5-Month-Old Son Develops Purple Pigment On Fingertips. The Doctors Give Parents The Worst News 5-Month-Old Son Develops Purple Pigment On Fingertips. The Doctors Give Parents The Worst News
This story or any parent-children story gets the water works working on full blast for me as I’m a mother myself. But you don’t... 5-Month-Old Son Develops Purple Pigment On Fingertips. The Doctors Give Parents The Worst News

This story or any parent-children story gets the water works working on full blast for me as I’m a mother myself. But you don’t need to be a mother to feel the pain that this small and beautiful family went through after their 5-month-old baby was diagnosed with a rare and deadly disease.

Australians Josh Roberts and Katelyn Galea were thrilled to become parents. Their son Archie was the star of the family so when he got sick at five months old, they were worried. But they didn’t want to overreact with panic. That turned out to be a big mistake. 

Even their doctor thought at first that it was just an ear infection.

Then, however, Archie’s lips started changing from a healthy pink to a distressing grey. Katelyn and Josh rushed him to the hospital this time, fretting over every minute of the 40 it took to get there. They were even wondering if they were going to arrive too late.

Luckily, they made it. And indeed, there was cause to worry. Archie also had a rash all over his chest and after testing it became clear that he had a life-threatening meningococcal infection. The pathogen affects the entire body but most notably the limbs, which turn purple as Archie’s did.

At just five months old, the poor little guy had to stay in the hospital for several months, fed intravenously and with a breathing tube inserted through his mouth. After undergoing a blood transfusion, he was on life support. His family created a GoFundMe page where hundreds of people donated to help the family with the expensive treatment. Thanks to incredible shows of generosity, they managed to raise more than double their hoped-for sum.

Amazingly, after a long struggle, Archie was considered out of danger and was discharged. At home, he’s recovering little by little and looking better all the time.

“Meningococcal. You hit my son yesterday like a wrecking ball but he came straight back at you like a d11 bulldozer. Meningococcal. You have met your match Arch is going to beat you and he is going to come out on the other side with a big smile on his face,” wrote Josh on Facebook, and his brave son has proved him right. He still has a long way to go, but Archie is expected to make a full recovery.

We wish the family all the strength they need to help Archie get better and get back to being the relaxed, happy family they deserve to be!

Henry Okafor

  • Vanessa

    2017-05-06 #1 Author

    Glad he’s ok , adorable baby


  • Megan Patterson

    2017-05-06 #2 Author

    Aw i hope u get better Archie!


  • Megan Patterson

    2017-05-06 #3 Author

    Aww i hope you get better Archie!


  • Jasmine

    2017-05-06 #4 Author

    Aw I’m glad the baby is okay ❤️


  • Courtnee

    2017-05-06 #5 Author

    This is so sad…. I pray he gets well soon..


  • Key

    2017-05-06 #6 Author

    Very scary for any parent to have watch their child suffer. I’m happy everything turned out okay.


  • Jacquinn troy

    2017-05-06 #7 Author

    Happy hes’s okay . ❤️❤️ Handsome baby


  • Kalah

    2017-05-06 #8 Author

    This is terrible prayers for this baby 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


  • Jasmine

    2017-05-06 #9 Author

    Prayers for you and the baby


  • Aalijah

    2017-05-06 #10 Author

    Praying for him and his parents


  • Frangelina Garcia

    2017-05-06 #11 Author

    Aww god bless him such a beautiful baby boy. Glad he’s better .


  • Brittani

    2017-05-06 #12 Author

    Get better soon sweet baby❤


  • Ebony

    2017-05-06 #13 Author

    So glad he’s ok! Precious baby!


  • Laketia Starkes

    2017-05-06 #14 Author

    Get well Soon, May God Bless You


  • Chedearra Gorman

    2017-05-06 #15 Author

    I hope he has made a full recovery!!!


  • Cindy Parasram

    2017-05-07 #16 Author

    Thank God he’s okay
    To the parents keep up the faith
    He’ll be a wonderful boy he’s a blessing


  • Patty

    2017-05-07 #17 Author

    Wow that’s crazy


  • Folashade

    2017-05-07 #18 Author

    get well soon boy


  • ShaTara

    2017-05-07 #19 Author

    I hope he feels better


  • Zakiya

    2017-05-07 #20 Author

    He’s A strong handsome little boy❗💕


  • Selena Leann

    2017-05-07 #21 Author

    I hope you get better! I’ll be praying for you


  • Markeya trueluck

    2017-05-07 #22 Author

    Praying for the family


  • Ursula

    2017-05-07 #23 Author

    Omg this so sad 😭 I can’t imagine what they went through I would’ve been terrified. I pray Baby Archie gets well 🙏🏽


  • Janae

    2017-05-07 #24 Author

    Awww hes a strong and handsome little man hope all is still well with him.


  • Briana lyles

    2017-05-07 #25 Author

    This is really crazy but im happy thats he is ok


  • Tae Lachel

    2017-05-07 #26 Author

    O wow that’s terrible, I wouldn’t have been any good 😫


  • Staciya white

    2017-05-07 #27 Author

    Get well soon baby boy


  • Camisha jones

    2017-05-07 #28 Author

    He’s such a strong handsome baby boy !! Praying for the family ! Continue to be strong .


  • Nomathemba Ndokweni

    2017-05-08 #29 Author

    this is soo sad pray that the little one gets better ,may the good Lord be with them.


  • Rupa

    2017-05-09 #30 Author

    Lots of prayers for u and the whole family…..
    Healing in the blood of Jesus.amen


  • Nelissa retiro

    2017-05-18 #31 Author

    Thank God baby archie is fine..ur a strong and brave little man.may God guide and bless u always.


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