7 Embarrassing Moments You’ll Definitely Experience During Pregnancy S*x 7 Embarrassing Moments You’ll Definitely Experience During Pregnancy S*x
#1 When There’s Significant Discharge Womens have zero control over what comes out of my body during pregnancy, and especially during pregnancy sex. Womens... 7 Embarrassing Moments You’ll Definitely Experience During Pregnancy S*x

#1 When There’s Significant Discharge

Womens have zero control over what comes out of my body during pregnancy, and especially during pregnancy sex. Womens feel sorry for putting their husbands in such situation.


#2 When Your Go-To Positions No Longer Work

When you’re pregnant, your body isn’t entirely yours. You may gain a lot weight and feel horrible about yourself. Sometimes you have to roll over or awkwardly plop into whatever formation your body could go to make magic happen.

#3 When You Have An, Um, Accident

Childbirth isn’t the only time you’ll endure lack of control over your own body. What you may think to be slight discharge could actually be urine. You might pee on your partner. Ladies, there’s no graceful recovery from this one so just blame it on the baby while you still can.

#4 When Gas Is Abundant

If you’re more demure, you’ve tried to hide your pregnancy gas or hold it inside. However, when you’re pregnant, keeping gas inside your body is out of the damn question. It’s physically impossible and if you could do it, you’d explode or something.

Of course, the only time your pregnancy farts are really foul is during sex.


#5 When You Haven’t Groomed In A While

Fact: grooming and tying shoes are two of the hardest things to do during pregnancy.

You couldn’t see my “handy work,” so imagine the embarrassment when your partner points out your hack job. Just assume you are going for checkups very same day, and nurses and my doctor will see your “handy work,” too.


#6 When The Baby Starts Moving

Nothing kills the mood faster (other than pee or gas) than an excited baby. While not necessarily embarrassing, it can knock you off your game when you’re in “the zone” and the kicking doesn’t stop.

Listen, pregnancy comes with its own set of rules and limits — especially when it comes to sex. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try (if and when you want to, of course). When it comes down to it, who cares if you’re body conscious or have less-than-normal experiences for a few months? It’s temporary. If you’re embarrassed over something in the bedroom, at least you’re connecting with your partner (even if it costs you your dignity).


#7 When Your Boobs Hurt Too Much To Be Touched

Your hormones tell you it’s time to get it on while your body is literally saying, “Back the you-know-what off of me.”

Luckily, if you have a supportive partner who had no qualms with keeping his hands either to himself or where you told him they should go.


Henry Okafor

  • Michelle

    2017-02-25 #1 Author

    These are all true my biggest one was the pain in my boobs


  • Akea Roudy Laws

    2017-02-25 #2 Author

    So true, experienced most of it


  • Sanarhea

    2017-02-25 #3 Author

    Yeah this is true so much boob pain


    • Jacquawna bolds

      2017-02-25 #4 Author

      True! I didn’t really have much breast pain. I slept so much it was terrible!


  • Jacquawna bolds

    2017-02-25 #5 Author

    I never shaved at all when I was pregnant I was so lazy 😂


  • lavatta

    2017-02-25 #6 Author

    The pain be so painful


  • Flora Jones

    2017-02-25 #7 Author

    Yes i experience it but glad it’s over


  • Nellie

    2017-02-25 #8 Author

    This didn’t happen to me.


  • Kayla

    2017-02-25 #9 Author

    Omg this is so true !!


  • Lucky

    2017-02-25 #10 Author

    This is so funny lol but so true !


  • Brandy turner

    2017-02-25 #11 Author

    This didn’t happen to me


  • Katasia Taylor

    2017-02-25 #12 Author

    This never happen to me.


  • Lele TheChamp

    2017-02-25 #13 Author

    Yes so painfully the boobs be stiff and hard it hurts but overall I’m glad it’s over back to normal life lol


  • Tieyonna Thompson

    2017-02-25 #14 Author

    My boobs always use to hurt!


  • Gloria Harris

    2017-02-25 #15 Author

    The Boob Pain Is Absoulety true 😷😞


  • Rickal Sandidge

    2017-02-25 #16 Author

    I had the harvested time shaving while pregnant and I didn’t want my fiancé to do it1


  • Lisha

    2017-02-25 #17 Author

    I use to have to hold my gas…lol


  • Tamera maupin

    2017-02-25 #18 Author

    It was actually painful for me, my boobs were sore


  • Neak LaChae

    2017-02-26 #19 Author

    Lol omgggggg I had all these embarrassing moments while pregnant … the not shaving part was the worse … glad those days are over lol


  • Ashlee

    2017-02-26 #20 Author

    I went my whole pregnancy no sex due to my cervix 😩 So I didn’t experience anything


  • Donasiah

    2017-02-26 #21 Author

    These are so true and also my boobd started hurting really bad so it made it even worse


  • Samantha

    2017-02-26 #22 Author

    Omg my boobs were so sore at the start but was ok throughout my pregnancy up until the last few days 🙈


  • Wendy Ruu

    2017-02-26 #23 Author

    I experienced all. Especially the accidents on my self lol smh


  • Kendra

    2017-03-02 #24 Author

    So true I experienced most of them. I had heartburn bad also


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