10 Incidents Wherein Teachers Went Too Far With School Punishments 10 Incidents Wherein Teachers Went Too Far With School Punishments
Some teachers can be abusive at times. Many of us experienced different ways of disciplining from our teachers in our youth. While there are... 10 Incidents Wherein Teachers Went Too Far With School Punishments

Some teachers can be abusive at times.

Many of us experienced different ways of disciplining from our teachers in our youth. While there are teachers who keep their ways clean but effective, there are some teachers who take it too far and hurt children physically and damage them emotionally.

Parents are confident when leaving their children at school, knowing that there are teachers who are willing to protect and keep their children safe. But what if these teachers are the ones who endanger your children’s lives?

It is true that many children can be extremely difficult at times, but everything has a proper way of disciplining. However, some teachers take their punishments too far, that the children involved are exposed to mental and physical abuse. Here are a few cases wherein teachers went overboard with school punishments:

Henry Okafor

  • Anastasia

    2017-05-07 #1 Author

    Wow that’s really crazy teachers take shit too far


  • Vikki

    2017-05-07 #2 Author

    I am believer that child should be punished for their actions, but to torture, humiliate and embarrass a child in front of the class is absolutely unacceptable. The mobster closet punishment, duffel bag punishment, homophobic humiliation what kind of punishment is this??? I would definitely be that outrage parent, I know that it’s the teachers job to keep her class in order, however these punishments are unexpected. This is why so many children have mental, emotional & personality issues. We got to do better by our future.


  • Darylenn meekd

    2017-05-07 #3 Author

    I feel like it’s okay to discipline the kids but in the right way. Maybe detention or taking they recess in field trips away. Even making them sit in the corner at a desk by them selves is acceptable


  • Lisa marie

    2017-05-07 #4 Author

    Definitely not the teachers place to physically discipline anybodys children , what gives them the right to think they can do aomething like that


  • Younique Morgan

    2017-05-07 #5 Author

    I believe if the students are not behaving that the parents are at fault. Basically the parents are in fault because we raise our kids and if our children don’t behave then it’s a mirror image of ourselves and the way we behave at home. I believe that no the teachers should punish them I think that parents should punish their child. Because one they have the right to do so compared to a teacher that we may not know their intentions.


  • Dollitra Goodman

    2017-05-07 #6 Author

    Growing up in school we got spanked​. Now things are so different and kids are much more active now and disrespectful. When we got spankings it made us straighten up. But in the new day and time you’ll be lucky if you don’t get arrested for looking at a child wrong.


  • Jatavya

    2017-05-07 #7 Author

    These teachers are taking these wayyyy too far


  • Shamuyria Marie

    2017-05-07 #8 Author

    Wooow that’s crazy


  • Asia

    2017-05-07 #9 Author

    I feel some kids deserve to be punished but there should be set boundaries


  • Chartise

    2017-05-07 #10 Author

    Teachers feel a certain type of way also, they also be with your children more than parents do. Some have to learn to channel they anger


  • Dominique Williams

    2017-05-07 #11 Author

    I understand that some kids are distractions for other students that are trying to learn. But if you doing punishments like this what time do you have to teach. I feel like it’s a waste of time soon all these methods instead of having a quick positive form of punishment for students. This is really sad and I feel for the parents who have had to deal with their child being punished like this. I don’t know what I would do if I walked in on my child and this was happening to her.


  • Shane

    2017-05-07 #12 Author

    Wow see this is my biggest fear, like it says we put our trust into these people with our kids.. I don’t know what I would do if something like this happened to My Baby!


  • Raven

    2017-05-07 #13 Author

    Yes this is too far, first them are girls and devein who in they right kind treat kids like that?? It’s no teachers place to discipline nobody else kid but there own and school is for teaching, learning and getting them to go off to college. Do better teachers


  • Jordan

    2017-05-08 #14 Author

    Wow! As a teacher, I understand that sometimes students can be unruly & they push your buttons but you really have to know when you’re taking things too far with the discipline. As a parent, I would sue the school for everything they have if this was my child!


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