This Is Super Fun To Read – 25 First-Time Mom Mistakes You Definitely Made; Number 23 Will Amaze You This Is Super Fun To Read – 25 First-Time Mom Mistakes You Definitely Made; Number 23 Will Amaze You
Last weekend I went to a baby shower for one of my closest friends. She is about to give birth to her first child... This Is Super Fun To Read – 25 First-Time Mom Mistakes You Definitely Made; Number 23 Will Amaze You

Last weekend I went to a baby shower for one of my closest friends. She is about to give birth to her first child and she asked me about some of the things I wish I had done differently in those early days with my son. I have a long and proud list of first-time mom mistakes. Those were some hard-earned lessons I don’t take for granted.

Isn’t it funny how a few years and some sleep can totally change your perspective on parenting?

Here are 25 mistakes we’ve probably all made.

1. You left the house without a diaper. I have a friend who had to put her baby in a plastic baggy with two holes torn into it for his legs.

2. You stressed out over every scheduling issue and missed nap.

3. You forgot to strap your baby into his car seat or swing and that definitely gave you a heart attack.

4. You forgot to pack a change of clothes. It is a stone-cold fact that if you forget to bring a change of clothes, your baby will have a massive blow-out in the middle of Target. A friend of mine carried her naked baby through the store and dressed him right in the kids’ section. That was a fun conversation with the cashier.

5. You put your baby on the couch and turned your back. Babies are conniving. They wait until you have to turn around to grab something to scurry over the edge of the couch.

6. You felt high and mighty about your super mom skills. Every time I started to feel really proud about my son’s eating or sleeping habits, we would suffer a major regression and suddenly I was humbled again. Touché, baby. Touché.

7. You encouraged your baby to crawl and walk waaaaaaay too early. As every experienced mom knows, the longer they are immobile, the better!

8. You took all the tags off of every piece of clothing so you could wash them in super special detergent. If only you had known babies wear pajamas the first eight weeks of their life.


9. You freaked out when your baby didn’t do everything the books said he should be doing.

10. You looked at other moms with kids screaming in the grocery store and thought, “nope, never gonna happen to me!” as your newborn slept quietly in his car seat.

11. You worried about every. single. detail. every. single. day.

12. You thought the sleep deprivation was going to literally end your life.

13. You rushed to the doctor’s office with each and every runny nose.

14. You forgot your baby, at least once. Come on, you know you did.

15. You tried to rationalize with your toddler and help him see the light, thinking if he could just understand your perspective, surely he would agree with your logic.

16. You saw a mom hand her toddler an iPhone and you swore never!

17. You bought all the fancy toys and learned the hard way your baby really loves to play with Tupperware and empty egg cartons.

18. You kept your baby awake thinking it would help him sleep better at night. Yeah, that never works.

19. You planned snacks and activities for every play date but only after scrubbing your house from top to bottom.

20. You went entirely overboard on the first birthday party.

21. You rarely left the house during naptime.

22. You thought there was a “right” way to do things.

23. You lay awake at night replaying every mistake you made.

24. You thought every baby was the same. After having my second child, I was amazed how two babies could have the same parents but be so different.

25. You didn’t trust that new voice in your head, that guiding light that told you what you should be doing that you later came to know as mother’s intuition.


Source: Baby Center

Nkasiobi Chukwu

  • Jayde Love

    2017-05-11 #1 Author

    Omg I did all these things when my daughter was first born lol!!!


  • shaanti

    2017-05-11 #2 Author

    If this isnt true


  • Pasionyoung

    2017-05-11 #3 Author

    I did all these


  • Lizzette

    2017-05-11 #4 Author

    I did almost all of these lol..!!! Being a new mm is fun


  • Desean

    2017-05-11 #5 Author

    My son is only 2 weeks old &I I’m half way through the list..


  • Tynisha Edwards

    2017-05-11 #6 Author

    I actually did number 4 alot was always rushing because i was going to be late for work


  • Gaby johnson

    2017-05-11 #7 Author

    Im so glad I’m not the only one


  • Shy

    2017-05-11 #8 Author

    I can definitely relate!


  • Brittiany Benberry

    2017-05-11 #9 Author

    I definitely can relate to this article. I’m very forgetful as far as replacing anything in the diaper bag. And omg the pacifier


  • Erik Collins

    2017-05-11 #10 Author

    I definitely forgot to bring a extra pair of clothing.


  • Tamara Henigan

    2017-05-11 #11 Author

    My first time leave home I for got diapers


  • Ophelia

    2017-05-11 #12 Author

    Yea ! I’ve done the same lol idk first time is crazy


  • Tennille

    2017-05-11 #13 Author

    I’m a first time mom & some of these are accurate lol


  • Kimberly

    2017-05-12 #14 Author

    #18 is the one i did the most 😂😂 no way did it work .


  • Destiny

    2017-05-12 #15 Author

    I made a lot of these mistakes 😂


  • Myesha banks

    2017-05-12 #16 Author

    I’ve definitely did #1 , 4, 9, 11, 13 soooo Many Times With Both of my kids lol !!


  • Ebony furman

    2017-05-12 #17 Author

    Number 17 is my kids always playing with something other than toys!


  • Deja Gregg

    2017-05-12 #18 Author

    Half of these were so me! lol. I always thought it was just me going through those things.


  • Tatiana

    2017-05-12 #19 Author

    My baby is only 3 months but I’m sure I will do most of these things


  • Tatiana hall

    2017-05-12 #20 Author

    My baby is only 3 months and I’ve done a few of these thing lol ..!


  • Joanie

    2017-07-11 #21 Author

    At least I know I’m not the only one


  • genevieve planas

    2017-12-01 #22 Author

    this article that i read is very helpful to me as a mother


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