Video: Mom Holds Her Tiny Premature Baby For The Very First Time, But What Happens Next Is Truly Amazing Video: Mom Holds Her Tiny Premature Baby For The Very First Time, But What Happens Next Is Truly Amazing
Preterm birth is always hard for parents. A mom and a baby have to stay in the hospital, and the sight of a tiny... Video: Mom Holds Her Tiny Premature Baby For The Very First Time, But What Happens Next Is Truly Amazing

Preterm birth is always hard for parents. A mom and a baby have to stay in the hospital, and the sight of a tiny newborn in an incubator with oxygen support causes a mixture of numbness, worries, and pain.

New parents and sometimes other relatives stay in the hospital for 24 hours without any rest thinking about all the risks and possibilities of future problems and disabilities the baby might have.

It is especially hard when a premature baby is a couple‘s the first child. And it‘s almost impossible to cope with such a situation if a baby is “extremely preterm”.
Baby Ward was born 3 and a half months early. He was weak and tiny, and to keep him alive, doctors put him on assistive devices for feeding and breathing. His mother got to hold him only on the fourth day after the birth. She couldn‘t stop crying while holding this little bundle of joy who weighed less than 1.5 lbs. Only after 107 days in the clinic, Ward finally got to come home!

The amazing video below shows Ward‘s first-year journey. It is amazing to see how the newborn who didn‘t have much chance to survive grows and develops and turns into the sweetest bouncing baby boy!

Henry Okafor

  • Kandi

    2017-06-04 #1 Author

    I remember going through the premature stage with my babies, having to leave them there everyday sadden me. I hope all is well with mom and the baby


    • Ty’Kerria

      2017-06-04 #2 Author

      Nice story just have faith in god and everything will be okay.


  • Stoney

    2017-06-04 #3 Author

    Aawww I love premature babies


  • Shaquila Williams

    2017-06-04 #4 Author

    Huge Blessing hope all is well .


    • Renee Dowler

      2017-06-09 #5 Author

      Our baby was born at 24 weeks weighing only 860grams, it was the most emotional journey we have ever been on but so happy to say she is now 7 months old and blitzing life, they truly are amazing little hero’s.


  • Maquecia

    2017-06-04 #6 Author

    I know the feeling if having a premature baby its a very hard time. My 2nd baby was a preemie she was born 5 weeks early weighting only 3pds 12oz she had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. 😍😞🙏


  • Patrice

    2017-06-04 #7 Author

    My heart goes out to this baby & their family 💔


  • Mercedes

    2017-06-04 #8 Author

    That hard part is leaving your new baby behind in the hospital knowing there’s nothing you can do for them


  • Bree

    2017-06-04 #9 Author

    My baby almost had to go to the nicu because i was still 3lbs at 9 months but luckily at delivery time she was amazingly 5lbs & 12 ounces with healthy lungs.


  • Jasmine

    2017-06-04 #10 Author

    I pray GOD strengthens the mother and continue to bless the family


  • Willetta

    2017-06-04 #11 Author

    That is so beautiful. I couldn’t imagine leaving my baby in the hospital


  • Debra Miller

    2017-06-04 #12 Author

    I love babies are beautiful


  • China Martin

    2017-06-04 #13 Author

    So precious and little!!! 😍😍😍


  • Kayla

    2017-06-04 #14 Author

    Praying for strength for this little angel and his family!


  • Christen

    2017-06-04 #15 Author

    So wonderful😍 This has to be one of the most rewarding moments


  • Alexus Bright

    2017-06-04 #16 Author

    My heart goes out to the family stay blessed


  • Shaunteria

    2017-06-04 #17 Author

    Awwww omg Such a blessing


  • Latishia King

    2017-06-04 #18 Author

    Awww so precious and sweet! The thought of having to leave your newborn baby at the hospital is 💔


  • Ashlie mcdaniel

    2017-06-04 #19 Author

    Bless this sweet family!!! She is one strong Mommy, I could only imagine.


