Help! I Found Out My Husband Is HIV Positive! And He Refuses To Use Condom With Me Help! I Found Out My Husband Is HIV Positive! And He Refuses To Use Condom With Me
We hear mind boggling stories every other day but every now and then we hear some that find their way to the top of... Help! I Found Out My Husband Is HIV Positive! And He Refuses To Use Condom With Me

We hear mind boggling stories every other day but every now and then we hear some that find their way to the top of the list

This disturbing story about a Nigerian man who has refused to use a condom with his wife after he lied and she found out he was HIV positive just one year after their wedding was shared by blogger Amanda Chisom. What would you do if you were this lady? She needs advice.

Good evening, please hide my ID. I saw my hubby taking some drugs last month, I asked what does the drugs work for, he said he was having malaria. Only for him to wake me up mid of the night and say we need to discuss.

He told me that he tested HIV positive. Amanda, that night I cried my eyes out.

Eventually, I went for my own HIV test it came out negative. My husband swore that he has never cheated on me that he doesn’t know how he got infected.

He is now making me feel guilty about his status telling me if I love him I will stay, has been preaching to me since.

We just got married this year I don’t have any child neither am I pregnant. My parents said I will not continue with the marriage, I’m feeling for my hubby. I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to take decision I will regret in the future. I forgot to also add he said if I love him I will not mind contracting the virus from him and he has refused to use a condom with me. He said he can never use it on his wife.

Please I need advice.



Source: Lailas Blog

Nkasiobi Chukwu

  • Ahyana

    2017-06-07 #1 Author

    Omg this is so scary to me. I don’t understand why he won’t stop the spread by protecting himself and everyone else . I’m praying for you sister ❤️


  • lamin jallow

    2017-06-07 #2 Author

    having hiv is not a death sentence and there is a way for you 2 to get babies with you been infected and i can promise you something an hiv positive is one of the most healthier than that person who is not because someone with hiv offtendly visit hospital so as that other person who those not care much about his or her health unless that person is sick


  • Valentine

    2017-06-07 #3 Author

    You don’t have to let your self sick just to show him that you love him. If he really loves you he would be the first to want by every mean to protect you. I just find out that it’s so selfish of him to ask you such things. Who knows maybe if it were you at his place he would leave without thinking. I don’t tell you to leave him but being infected to show love is a stupid and craziest thing that you would probably regret if you do so. And there’s FIVETE if you decide to have a child the baby don’t have to grow in a family where both of you are sick. For my account I would live this guy because my husband is supposed to protect me not to expose me, by wanted sex without condoms he exposes me to this virus just because he got it. Excuse me but that’s not love that’s selfishness.


  • Maryy

    2017-06-07 #4 Author

    This Is Scary And Some Men Usually Wont Even Tell You You Find Out Really When You Go To A Dr.


  • Jasmine

    2017-06-07 #5 Author

    Wow , prayers ❤️❤️❤️


  • Beauty sibanda

    2017-06-07 #6 Author

    The hospital advices on the way you can leave without getting it that’s if you want to stay . But for him to have that it means his been exposed to sex his been cheating on you hiv does not just come like air mama , I tell you you are better off leaving him and you find another man coz the tym you come in to h and say it’s okay you get the virus ,that’s the tym his going to be even sleeping around even on ur bed I tell you men are a west of time to give up ur life to. Believe me. U will cry day and night and even remaind him how you got hiv and he will not see it. So just leave him hiv is not something you need to give up you life for a man.


  • Samantha Thomas

    2017-06-07 #7 Author

    That is truly sad and sick


  • June Anderson

    2017-06-07 #8 Author

    You have alot to thank God for because you were exposed to the HIV virus so please be wise God allow you to have a normal life so listen to your parents because you’re not responsible for him contracting the disease he is .And even though you love him you have to first love been obedient to God who want you live and fullfil your purpose on Earth .So be strong and courageous knowing that Jesus is your everything . You can continue to render help and encouragement to him in every possible way but not sex because of his mentality . Be extra careful because he could give you a sleeping pill just to get his satisfaction and not think he has done anything wrong so my sister it’s up to you to make a positive decision if you want to fullfil your purpose that God has design for you . God’s protection be with you everyday in Jesus name amen.


  • Ebonie

    2017-06-07 #9 Author

    RUN! I personally feel that he does not respect you or your wishes by not using a condom. As far as I’m concerned, no condom equals no sex. Will he be satisfied when you’re both infected?? It’s not worth your health.


  • Mishka stennett

    2017-06-08 #10 Author

    Run, Run Run, if he mean you good he would want to use a condom with him, when some one love you the want to protect you and take care of you


  • Ms Barbara Heard

    2017-06-08 #11 Author

    You are weak minded! Get out! What has love got to do with this? He is not a decent and rational thinking man and he plans to take you with him and alter your quality of life!


  • Nicole Johnson

    2017-06-08 #12 Author

    Leave him..why should u have to suffer because of him.Hiv is like a death sentence. Obviously he doesn’t care about you if he doesn’t wanna use a condom.


  • Belinda Jones

    2017-06-08 #13 Author

    Unfortunately, you are in a horrible spot. There is no question, I would end the marriage. First of all, he knew he was exposed prior to marriage . He was hoping you contracted the disease by now but thank goodness, you are negative. Again, end the marriage and move on before you regret it.


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