Here’s How To Put A Baby To Sleep In Under 60 Seconds Here’s How To Put A Baby To Sleep In Under 60 Seconds
Some parents of newborns will go to great lengths to get their fussy babies to sleep because when the baby sleeps, they get to... Here’s How To Put A Baby To Sleep In Under 60 Seconds

Some parents of newborns will go to great lengths to get their fussy babies to sleep because when the baby sleeps, they get to sleep. When sleep is on the line, parents can get so desperate that they’ll even get into their cars at 3 a.m. hoping that a car ride will soothe their babies to sleep.

If parents knew how easy this trick is, they’d be kicking themselves right now. Nathan Dailo of Sydney, Australia, and his wife have discovered the secret to getting your baby to fall asleep. Not only does their method get babies to fall asleep efficiently, but it works in under 60 seconds using only a tissue!

“I’m sure every parent tries new things to put their little one to sleep,” Nathan wrote online, according to Newsflare. “Watch as my wife and I put our 3-month-old baby boy, Seth, to sleep in under a minute using nothing but a piece of tissue paper.”

The video of “trick” shows their 3-month old baby Seth who is a little bit fussy and wide awake. They start gently brush a tissue over the baby’s face, like so.

As they continually brush the tissue over his face, the baby’s eyes start to droop.

It’s nighty night for this baby and all it took was 60 seconds and a tissue. This trick is a parent’s dream come true.

Henry Okafor

  • Kira Evans

    2017-05-08 #1 Author

    Cool I never thought this would work but it does


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    2017-05-08 #2 Author

    I should try this


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    Such a cute baby! I definitely have to try this!


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    omg He So cute 💗💗💗💗


  • Natalia marie

    2017-05-08 #5 Author

    I’ve tried this , I wish it worked for me


  • Meri

    2017-05-08 #6 Author

    I’ve already tried this with my 2 months old baby, and I can tell it works, but only when the baby is sleepy and he needs little help. 😊


  • Shara

    2017-05-08 #7 Author

    Very helpful, I’ve tried this & it works 🤗💙


  • Jhaey

    2017-05-08 #8 Author

    Incredible 👍hope it works out on others


  • Brandi

    2017-05-08 #9 Author

    I wonder if this really works…


  • Chanell Morgan

    2017-05-08 #10 Author

    This is what i used to get my daughter’s to sleep, but for some reason it would never work with my son.


  • Christa

    2017-05-08 #11 Author

    I deffintly will have to try this technique.


  • Tashe Sharpe

    2017-05-08 #12 Author

    I need to try this.! Looks interesting.!


  • Sherena McDuffie

    2017-05-08 #13 Author

    I always try to do different things to put my baby to sleep if she’s fussy. This article was very helpful. I’ll be trying it the next time she’s fussy and won’t go to sleep.


  • Au’Breanna ArMani

    2017-05-08 #14 Author

    I need to really try this!!


  • Alexus

    2017-05-08 #15 Author

    I’ve got to try this again !!! My mom messes up the first try !


  • Paxton

    2017-05-08 #16 Author

    Please inter my baby in the Contest


  • Kailynn

    2017-05-08 #17 Author

    Thanks for the tips


  • Rose badia

    2017-05-08 #18 Author

    This is very interesting im so gonna do this for my babygirl !


  • Tiffany

    2017-05-08 #19 Author

    sleepy baby 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


  • Cookie

    2017-05-08 #20 Author

    This actually really worked for my newborn.. Pretty cool


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    Omg I have to try this!!


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    2017-05-09 #22 Author

    So cuuuute! 😊😊😊


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    2017-05-09 #23 Author

    Awesome!!! This is very cool!


  • Tia Herriot

    2017-05-09 #24 Author

    I tried this before doesn’t always work


  • Anna ammoraye brown

    2017-05-09 #25 Author

    I tired this it doesn’t always work but it’s quick an easy


  • Shamien Peterson

    2017-05-09 #26 Author

    Definitely need to try this with my daughter.


  • Chase franciscus E. Carlos

    2017-05-09 #27 Author

    I cant believe it. I suffer almost 12months .


  • Krystle

    2017-05-09 #28 Author

    This was good info thanks so much


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    2017-05-09 #29 Author

    I have to try this .


  • Courtney

    2017-05-09 #30 Author

    Im gone have to do this on my 6 month old son…lately he have been staying up late at night…but I guess it’s cause he’s teething he has 4 teeth cutting the gum at the top…


  • Nigeria

    2017-05-10 #31 Author

    My girl is 5 months… I’m hoping she’s not too old for this to work


  • Kay

    2017-05-11 #32 Author

    Omg I’m going to try this the next time my newborn wake up tonight lbvs


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    2017-05-13 #33 Author

    Diffently trying some of these


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