Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying So This Mom Did the Unthinkable. Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Caught it All on Camera. Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying So This Mom Did the Unthinkable. Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Caught it All on Camera.
There are more than a few times in a parent’s life when their babies can drive them to an edge, but most people deal... Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying So This Mom Did the Unthinkable. Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Caught it All on Camera.

There are more than a few times in a parent’s life when their babies can drive them to an edge, but most people deal it by having someone else watch the kid for a little while while they cool down. It’s just one of those deals with parenting, and the younger the kid the harder it can be to deal with. You can’t ask a toddler what’s wrong or why they’ve been crying for seventeen hours nonstop, you’ve just got to check every possibility and even then you might not find a solution. Sometimes they just want to cry their lungs out and you’re stuck with the noise, its maddeningly frustrating! But not everyone feels the same way, some people feel justified in taking out their frustrations on the kid.

This “mother” from Almaty, Kazakhstan was filmed repeatedly smacking her baby across the face by her 8-year-old daughter, but the reason she was hitting the child was for crying… as if that was going to solve anything. It doesn’t even make sense to hit a child for crying because pain would MAKE a kid cry, so that woman must have been so angry she lost her mental faculties. Warning, the video you’re about to watch is incredibly hard to get through in it’s entirety.

It’s as yet unknown whether or not the woman will face any charges, but the one thing that is certain is that child wasn’t under proper care during that time and there’s no telling if this is a common occurrence or not. We can’t tell whether or not that baby is in harms way, so hopefully the investigation uncovers something. This is just sickening.

Henry Okafor

  • Shayanna

    2017-05-15 #1 Author

    Awl How cute ❤️


    • Elizabeth

      2017-05-17 #2 Author

      Are you fucked in the head too?! There’s nothing cute about that bitch hitting her poor baby! You should get smacked like that too if it’s so cute!


      • Broken hearted seeing this

        2017-05-20 #3 Author

        I cried thats horrible that poor baby she could have killed it 😭😭😭😭 lord please get that child away from her and protect it.


      • Jamelah

        2017-05-20 #4 Author

        She is fucking crazy to be saying that is cute or may be she didn’t see the video properly smh I felt it for that child.


      • Rebecca delk

        2017-08-17 #5 Author

        Exactly I agree


      • Rebecca delk

        2017-08-17 #6 Author

        Exactly I agree


    • Tammy

      2017-05-20 #7 Author

      What’s s so dam cute about abuse!!! You’re a stupid idiot that need to be slapped since you think it’s so cute😡😡😡😡😡


    • Crystal Reed

      2017-05-22 #8 Author

      Are you just fk’n stupid or dumb, I’m a God loving person but can NOT HELP myself for cursing at your idiotic self your truely a fk’n dumbass!!! What is so cute about abuse? You must certainly NEED a mental health evaluation, or a good ass beaten! Their is appsoulutly NOTHING cute about this video, nor can you mistake wtf she’s doing to that CHILD! 😡😠😡😠 She’s CLEARLY smacking the shit shift out of a newborn baby who’d obviously NOT going to QUIT crying if she’s being abused. No child would! Or adult for that matter! Also, Her 8 year old daughter probably recorded her knowing it was wrong, The little girl probably was sad I’m sure, and more than likely abused also. Ladies do NOT spread your legs if your this type of MOTHER, or adopt a child plenty of good people are willing to LOVE INNOCENT children like their own ♡ #GodBless #gethelpyoupos


    • Jalisa brown

      2017-05-23 #9 Author

      wow not cute I dont think you read the article lol


    • Carrie

      2017-05-29 #10 Author

      Come to me I’ll show you how cute my fist are dumb ass bitch that baby can’t defends itself


    • Jay

      2017-09-12 #11 Author

      You must be insane! Hitting a child is sickening not cute


  • Keba nicholas

    2017-05-15 #12 Author

    Wow this is really sad. Child abuse to the extreme 🙁


  • Felicia

    2017-05-15 #13 Author

    This is ridiculous , its crazy how some people can abuse infants


  • Estefanie Velázquez

    2017-05-15 #14 Author

    How can a mother do such thing?. Poor baby. I mean i know it could get frustrating but I couldnt see myself doing that or harming my baby 😭


  • Xena

    2017-05-15 #15 Author

    Mane this is so sad, what was her point of doing that.


