Mom fractured baby’s skull, tried to blame 6-year-old Mom fractured baby’s skull, tried to blame 6-year-old
Police in Pennsylvania have revealed that a twisted mom fractured her infant’s skull and tried to blame the baby’s injuries on her 6-year-old son.... Mom fractured baby’s skull, tried to blame 6-year-old

Police in Pennsylvania have revealed that a twisted mom fractured her infant’s skull and tried to blame the baby’s injuries on her 6-year-old son.

According to the Associated Press, Stroud Area Regional police say doctors have concluded that the injuries to the 6-week-old baby were “massive” and “consistent with a punch, kick or slam.”

When authorities spoke with the baby’s mother, 29-year-old Anjelica Colon, about her infant’s injuries, she reportedly blamed her older son.

Police say Colon initially told them that the child grabbed his baby sister out of her crib when Colon wasn’t looking and accidentally dropped her onto the ground. Continue on page two

Although Colon played the incident off as an accident, investigators immediately began to question her story.

According to the Associated Press, doctors also found clear evidence of past head trauma to the baby that led them to believe that Colon was responsible for the injuries all along.

Authorities say that doctors have since determined that the baby will likely be left disabled in some way after the incident.

Colon has now been jailed on attempted homicide, aggravated assault, and other charges for assaulting her baby daughter.

WSAZ has since shared this story on Facebook, where dozens of parents demanded justice for Colon’s baby girl.

“Grrrr. Why have children and with mentality to do this. So cruel. Lock her up. Through away the key. A baby with a freedom of speech. Thank God the doctor make sure he done his medical job. Take the other child and give him to a good home,” one woman commented.

“God forgive me!!! I want to bash their heads!!! This makes me so angry!!! How can anyone do this to a child!!! If things get to the point of hurting a child walk away or call someone to come get it!!! If you can’t take it anymore give the baby to someone who wants it!!!” another added.

“If u cant handle having children then dont have them and or give them up to someone who will love and take care of them. This person needs to be put under the jail,” one commenter wrote.


Although Colon is currently behind bars, authorities have not revealed whether or not she admitted what she really did to her baby.

At this time, it remains unclear who is taking care of the baby girl and her older brother now.

Henry Okafor

  • Chartise

    2017-05-07 #1 Author

    What kind of person wants to harm their own child? I swear this world gets sicker every single day.


  • Raheem Bittle

    2017-05-07 #2 Author

    That is terrible


  • Angee e

    2017-05-07 #3 Author

    This is SO sad. Why have a child if you are going to abuse them the child is innocent, does not know any better, she did not deserve this. I feel this is a great tragedy and loss of potential. This baby girl may be left disabled and she does not even know it yet. Im so sadden.


  • Akeranija

    2017-05-07 #4 Author

    That’s ridiculous


  • Travis

    2017-05-07 #5 Author

    Wow so sad. Innocent child! Kids don’t ask to be here. So ridiculous


  • Jasmine will

    2017-05-07 #6 Author

    Wow she belongs in jail. How could u hurt a innocent six week old bby


  • Yudelka

    2017-05-08 #7 Author

    She needs to be sterilized her so that she can’t have no more babies.


  • Amber Latham

    2017-05-08 #8 Author

    this is messed up and sad the things that people do 😔



    2017-05-08 #9 Author

    Smh!!! She’s a monster!!


  • Jessica

    2017-05-08 #10 Author

    😱😱 poor baby. 🤧


  • Esther Andoh

    2017-05-08 #11 Author

    This very sad.. I hope the baby is doing well.


  • Taylor

    2017-05-08 #12 Author

    Wow! This article is insane! I don’t understand people!


  • Kimaya

    2017-05-08 #13 Author

    A fuckin shame. This happens all too often. She deserves to be in jail for life. Don’t have kids if you don’t want them damn.


  • Ejay

    2017-05-08 #14 Author

    This is sad prey for the baby 😤😤


  • Adriana Castillo

    2017-05-08 #15 Author

    I will never understand how a mother can hurt their child. It hurts my heart just to see my baby cry at the Dr.. So many women who can’t have babies of thier own who would give anything to have one.


  • Nancy velez

    2017-05-08 #16 Author

    This is so sad!


  • Felisha

    2017-05-08 #17 Author

    So sad i could never do any child let along my child like that


  • Maurice

    2017-05-08 #18 Author

    Ain’t no way in hell lol


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