  • Donnieka

    2017-06-04 #20 Author

    Blessings ❤️❤️❤️


  • Nikki

    2017-06-04 #21 Author

    I remember having to go thru this same process. It’s a lot a preemie goes thru along with the mother and father. Babies fight just as well as others. You have to admire a preemie strength, cause it takes a lot


  • Niyanna

    2017-06-04 #22 Author

    Beautiful article


  • Ikea

    2017-06-04 #23 Author

    Awe so precious and sweet 💚


  • Katrinka Stubbs

    2017-06-04 #24 Author

    She’s so strong. Such a huge blessing . 😍😍


  • Quita

    2017-06-04 #25 Author

    I also had a premature baby before.. I was neverous and never wanted to leave the hospital..


  • Busi

    2017-06-04 #26 Author

    Tho is a touching yet beautiful story ❤❤


  • Briann Browders

    2017-06-04 #27 Author

    This is absolutely amazing 😍💕


  • Kendra

    2017-06-05 #28 Author

    He’s now happy and healthy ❤️🙌🏽🙏🏽


  • Bri

    2017-06-05 #29 Author

    My baby brother was a premature baby it was kinda scary at first


  • Reema

    2017-06-05 #30 Author

    True fighter Strong #God is in control


  • Kimberly taylor

    2017-06-05 #31 Author

    Such a blessing a strong women as well god Protect the both of them


  • Kaitlyn

    2017-06-05 #32 Author

    So heartwarming! ❤


  • Nicole

    2017-06-05 #33 Author

    This was a very beautiful article. It’s tough on moms to deal with premature labor. All women need praise who have felt with this.


  • Kayla Martin

    2017-06-05 #34 Author

    Bless their hearts!! I bet that was terrifying!! Glad for a happy ending!!!


  • Mani

    2017-06-05 #35 Author

    This s a really true blessing! Many more to come.


  • Jasmine

    2017-06-05 #36 Author

    God bless her heart


  • Bilal awqn

    2017-06-05 #37 Author

    Its a very beautiful feelings to have a baby in my arms ❤


  • Justice

    2017-06-05 #38 Author

    Hardest thing I could do


  • Justice

    2017-06-05 #39 Author

    Omg my heart goes out to her😔


  • Arika

    2017-06-05 #40 Author

    Thank God the baby is ok positive thinking creates happy endings


  • Janika

    2017-06-05 #41 Author

    People who have premature babies are so strong


  • Mgeez

    2017-06-05 #42 Author

    My sister and I both were in labor at the same time our children are 3 days apart. Her daughter was 9 weeks early and mines was 4 but her daughter came out only 3 pounds. She has advanced so much since then. I love premature babies, my niece has made so much progress and is so healthy.


  • Avic Arsua Jamandron

    2017-06-06 #43 Author

    That’s what we call MOTHER’s LOVE ❤️ T


  • Dawna Ross

    2017-06-06 #44 Author

    Premies our going to rule the world. My little was a month and some early and is growing into such a big boy you would never guess he was premature.


  • Dawna

    2017-06-06 #45 Author

    Premies are going to rule the world. My little one was 6 weeks early and is now growing into such a big boy. You would never guess he was premature.


  • Courtney

    2017-06-06 #46 Author

    It is so sad to see premies , it breaks my heart but to see them come out so strong is truly anazing


  • Moesha McGee

    2017-06-06 #47 Author

    Praying For You And The Precious Baby ❤️😇🙌🏼


  • Onna

    2017-06-06 #48 Author

    Heart warming story


  • Makiss alcaraz

    2017-06-07 #50 Author

    God bless you baby! God is truly amazing..


  • Tiarra

    2017-06-07 #51 Author

    What a beautiful blessing ❤️


  • Rawshel

    2017-06-07 #52 Author

    By the grace of God has blessed you and your child. Live life to the fullest


  • Irena

    2017-06-08 #53 Author

    This is mother’s love.😍


  • Latorsha Nicole Bean

    2017-06-08 #54 Author

    Wow that is so amazing


  • Tytiana jackson

    2017-06-08 #55 Author

    Beautiful story


  • Valencia howard

    2017-06-08 #56 Author

    I love premature babies my little cousin was premature and you can’t even tell


  • Ashley Caswell

    2017-06-09 #57 Author

    That’s a blessings🙏🏽💙🙏🏽


  • Jasmine

    2017-06-09 #58 Author

    that’s a blessing 💚😀


  • Danielle

    2017-06-09 #59 Author

    Awwee my daughter was premature


  • Lashayla dibrell

    2017-06-09 #60 Author

    My son was born premature only weight 4 pounds and couldn’t keep temperature so he had to stay under light and had tube feeding


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