At What Age Can You Leave Your Kid Home Alone? At What Age Can You Leave Your Kid Home Alone?
Leaving your kids home alone can be pretty scary for any parent. As mother to a toddler, I start worrying when I don’t hear... At What Age Can You Leave Your Kid Home Alone?

Leaving your kids home alone can be pretty scary for any parent. As mother to a toddler, I start worrying when I don’t hear my son in the other room even for only a few minutes. You never know what a toddler will get in to. That said, I know there will come a point in time someday that i’ll finally feel OK with letting him stay home alone. Or perhaps I won’t, but he’ll continue to ask, and i’ll eventually give in. But at what age can you leave your kid home alone? There aren’t any clearly defined rules on this, but one blogger has created a chart she think might help you make the decision.

Blogger Mique, a mom of three who runs the site Thirty Handmade Days, recently released a handy dandy table graphic that outlines suggested guidelines for leaving your kiddos home alone. In the chart, she breaks it down by age range (8-10, 11-12, and so on) and gives an idea of how long each child in a given age range should be left home alone. She also breaks down state laws, some of which have regulations on how old a child must be to legally stay home alone. For example, in Maryland, an 8 year old can legally stay home alone, while that age rises to 14 in Illinois.

But Is It Safe?

Additionally, she adds some safety tips on the bottom of the chart. It’s all simple things that parents can do in order to prepare their kiddos to stay home by themselves. She suggests parents make sure the child has their name, address, and phone numbers memorized, and also have access to an emergency call list. She also adds that kids should know of a designated “safe house” where they can run to in the event of an emergency.

Here’s the full chart:

Thirty Handmade Days

Thirty Handmade Days

Mique also has additional tips on her blog post that you may want to consider:

  • How long will you be gone for?

  • Does your child follow directions?  Will they go by the rules while you are away?

  • Are there other kids left home too?  How many and how old?

  • How safe is your neighborhood?

  • Would your child feel safe staying alone?

So what do you think? How old does your child need to be before you leave them alone? How old were you when you were first left alone? Let us know in the comments!

Henry Okafor

  • Tanyah

    2017-06-07 #1 Author

    I leave my baby alone at the age 13


  • Jakesia b

    2017-06-07 #2 Author

    I totally agree with this .


  • Botho Mpofu

    2017-06-07 #3 Author

    Learnt a lot of important things about this article. I found it very useful.


  • Dynee Hamilton

    2017-06-07 #4 Author

    I think the age should be 14, about the age of a high schooler.


  • Darianna castillo

    2017-06-07 #5 Author

    From 12 years old on


  • Vee

    2017-06-07 #6 Author

    This was very helpful to r this article


  • linjayan

    2017-06-07 #7 Author

    bless babies …i love them


  • Aija

    2017-06-08 #8 Author

    You should be 14 to stay inside the house by your self or 15


  • Anyja green

    2017-06-08 #9 Author

    I say at the age of 13 and up. That’s when a child starts maturing in my opinion.


  • Sonnie

    2017-06-08 #10 Author

    I would say no younger then 12


  • Chicerah Harper

    2017-06-08 #11 Author

    I think you can start leaving your children at home at age 13.


  • Jessica Luckey

    2017-06-08 #12 Author

    Knowing all of the trouble I got in when left home I don’t believe any age is good to leave a child home .


  • Kenesha

    2017-06-08 #13 Author

    Great article !


  • Stephanie buckhaulton

    2017-06-08 #14 Author

    I think 16 . no younger.


  • Emmanuel Boateng Ashley

    2017-06-08 #15 Author

    I can leave my kids at home when they turn 7..


  • Zsakira Ferguson

    2017-06-08 #16 Author

    Couldn’t argue wit it. Love the article & I agree!


  • Veronica Smiley

    2017-06-08 #17 Author

    For me it was different with my son and daughter. My daughter i left home alone at 11 and now shes 17 so shes the babysitter. Bht my son is 11 now and i would not think to leave him home alone. I think it has a lot to do with their maturity level.


  • Alexis

    2017-06-08 #18 Author

    I think children are too trusting and may open the door for a neighborhood or someone with a familiar face and that could get the hurt. I would not risk it, under the age of 15.


  • Tamia teasley

    2017-06-09 #19 Author

    I think a child is safe to be left alone at the age of 13 and can cook basic meals for their selve and know all the basic information in case of an emergency


  • Elysia

    2017-06-09 #20 Author

    I don’t think kids should be left alone till their teen years sometimes not even that


  • Courtney washburn

    2017-06-10 #21 Author

    I don’t think I’d ever leave my kids at home alone. Not that I wouldn’t trust them I mean I still have far out anyways because one is 7 and the other is almost 2, but this crazy world we live in today I just do not trust it. I will not even go into a store with my car doors locked for one small thing. Wherever I go they go and I don’t think that would ever change lol


  • Mikeya

    2017-06-10 #22 Author

    13 if they are mature enough cause some kids are not mature enough


  • Bianca Jordan

    2017-06-11 #23 Author

    I totally agree with this but with me being a new parent and having 8 year old step child that’s helps out a lot with the new baby but leaving them alone for hour is a little to much now I see if I had to run to the car or go check the mail then it’s ok to leave them for 5 to 10 minutes at the most


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