Toddler Has Epic Debate with Mom About Nap Time Toddler Has Epic Debate with Mom About Nap Time
If you have toddler at home it means you always face tough times.When you want to take some rest or nap and you find... Toddler Has Epic Debate with Mom About Nap Time

If you have toddler at home it means you always face tough times.When you want to take some rest or nap and you find your baby running here and there it means you will not be allowed to sleep.So moms try their best to take their toddlers to bed in time.But sometimes moms find out that their little one is not ready to take nap,that moment mean there will be some fun or little lovely fight.

Same happened with this Mom whose little toddler Cassidy started epic debate and arguments with her and tried best to convince her that i am not as much sleepy to take nap.Not doubt he hilariously tried his best but Mom always wins.

Have a look i am sure  You’ve got to give him an A for effort!

Credit: Mail Online

Henry Okafor

  • TiMia Cobbs

    2017-06-01 #1 Author

    This Is So Cute 💓 My Baby Does This


  • Denitria

    2017-06-01 #2 Author

    😂😂😂😂 he was lookin so serious he just knew he knew wut he was talkin about….how cute😂😍


  • Jarious Washington

    2017-06-01 #3 Author

    Awwe , he’s so adorable. Little man wanted to play a little more.


  • Daniele

    2017-06-01 #4 Author

    Soooooo cute and verrrry convincing!! 😂😂😉😉😍😍


  • Fredericka

    2017-06-01 #5 Author

    Awww ❤️ Kids are always trynna get their way


  • Octavia

    2017-06-01 #6 Author

    Lol that’s cute


  • Melissa

    2017-06-01 #7 Author

    Lol.. too cute! Kids these days make ot so hard to be mad at them


  • Gishell

    2017-06-01 #8 Author

    Omg hiw sweet jeje


  • Camille ward

    2017-06-01 #9 Author

    Awww my daughter would do the same thing, good job mom being firm with your child 💙 It’s the hardest part


  • Tiffany

    2017-06-01 #10 Author

    He’s super adorable. I can see my child doing me like that in the future. Sooo cute !


  • Najua

    2017-06-01 #11 Author

    Very adorable and he’s using hand gestures which makes it even cuter lol


  • Tonjdreakia Bell

    2017-06-01 #12 Author

    Awwwww!!! So adorable! !!


  • Elliko Williams

    2017-06-01 #13 Author

    I have a six month old baby and even if have to wait for him to sleep before I can sleep his stressing but adorable 😂❤ bless her heart ❤


  • Tajhana

    2017-06-01 #14 Author

    Awww she is Soo pretty 😘


  • Christian

    2017-06-01 #15 Author

    This is absolutely adorable . I can def. Relate with my kids lol


  • Micky Gidley

    2017-06-01 #16 Author

    I go through this same argument every single day with my son!


  • Laura Bond

    2017-06-01 #17 Author

    So adorable 😍😍 That’s How My 2 Year Old Is Never Wants To Take His Naps Lol


  • Shellandra Bogan

    2017-06-01 #18 Author

    This is too cute… 😍😍


  • Amonii

    2017-06-01 #19 Author

    That was soooooo cute. He did not want to take a nap. He’s going to be calling all the shots when he gets older. Just adorable.


  • Aaliyah

    2017-06-01 #20 Author

    How cute! Can’t wait until my baby becomes this big ❤


  • Christine

    2017-06-01 #21 Author

    Soooo freaking cute😍


  • Bri

    2017-06-01 #22 Author

    Awwwww how cute too adorable ❤️


  • Tebreya

    2017-06-01 #23 Author

    Cute lol he is making his point without removing the binky lol


  • Shavonne Woodard

    2017-06-01 #24 Author

    This is my baby al day long lol


  • Latika

    2017-06-02 #25 Author

    He was not ready for nap time, toddlers does not mess around with sleep!! Lol


  • Latika

    2017-06-02 #26 Author

    Toddlers are not interested in the “sleep talking” once their energy runs out then that’s when they’ll see the stars , lol. !!


  • Shalisa Stanmore

    2017-06-02 #27 Author

    This cute little toddler is very adorable and smart. My baby doesn’t like nap time either 😍😍


  • Alona

    2017-06-02 #28 Author

    Soo like my kid lol


  • Elyse ridgeway

    2017-06-02 #29 Author

    Lol she really wasn’t goin for it


  • Latifa Scott

    2017-06-02 #30 Author

    I could actually see a lawayer!! This is too cute 😍😍


  • Tonielle

    2017-06-02 #31 Author

    This is soo cute ❤️❤️


  • Diamond Martin

    2017-06-02 #32 Author

    Baby just so cuteeeee. Make me get the chills ❤️


  • Latasha Campbell

    2017-06-03 #33 Author

    So cute!!! Reminds me of my 2 year old.


  • Ebony

    2017-06-05 #34 Author

    So cute this how me and Jamir be 😂😂


  • Nikema Taggart

    2017-10-17 #35 Author

    Lol I’m so done this is too cute!


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