they needed. 🙁 this story just shows how pathetic of a mother she is.


  • Keiora Goodwin

    2017-02-21 #46 Author

    Your kids come before anything. If it was me I would be at home with my kids or have them with me.


  • Sierra Moore

    2017-02-21 #47 Author

    This is beyond sad! what can be more important then your kids? How could you leave your babies alone for days and think that was okay and without food. Some women really do not deserve to be parents. This is heart breaking. Then she said she didn’t think that they couldn’t last without food? Um, you cannot be serious who can last without eating something for days? On top of that she’s pregnant with another baby hoping this baby is taken away and placed with a loving family. Just speaking for a mothers point of view.


  • Lazhane

    2017-02-21 #48 Author

    Aw poor baby Ima keep you in my prayers 😔


  • Dominique McNeely

    2017-02-21 #49 Author

    How dumb of her to say that she didn’t know they could die without eating. Some people just don’t need kids


  • Jaelyn

    2017-02-21 #50 Author

    Nothing is more important than your child smh. But God always has a plan


  • Jacoura

    2017-02-21 #51 Author

    This is horrible smfh


  • Nisha

    2017-02-21 #52 Author

    Wow thats crazy, what kind of people are in this world.


  • Monica

    2017-02-21 #53 Author

    This is absolutely ridiculous! Poor babies, I can’t believe she’s pregnant with another. 😧😞


  • Nesha

    2017-02-21 #54 Author

    Totally bad parenting nothing shouldn’t come before your children their your main priority !


  • Tae Taylor

    2017-02-21 #55 Author

    This is a really sad story!


  • karla Karina

    2017-02-21 #56 Author

    Unbelievable , what kind of mother is that ? I can’t even let my baby girl out of my sight for a minute . Hope she rots in jail .


  • Vanessa Dell Spencer

    2017-02-22 #57 Author

    Wow how sick is this first and foremost I think they need to really stick a needle in her ass. Poor babies don’t know what’s going on. All this lady was thinking about is the man she was with and having his baby. God that couldn’t be a child of mind I would honestly kill her ass myself. Nothing in this world is more important to me than my dam kids.


  • Alivia

    2017-02-22 #58 Author

    This is sad! R.I.P to that sweet angel!! If you don’t want any children don’t make them suffer. Give them to someone who will care for them properly.


  • Alicia Reed

    2017-02-22 #59 Author

    This Is awful 😖


  • Michael

    2017-02-22 #60 Author

    How sad. Hope she didn’t run off to make another baby. Smh!


  • brisonia belance

    2017-02-22 #61 Author

    Nothing is more important then your child , that’s your main essential


  • Eunice Dejumo

    2017-02-22 #62 Author

    I can’t believe her. She must put her children always on her first priority at all. I don’t understand other moms for making things like this. I cant even go a day without my baby on my sight.


  • Keshun Abrams

    2017-02-22 #63 Author

    This is horrible as a mother your child is the most important thing to you some people don’t believe children are important and many aren’t meant to be mothers this is heartbreaking 💔


  • Kasia glassford

    2017-02-22 #64 Author

    Omg who could possibly do that, kids especially your own should be first priority not some “lover” wtf she doesn’t deserve children at all!!!! Babies are blessings everyone can’t have so why take that for granted


  • Jazmine s

    2017-02-22 #65 Author

    This is so sad 😭 & heart breaking ! R.I.P baby 💕


  • Mitch

    2017-02-22 #66 Author

    Irresponsible parent. RIP baby 😢😢. Some people want to have kids but they can’t ..


  • Jasmine

    2017-02-22 #67 Author

    I can’t even begin to understand why she was comfortable enough to leave her children home alone & why her lover didn’t question it.


  • Cierra

    2017-02-22 #68 Author

    This is so sad it breaks my heart,I could never abandon my child for anything in the world. This is why I don’t just let my kids be watched by anyone.


  • LeAysha Sneed

    2017-02-22 #69 Author

    This shouldn’t even have happened, I really feel like people who can’t put their children as their first priority don’t need to be able to have children.


  • Tapainga jackson

    2017-02-22 #70 Author

    Wow I can’t believe this story what a sad situation 😢


  • Ashley Jones

    2017-02-22 #71 Author

    This saddens my heart because it’s crazy how people are able to have children just to leave them for dead I just lost my baby this month due to miscarraige so if I had my child I know that I’d cherish my sweet bundle of joy this is so sad! God be with them both and also the mother!


