15 times someone met a stranger that might as well be their identical twin 15 times someone met a stranger that might as well be their identical twin
Have you ever met someone that looks so much like you that it could be your long lost twin? If so, then you’ve met... 15 times someone met a stranger that might as well be their identical twin

Have you ever met someone that looks so much like you that it could be your long lost twin? If so, then you’ve met your doppelgänger. Doppelgänger is a German word that in literal terms means “double-goer,” according to Wikipedia.

But in modern terms, doppelgänger is another word for your look-alike.

In some cultures, a doppelgänger is believed to be a double of a living person and is considered a paranormal phenomenon. Past folklore and literature even portrayed a doppelgänger union as a sinister event that was a harbinger of bad luck.

Nowadays, the word is used to describe someone who physically resembles another person.

Upon meeting your doppelgänger, there’s just so many questions. Who? What? When? Where? How? And why?

Do you have secret relatives you don’t know about it? Have you just entered an alternate reality? Did your mom have a fling with the mailman? Were you adopted?

While some people make become incredibly confused or go into panic mode. Most people these days find it to be a happy coincidence. One that, of course, requires a photo that is posted to social media.

Here are 15 of the most uncanny doppelgänger sightings on the internet.

1) When You Meet Someone and You Both Have the Same Face

This girl met her doppelgänger at her cousin’s wedding and found out that her fake twin is her cousin’s husband’s sister. So they aren’t related, but boy they look alike.

Source: artistNOThipster

2) When Your Doppelgänger Even Has the Same Glasses As You

It’s one thing to look alike, but to have the same exact glasses. That’s just freaky.

Source: sleuthblues

3) When Your Doppelgänger Even Likes the Same Music As You

These guys met each other at a musical festival. Their photos are on the left and the photo on the right is a face swap of the two.

Source: slinzgod

4) When Your Doppelgänger is Your Mini Me

These two look the same except one is just a bit taller than the other. They were seated next to each other on a plane and ended up checking into the same hotel. They were so pleased with these coincidences that they decided to go for a beer. Now they are beard twins for life.

Source: Ross Hunt

5) When Your Doppelgänger Could Literally Be Your Sister

“I found my literal doppelgänger just now wtf,” Santana wrote on Twitter.

Source: Santanaa

6) When You’re At a Party and Notice There’s Someone Who Looks Just Like You

Same hair, same style, that’s how doppelgängers do.

Source: jdc311

7) When Your Doppelgänger Even Accessorizes the Same Way You Do

It’s one thing to have the same weird mustache and hair length, but these dudes even have the same kind of hat. This is just bizarre.

Source: Flickr/Mr. Baer

8) When You and Your Doppelgänger Share the Same Birthday

How are the NOT twins?

Source: muan_sang_munsong

9) When You and Your Doppelgänger Both Have Purple Hair

And the same shirt and lipstick. How?

Source: reddit

10) When You and Your Doppelgänger Work For the Same Company

These two work for the same company but never because they work in different parts of the country. I wonder if they have the same job title?

Source: Bored Panda

11.) When Your Parents Even Think You Look Like You’re Doppelgänger

“Was out last Saturday night minding my own business when a guy and his parents approached me for a photo. Apparently I’m his doppelgänger?” said Reddit user justlikebuddyholly

Source: justlikebuddyholly

12) When You and Your Doppelgänger Are Both in the Armed Services

The only difference is the chin.

Source: ninemarrow

13) When Your Doppelgänger is Italian

“Meet my Italian twinnie #random#doppelganger #friends,” Instagram user titatanja_l writes.
Source: titatanja_l

14) When You and Your Doppelgänger Both Lack the Same Qualities

But make up for it in facial hair.

Source: archdradio

Source: m4cb3th

One of these two must be a clone. It’s the only explanation.

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Source: Bored Panda

Henry Okafor

  • Shay

    2017-06-10 #1 Author

    Wow thats crazy.


  • Trice Bradley

    2017-06-11 #2 Author

    I wonder of if i have a “twin” somewhere


  • Bri

    2017-06-12 #3 Author

    It’s crazy how everyone has someone that they look alike, but yet they don’t know.


  • Shakayla Golden

    2017-06-12 #4 Author

    I really believe that everyone have a twin out here some where in this world and yal don’t even have to b related


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