  • Eliza Arcilla

    2017-05-15 #16 Author

    Aww, she’s too cute to be treated like that.🙁


  • Dominique Cast

    2017-05-15 #17 Author

    That’s so sad 😢😢


  • Alexis Marquez

    2017-05-15 #18 Author

    Smh horrible thing to do to a child wtf


  • Freddreka

    2017-05-15 #19 Author

    Omg this is so sad


  • Sol’a Dull

    2017-05-15 #20 Author

    Ohh no I would never harm my baby in such a horrible way😭


  • Chardonaii

    2017-05-16 #21 Author

    This is really sad, how could she do such a thing.


  • Chelsey

    2017-05-16 #22 Author

    This disgusts me


  • Ja’Naye

    2017-05-16 #23 Author

    😭😭 throw her UNDER the jail! 🤦🏽‍♀️


  • Marie hall

    2017-05-16 #24 Author

    That’s so sad I wish parents would be better


  • Kashee

    2017-05-16 #25 Author

    Want the fuck is woring with her that bitch need to be in Jill fr fr.


  • Deborah

    2017-05-16 #26 Author

    Oh Jesus…..u make sheard tears intend of u to pet the baby or sing for their baby Ure beating the baby u don’t even care to know why shes crying u make her suffer more…i av a two month old baby at hand and when ever I drop him he will stated crying bet I’ll still pet him because if I did not I won’t b able to do the house work…i guess u av forgotten when they tel u to push in d Labour room and u don’t even care to know why the baby is crying….u will no how it feels when the State collect ur own baby from u…. Ure shame to the mothers


  • Gerfredda glasco

    2017-05-17 #27 Author

    How horrible!!!!


  • Heather

    2017-05-17 #28 Author

    This is awful and disgusted. She should be in jail for her crime. You disgust me you bitch. 😡


  • Rita

    2017-05-17 #29 Author

    I feel working class mothers that work away from home for longer hours should once in a while make surprise visits so that you might know what goes around when you are away from home. If you love your baby try it because this is a sample among many that happen when your not there to monitor your baby. Besides take measures too.


    • Summer

      2017-05-18 #30 Author

      Exactly. How are we sure that’s her baby? Moreover, if anyone observed, the baby was getting weak from the multiple slaps and could die or have brain damage! She does not deserve to have any baby, ever!


  • Alexia

    2017-05-17 #31 Author

    This is so sad 😔


  • poonam sinha

    2017-05-17 #32 Author

    its very bad. its so heating.


  • Titilayo Aderonke john

    2017-05-17 #33 Author

    That woman should be taken to the pshychatric for a brain/mental check-up. I think she is sick upstair!


  • Kiralyn Phillippe

    2017-05-18 #34 Author

    This mother is pathetic and doesn’t deserve to be a mother! How could you do that to an innocent baby. This makes me wanna go hug my daughter so tight! She needs to be punished for this!


  • Olivia

    2017-05-18 #35 Author

    Please punish this horribal devil of a woman! And please take this poor poor baby and give her a good home no infant deserves this at all. They are innocent and half the time they are crying for a reason! They can’t change them self of feed them self! Poor baby is probably needing love! I hate people now days because there is nothing but cruel people in this world. What is wrong with the system now days! Their taking away kids from good homes and good family’s and placing them in homes where these things happen or you have situations like this where its even on CAMERA and NOTHING IS BEING DONE BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW IF IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!!!? is this a joke! One fucking time is enough! I hope to God that she gets locked up for this and gets both those beautiful baby’s baby’staken and placed in a better home. In Jesus name. AMEN!!!!!!!!!😢👿😠😡


  • Summer

    2017-05-18 #36 Author

    This is sheer wickedness. No body has the right to torture any baby, no matter the reason nor condition. After all, babies cry as a way of speaking to us. Every second of cry, gives a baby a longer breathing pause, which ultimately reduces oxygen level. Beating a baby incessantly that way, shortens the gap between each indrawing of air and can kill it. Did you notice that the crying strength and baby’s body movements reduced? Who knows, she may even be a nanny! Please, government authorities should punish this woman for attempted murder! If your little baby enters crying episodes which frustrates you, simply keep it safe in its cot and stay away for a minute to calm down!! #sosad#


  • LadySpazzz2015

    2017-05-19 #37 Author

    What the fuck is wrong with this dumb ass bitch…I hope you fuckin pay for everything your fuckin doin to that poor helpless baby who can’t defend their self…I hope the police put yo ass under the fuckin jail you stupid dumb ass bitch and i hope you get what you deserve while your licked up…And I pray that god takes away your ability to have any more babies ever !


