Gay dads are pregnant with their first biological child Gay dads are pregnant with their first biological child
Two gay dads, who already have two adopted kids, are about to welcome their first biological child.  Biff Chaplow and Trystan Reese have expressed... Gay dads are pregnant with their first biological child
Two gay dads, who already have two adopted kids, are about to welcome their first biological child.  Biff Chaplow and Trystan Reese have expressed delight at experiencing what it’s like to create a child and watch it develop in the womb before welcoming it into the world. They did not have that with their first two so they are happy to experience this “normal” birth process, according to them.

The couple, who live in Portland, Oregon, adopted Biff’s niece and nephew, Hailey and Riley, after Biff’s sister suffered substance abuse problems in 2011. Though they loved being parents to the 6 and 9-year-olds, they always longed to have a baby of their own, so Trystan, who is transgender, tried for a baby and he first managed to conceive in 2016 but they suffered a miscarriage at six weeks.

They wanted to wait a year before trying again but because of the medical complications of Trystan having to go off testosterone, they decided to continue right away. Luckily for them, Trystan has taken in again and they confirmed that he’s due to give birth this summer.  Trystan explained on their website why he wanted to become pregnant as a transgender person. He said he knew people were curious but were too afraid to ask.

He said that some people think “trans people were born into the wrong bodies, and we really hate our bodies, and that’s why we need to transition. For me, just transitioning normally – taking testosterone so that I have a beard and my voice is deep as it’s ever gonna get – and appear like a man… that’s enough for me. I never felt like I needed to change my body. And I for sure do not hate my body. I feel like my body is awesome, I feel like it’s a gift to have been born with the body that I did. So if you can start to understand that, then it starts to make more sense that it would not seem totally bizarre for me to want to create and carry a baby.”

Biff also revealed in a podcast that both him and Trystan had been very cautious in the early stages of the pregnancy. Trystan weighed himself “obsessively” and kept taking repeated pregnancy tests. Just before the six-week test, Trystan called the doctor to tell them he was a trans-dad and worried about what the experience would be like. Trystan also revealed in the podcast that he would feel people looking at his face for signs and remnants of womanhood because of his pregnancy.

He said: “They kind of squint their eyes a little bit and I can tell they’re trying to take away my beard, they’re trying to de-transition me in their heads.”

The couple said they have stopped having those fears, which they noticed were unfounded. Their doctors are also very positive that everything will go well while the couple are expecting that the baby will be a boy and are already joking that it’s “diagnosis male”.

Henry Okafor

  • Wayanna J

    2017-06-01 #1 Author

    Congrats Dads!!!


  • Keante

    2017-06-01 #2 Author

    i think this article was one of the most shocking but cutest stories I’ve ever read. I love it ❤️


  • Christian

    2017-06-01 #3 Author

    Wowis this real


  • Shanise

    2017-06-01 #6 Author

    Wow that’s amazing 😱😱


  • Brooklynn Conrad

    2017-06-01 #7 Author

    Love, Love, Love when people are able to experience things and live a happy life. Bless this family ☺️


  • Rosie

    2017-06-01 #8 Author

    Whats his podcast name


  • Alexandra Booker

    2017-06-02 #9 Author

    I love stuff like this! So happy for the two of them and their children.


  • Chase Carlos

    2017-06-02 #10 Author

    Wow amazing 🙂 I still cant believe he had a awesome body.


  • Jc m

    2017-06-02 #11 Author

    This is very interesting


  • Keasia

    2017-06-02 #12 Author

    Never knew this was possible but congrats to them and thier baby💙


  • Heather

    2017-06-03 #13 Author

    I was shocked since the pregnant man really looks like a man but obviously he was born a woman and still has ovaries a cervix and uterus so it makes sense that he can become pregnant. Awesome for this couple regardless!


  • Tammy Myrick

    2017-06-03 #14 Author

    I’m so happy for them. Everyone deserves a chance for this beautiful experience! God Bless them!


  • Paula

    2017-06-03 #15 Author

    Great congratulations x


  • Tammy Gannuscio

    2017-06-03 #16 Author

    You totally rock.
    I wish the very best for you and your beautiful family.


  • Pretty black

    2017-06-04 #17 Author

    Congrats to both😍 may god keep u guys on this journey.


  • Brittany Jefferson

    2017-06-04 #18 Author

    Congrats I wish u too the best. I hope u have a thriving healthy baby boy or girl.


  • Laree mesteth

    2017-06-04 #19 Author

    I’m so happy for u guys have a great life. Stay happy guys diss story was so shocking but cute…


  • Sewa

    2017-06-04 #20 Author

    This is not scriptural! What are you all about? Abomination they both need serious deliverance of the brain!


    • Shania

      2017-06-07 #21 Author

      That’s just disgusting, you should be ashamed of your self! They are having a child, whoppe doo!


  • Janice crowe

    2017-06-05 #22 Author

    Hr must been WOman at one time .men don’t get pregnant


    • Shania

      2017-06-07 #23 Author

      Maybe you should read the actual post!


  • Alecia

    2017-06-05 #24 Author

    Sounds like an amazing and difficult process but should be all the more rewarding


  • Ashley

    2017-06-07 #25 Author

    Congrats this is amazing


  • Brittany

    2017-06-07 #26 Author

    Great story and all but why do you want to be a man just to turn around and be with a man. Why not just stay looking like the women you where born to be. It’s confusing when you have these men and women wanting to be the opposite sex but women still like being with men or the man wants to be a women but still likes being with women still. It’s just very confusing but I do wish you guys the best congrats on your new baby.


  • Brittany

    2017-06-08 #27 Author

    I feel like if u can have a child as a guy then your always going to be cool in my book . and let ppl stare but at least I know you’ll expect something amazing. And you’ll get to see your child grow . don’t let people bring u down .


  • Roxane

    2017-06-08 #28 Author

    Oh we so want updates! Congrats!


  • Angela cole

    2017-06-10 #29 Author

    Only god can judge them


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