Below are the Top 10 Fruits for Faster Weight Loss: 1. Apple If you are on a weight loss diet, an apple is needed in... TOP 10 FRUITS FOR FASTER WEIGHT LOSS

Below are the Top 10 Fruits for Faster Weight Loss:

1. Apple

If you are on a weight loss diet, an apple is needed in your diet  plan. Just one medium-sized apple contains around 50 calories and does not have any sodium and fat.

Study has proven that Brazilian women who ate apples before their meals lost 33% more fruits as compared to those who did not eat them.

2. Avocados

Avocados are considered a superfood due to its potassium, vitamins, fiber, fats and nutrients. Avocados are filled with monosaturated oleic acid which is also found in healthy olive oil.

Studies have shown that that the fat content in avocados help take up nutrients in the vegetables that you eat them with. You can use avocado as a meat replacement in your sandwiches.

3. Banana

Banana packs 105 calories, per piece. The average banana is a perfect source of post-workout food and instant energy. Also, it help keeps your BP in check, prevents acidity, beat muscle cramps and even beats constipation.

4. Guava

Guava is filled with fiber and calories. Guava fruits rank low on the glycemic index, meaning you can eat them without feeling a “sugar crash” at a later time. It also keeps your digestive system on track, therefore alleviating common bathroom issues, which leads to overall weight loss.

5. Kiwi

Kiwis have high fiber content. Kiwis have these nice sour twist. The seeds of kiwi give you a both soluble and insoluble fiber and keep your digestive system on point.

You can have some kiwi for a refreshing snack or add them to your favourite smoothie, for that sweet and sour taste.


6. Watermelon

Watermelon is known to be your go-to fruit for weight loss. It is high in water content, which has 90%. Its 100 gram serving contains 30 calories.

Also it is a rich source of amino acids known as arginine, which helps burn fat. Watermelon keeps you hydrated and satiated for a long time which lead to less unhealthy snacking.

7. Strawberries

Strawberries are a low calorie source of important antioxidants and vitamins. Regular consumption of strawberries is directly linked with heart and eye health, as well as an improved immune system.

You can add strawberries into your diet in many different ways as well. You can blend strawberries together with kale or spinach and apple juice to make a delicious and energizing breakfast smoothie.

8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants and helps combat water retention in your body which leads to faster weight loss. It also help to fight against leptin resistance, leading to more weight loss.

9. Oranges

Just 100g of orange, contains 47 calories which is good for someone looking for a snack and following a strict diet. It is also sweet, which helps take care of the cravings every dieter has for something sweet.

10. Pears

Pear can fill one quarter of your daily fiber requirement and is good for your digestive system. Also, it helps reduce cholesterol levels, type II diabetes and reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases.

Its fibre content keeps you satiated longer and the fruit also packs a punch, due to its Vitamin C content.

Henry Okafor

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    You guys are not serious at all…. Cucumber that’s suppose to be the first thing you write is not even written


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    I’ve always wondered if pineapples were too sweet seeing them not on the article I’m assuming so


    • Anissa

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      Well looks like I will be eating way more fruits


  • Tatyana Williams

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    I’ve always wondered was pineapple too sweet is that why their not listed in this category


  • Bre moore

    2017-03-06 #5 Author

    It’s so true. I lost 18 in one week on the fruit diet.


  • Takialee

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    I glad y’all posted this because I didn’t know you aactually loose weight eating these fruit


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  • Skipperkomai

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    Good to know this tips.
    And if one can also do some physicy exercise too like Jogging twice a week.
    It’ll be great and you’ll be so fit.


    • Danielle

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      This is very interesting and I didn’t even know these fruits could help with weight loss … GROCERY STORE HERE I COME !!


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        This is very interesting and I didn’t even know these fruits could help with weight loss … GROCERY STORE HERE I COME !!


  • Sheree

    2017-03-06 #11 Author

    Great list of tips. Some other great fruits are berries (blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) because they are low in sugars.


  • DeShun Gregory

    2017-03-06 #12 Author

    This is a pretty accurate list, I use of these for my detox drinks. Just add a little exercise and you’ll be ok. 🙂


  • Shay mckeldin

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    I didn’t not know that all those fruits can make you loose wait. Thanks for the tips


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    I love fruit but I don’t eat enough so I will start eating fruit a lot often!


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    Very important I Tried The Apple cider vinegar diet and already lost 7 pounds this week


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    Didn’t know Apples Help u lose weight.. many Apple’s I have at my house that be going to waste😑


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    Very accurate the apple cider vinegar is what i use. And I’ve actually lost weight and it’s an excellent cleaner when your menstruating!


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    Fruit are healthy thus I do believe that this will help with weight loss


  • Crystal Cornelius

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    Fruit are healthy thus I do believe that it helps with weight loss


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    Fruit is healthy but it also contains a lot of sugar so it’s important to eat one piece of fruit a day.


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