Mother shares heart breaking image of her son who is battling cancer (Photos) Mother shares heart breaking image of her son who is battling cancer (Photos)
A woman shared a photo of her son who is suffering from cancer, letting us see the real face of the disease, and it’s... Mother shares heart breaking image of her son who is battling cancer (Photos)

A woman shared a photo of her son who is suffering from cancer, letting us see the real face of the disease, and it’s really disturbing to know that people, children included, have to deal with.

Jessica Medinger, shared the image of her 10-year-old son, Drake, looking emaciated, to create awareness about what cancer does to a person.

In the heartbreaking post which was shared on the Facebook group ‘Love What Matters’, Jessica reveals how her son is too exhausted to move on his own and also how he believes he may not make it to his eleventh birthday.

Even more heart-rending is the revelation that, for fear of dying alone, the boy has now taken to sleeping with his mother in her room.

This is the second time Drake, aka Stinky Joe, is battling cancer. He was first diagnosed with leukaemia in 2012 and got better. Sadly, he went into remission last March and six months down the line he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Drake is too weak to eat on his own and goes whole days without eating and might be placed on a feeding tube to help him feed. He also has to use diapers because he can’t control his bowel. His treatment consists of taking 44 Chemo pills within a space of 24 hours, drugs which he ends up vomiting because he can’t keep anything down. This is so sad. Read his mother’s post and see more photos of the child below.




Henry Okafor

  • Zhane

    2017-02-23 #1 Author

    God is with you ☝


  • Marshae

    2017-02-23 #2 Author

    You and your family are in my prayers may God be with you


    • Breonna Britten

      2017-02-24 #3 Author

      This is so heart breaking I hope the lord watch over your family and give you strength ♥️


  • Anika

    2017-02-23 #4 Author

    You could have given up, but you chose to fight. You chose to beat all the odds. You chose to believe that hope is stronger than reality. You chose to overlook the suffering. You chose to see the light at the end of life’s darkest tunnel. You made all the right choices, you are inspirational.


  • Demar Robinson

    2017-02-23 #5 Author

    That I so sad I hope he makes it in Jesus name


  • Ashley Jones

    2017-02-23 #6 Author

    This really breaks my heart I’ve lost family to cancer it’s no joke! 😔


  • Thato

    2017-02-23 #7 Author

    With God all things are possible. I
    pray that every part of the body functions in the perfection in which God created. Amen.


  • Paris

    2017-02-23 #8 Author

    Smh, this is just sad. && We have the nerves to complain about simple stuff whenever it’s people out there like this young man battling real situations. Stop the complaining and just be thankful. I wish there was something that could cure cancer and take all this young man pain away.


  • Kensey

    2017-02-23 #9 Author

    So many of us are losing our loved ones to cancer.. So heartbreaking 😢😢


  • Courtney

    2017-02-23 #10 Author

    So heartbreaking for any parent.


  • Shantaemuller

    2017-02-23 #11 Author

    I really love the fact that this family is so strong as they push through this process😖😍👪


  • Shania

    2017-02-23 #12 Author

    God is with you , may god bless him


  • Royneria Graddick

    2017-02-23 #13 Author

    Awww I’m glad he’s doing better


  • Nyjada Billy

    2017-02-23 #14 Author

    When people share stories like these they truly make u appreciate how blessed u are☝🏾😔❤️. God is with u . Don’t lose hope!!


  • Keandra

    2017-02-23 #15 Author

    God bless his hear


  • Keandra

    2017-02-23 #16 Author

    Bless his heart * ❤


  • Kim

    2017-02-23 #17 Author

    I couldn’t imagine, such a strong family ❤️ God bless them.


  • Angelica pate

    2017-02-23 #18 Author

    So sad 😩 God bless you..


  • Chris jackson

    2017-02-23 #19 Author

    Prayers goes out to him and his family 💪🏽😇


  • Alexis Rabion

    2017-02-23 #20 Author

    So sad I will pray for him god is able.


  • Janet

    2017-02-23 #21 Author

    God is with you 😍🙏🏻❤


  • Candace wiley

    2017-02-23 #22 Author

    May god be with you!


  • Makayla lewis

    2017-02-23 #23 Author

    Praying for this little boy and the family. I watched my best friend have to go through this with her brother and it’s heartbreaking💜


  • Makayla lewis

    2017-02-23 #24 Author

    Praying for the little boy and family. I had to watch my best friend go through this with her brother twice, it’s heartbreaking 💜


  • Teke

    2017-02-23 #25 Author

    💜 god makes a way for anyone


  • Sasha

    2017-02-23 #26 Author

    Praying for his strength ❤.. I have family I lost from cancer so my heart is with you all ❤.. stay strong


  • Areil

    2017-02-23 #27 Author

    I read this and literally started crying, my child doesn’t have cancer, but when he gets sick I feel so I can only imagine dealing with it every day only 1ox worse. Every prayer goes out to your child and your family. Strength is everything!!


  • Doris

    2017-02-23 #28 Author

    So Sad ,God is in control he will makes away where there is no way. We human normally loss hope but trust in God every thing will fine


  • Denice quinones

    2017-02-23 #29 Author

    What a beautiful angel☺️ God is whit you 🙌🏻


  • Myemnel

    2017-02-23 #30 Author

    So heartbreaking. No child deserves to go through that.


  • Ashaunti

    2017-02-23 #31 Author

    This Is so sad may god be with you 😣


  • Nikki L.

    2017-02-23 #32 Author

    The most heartbreaking thing in the world is to witness a CHILD suffer from cancer instead of living the simple life of playing at the park and such. My heart pours for this mother’s strength for her son and for him to find the strength inside himself to fight this horrible terminal battle God bless…


  • Ola

    2017-02-24 #33 Author

    May Almighty Allah in his infinite be with you son and give your family more strength to be able take good care of you…


  • Gladi ruiz

    2017-02-24 #34 Author

    Praying for this one 💖🙏🏻 God with you !! Believe it 💖💖💖


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