  • Donnell

    2017-05-20 #38 Author

    We will reap what we sow and Reaping is always greater than the Sowing.Only God determine when we reap.


  • Denuse

    2017-05-20 #39 Author

    Need C.P.S involve to save both child and baby I’m so sick of it why?


  • Jennifer hill

    2017-05-20 #40 Author

    She need to be put in jail with out bond and let someone kick her ass you don,t do your child like that if see going do that she should not lay down and had the child god bless the child and God bless her daugther to


  • Floxyjoy

    2017-05-20 #41 Author

    Hmmm am so shocked and short of words.


  • Syrah khan

    2017-05-20 #42 Author

    I didn’t watch the video, because I can’t bring myself to witness a poor child / baby being hurt. I can understand what happened by the text. This is very sad. I hope the baby was taken to a better home with adults and children who are kind and loving.


  • Frankie

    2017-05-20 #43 Author

    She will get hers. Good thing that God sees everything.


  • Manshika Soondur

    2017-05-21 #44 Author

    She’s crazy….she should be punished for this.


  • TaylorRoberson

    2017-05-23 #45 Author

    This is child cruelty and the 8-year old daughter should show this to someone😔😔this innocent baby does not deserve this at all!


  • Billie Jo

    2017-05-23 #46 Author

    that is not cruelty its outright abuse! Babies cry when they need attention weather it is food, change the diaper, or human companionship. That is NO mother who would slap their infant in the face that hard you can hear it across the friggan room and it is NOT fake you can tell the child stops breathing and crying at each time she strikes. That woman needs to be put behind bars where is the question? there is NO medical reason to strike a child like that so she cant claim that. Where the hell is the question as to weather or not this child is in danger? EVER hear of shaken baby syndrome? That child is literally bouncing and head flinging around each time!! wake up and arrest this woman she needs to be in prison then maybe she will find herself in the situation where she cries and someone gives her the well deserved repeated faceplants to the floor!


  • Vere

    2017-05-28 #47 Author

    Dither 8year did a good thing fordoingnthat she know itwas not rightmformomtodothat she was hunting thebaby ok shewascallforhelp ok sosomeonegohelpthemok getthemout okplace ok,thatwasnotgoodatalloktjakeyoum.😇😇😇😇😇😅😂😭

    Place do something she does not nedthekids doing that all.


    • Tammy

      2017-05-28 #48 Author

      Help thekids nowok


  • Amy

    2017-05-28 #49 Author

    That bitch needs the hell.beat out of her is she fucking.crazy.give it to someone….


  • lys

    2017-05-29 #50 Author

    Wtf…that bitch needs to get locked up behimd bars..fuck her..she needs multiplekicls on her fkn ugly face…fucking idiot


  • Jennifer Mayes

    2017-07-03 #51 Author

    Smdh why the hell ya gonna smack the baby and expect it to stop crying…. 😠😠😠😠😠😠 Stupid omg i can’t help but ooooo CPS needs to get those precious children away from that mother. Before the worst happen poor baby .


  • Shannon

    2017-08-17 #52 Author

    She belongs under the prison thats crazy and to thank they take some kids for dumb stuff and the ones who really need to be taken stay in there home and go through this its just crazy take them children before its too late . God please protect them babies Amen .


  • Mary

    2017-09-12 #53 Author

    Please tell me the mom was prosecuted, this is abuse to the highest degree. It was extremely hard to watch. I hope the law is aware of this cuz it will continue. Father God please send your angels in to protect this baby. Amen.


  • sarah

    2017-09-12 #54 Author

    am 200% sure that she is not the mum. she must be a maid.this is crazy. this is why I Dont trust anyone with my kids. not even families


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