3-Year-Old Saved 2-Week-Old Baby Who Stopped Breathing 3-Year-Old Saved 2-Week-Old Baby Who Stopped Breathing
Most older siblings are protective of their younger brothers and sisters, but one Texas toddler is being hailed a hero for what she did... 3-Year-Old Saved 2-Week-Old Baby Who Stopped Breathing

Most older siblings are protective of their younger brothers and sisters, but one Texas toddler is being hailed a hero for what she did for her two-week-old baby brother.

After the birth of her baby brother, three-year-old Joze-lynn Kern quickly took to the role of being the big sister and was constantly watching baby Kayson to make sure he was safe. And two weeks after Kayson was born, Joze-lynn’s diligent watch ended up saving his life.

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After Kayson had been put down to sleep, Joze-lynn went in to check on her sleeping brother, but as she watched him sleep, she noticed his breathing wasn’t right. “He was dying, he couldn’t breathe or anything,” Joze-lynn said.

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The hero toddler knew something as wrong and immediately told her parents. “She came in and said Kayson had stopped breathing, it scared me to death,” said grandmother Pam Chance. “He gasped for air,” said mom Autumn Kern. “If it wasn’t for my daughter, he wouldn’t be here today.”

Photo by KGW

The family rushed Kayson to the hospital and doctors were able to revive him, but doctors explained that the baby probably wouldn’t have survived if his sister hadn’t noticed he stopped breathing. “With young infants, there’s a thing called reflux, food comes up from their tummy and if it comes up too high, it can cut off their breathing,” Director of Pediatrics Regan Sciarrilla explained. “Not only does he have a big sister, he’s got a big hero,” Autumn said.

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  • Tomora Sims

    2017-06-02 #1 Author

    Wow that’s amazing ‼️🙌🏾❤️❤️


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    Wow such a hero at 3 years old


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    . Omg what a blessing


  • tracean ford

    2017-06-02 #7 Author

    She’s an intelligent girl
    I think what had happened is that the baby was not properly burped after he was fed
    The feeding was not properly digested before she puts him down


  • Deidra Chandler

    2017-06-02 #8 Author

    Wow, my son suffered from reflux as a baby and it was bad but never to this extent… she is a hero and I continue to pray Gods blessings for this family and that he grows out of it… that’s a scary feeling… god bless them


  • Almelia Triplett

    2017-06-02 #9 Author

    Amazing 💯💪🏽🙌🏽 Brave at such a young age


  • Brenda

    2017-06-02 #10 Author

    This is Beautiful. Awesome Job Big Sister


  • Jewlya Hoskins

    2017-06-02 #11 Author

    She’s most definitely an gods sent angel 😇 god bless her and the family


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    God Is Good All The Time God Really Sent A Angel🙏🏽


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    Good sent little angel 😚😇


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    2017-06-02 #14 Author

    Omg such A very heart warming moment nothing but God 😭💓


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    Amazing!! Great big sister she has ❤


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    2017-06-02 #16 Author

    Wow how amazing


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    2017-06-02 #17 Author

    ❤️❤️😫 Good job big sister .


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    2017-06-02 #18 Author

    Beautiful god put her there for a reason


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    Wow this is truly amazing 😔💕


  • Lareisha

    2017-06-02 #20 Author

    That’s amazing 🙌🏽❤️ She’s very smart and brave big sister 🤗I’m glad her brother is okay 🙏🏽


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    2017-06-02 #23 Author

    Amazing! She is a hero


  • Jasmine

    2017-06-02 #24 Author

    How amazing ? Wow shout out to the little one


  • Zaria

    2017-06-02 #25 Author

    That was such a miracle 😍😍I wonder how she did it 🤷🏽‍♀️ An angel from the heavens above 😇😇😇


  • Nautica

    2017-06-02 #26 Author

    This is just amazing!! It’s going to be a wonderful story to tell once he gets older ❤️ Bless her heart!


  • Kayla

    2017-06-02 #27 Author

    She is brave and so smart ,I wouldn’t have known how to react . God has blessed them 💙


  • Courtney mccabe

    2017-06-02 #28 Author

    Amazing, always teach them young on how to handle an emergency situation 💙


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    Such a blessing god only send his most faithful solider to do his work


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    Amen god truly works miracles


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    Wow thats crazy shes a hero so younge


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    Wow ❣️ Amazing!


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    Man God is worthy to be praised 🙏🏼


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    Wow that’s shocking


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    This is absolutely adorable 😍 Truly a blessing. God works in mysterious ways 🙏🏾👶🏾


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    Wow that is such a blessing you go big sister


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    2017-06-04 #39 Author

    Wow she is really smart. She is definitely a hero.


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    2017-06-04 #40 Author

    This Story Is So Touching A Two Year Old Save A Two Week Old Baby That’s Amazing We Really Don’t Hear Stories Like This But This One Touch Me The Most 💙😇


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    Wow what a blessing💙🙌🏼


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    Wow this soo Amazing.. She really is a Hero


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    Amazing. I hope my babies care as much about each as this little girl does :).


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    2017-06-09 #45 Author

    Beautiful how are siblings are by each other side like this , cannot wait for Andre to become a big brother ❤️


  • Arianne Jackson

    2017-06-09 #46 Author

    Very smart toddler… she’s a hero!! Beautiful 💜💕


  • Kayla

    2017-06-13 #47 Author

    Our kids now are smarter then we think 📚 Its amazing how this little girl realized that & saved his life ‼️ God bless those kids and there family 🙏🏼


  • Matteo

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    Woaw she’s a Herold, my daughter would do the same


    • Matteo

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      Woaw she’s a hero ,my daughter would do the same


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