  • Olivia

    2017-02-22 #72 Author

    If you dont know that kids can die from not eating then you should not be a parent.


  • kei Jenkins

    2017-02-22 #73 Author

    I cant believe this, my heart so heavy for those beautiful kids. Always put your kids first .


  • Bianca

    2017-02-22 #74 Author

    This saddens me ! My kids are my pride and joy as well as my number 1 priority . RIP 💔


  • Christiana

    2017-02-22 #75 Author

    Nothing is more important than the well being of your child! I have a 2 year old myself and I couldn’t imagine life without her! Some people don’t deserve that blessing!


  • Lilly Macias

    2017-02-22 #76 Author

    So Sad , Rip Baby 👼🏻


  • Shemekia

    2017-02-22 #77 Author

    Oh wow. So sad.


  • Ashley Kyler

    2017-02-22 #78 Author

    Nothing in this world is more important then your child . NEVER put a man before your children . This is beyond crazy .


  • Justyce Beckham

    2017-02-22 #79 Author

    People who cannot love care for these blessing should leave them where they are there are too many women hoping and praying for this gift they haven’t been able to bare 😕


  • Ashley Alejos

    2017-02-22 #80 Author

    I think this is very sad and unfortunate. This goes to the true saying, “if your not in a position to take care of a child, wrap it up”. So many single mothers, including myself do it by themselves every day. I can count many times that I wanted to hang with my friends, but majority of the time I decline because my duty as a mother comes first. Being a young single mother is hard especially, because you aren’t quite at the age where you fully matured and haven’t experienced life at it’s full potential . It breaks my heart knowing that these poor little babies had to experience something like this and didn’t ask or deserve it. So many women are killing themselves and taking medical drastic measures to have babies and can not do so, just to see that someone like this young lady abuse what God has blessed them with.


  • Chibuike

    2017-02-22 #81 Author

    Nothing is more important than your children. This’s so sad RIP baby😢


  • Muifcb

    2017-02-22 #82 Author

    Nothing is more important then your child , that’s so sad RIP baby😢


  • Shonelle

    2017-02-22 #83 Author

    How can you walk around comfortably knowing you left your babies at home by themselves. She deserves whatever comes her way.


  • Octavia

    2017-02-22 #84 Author

    This is so sad I cant imagine I love my son more than anything RIP to the baby so sad


  • Bryeshia hunter

    2017-02-22 #85 Author

    Sooo sad 😭 Why would someone leave their child alone and let them starve smh got to do better


  • Koko

    2017-02-22 #86 Author

    I am shocked to hear that a mother can be so irresponsible. Lord have mercy and may the poor soul rest in peace


  • Chinericka

    2017-02-22 #87 Author

    That’s Crazy , how could you forget about your children..


  • Porchunda Roberson

    2017-02-22 #88 Author

    So so sad ! No matter the situation, no child deserves this neglect & harm !


  • Zia Matthews

    2017-02-22 #89 Author

    I wouldn’t dare leave my son alone for 5 minutes without checking in on him and he can be in the very next room.. She is not worthy for the little blessings she have… R. I. P 💔


  • Ronniqua Williams

    2017-02-23 #90 Author

    Wow! That is so sad. How could she leave them alone for 9 days?! Its obvious she doesn’t want kids, so why have another one? I just don’t understand…smh


  • Rara

    2017-02-23 #91 Author

    That is soooo sad 😒😰


  • Erica Truesdale

    2017-02-23 #92 Author

    Your kids should come first . This is wrong in so many ways for her to leave a 2 year old still a baby with a baby.


  • Erica Truesdale

    2017-02-23 #93 Author

    This is wrong in so many ways . To basically leave a baby to watch another baby . This is neglect . Your child comes first no matter what .


  • Breonna Britten

    2017-02-24 #94 Author

    This is so heartbreaking


  • Paula Lyne Garcis

    2017-02-27 #95 Author

    The mother of these two is not worthy to have kids. She doesn’t even know what’s the real value of her babies. Babies are blessings from God. 😞💔


  • Lizen Beypi

    2017-10-12 #96 Author

    So painful!The woman is not worthy to be a mother.She is an animal not a human being.She deserves to be life imprisonment.She left her children alone intensionally to make them die of starvation so that she could be free and live freely with her boyfriend.The boyfriend himself is an animal too and deserves the same punishment as of the bastard woman.RIP to the loving baby and may God bless the other child!


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