Kathleen Martin, now 32, fell for Jack Fucile, now 18, over social media after he offered to help her with her garden in June 2015.

She has now spoken out about how he delivered their baby boy, Jay, in five minutes when she suddenly went into labour as they were getting ready for bed one night.

She said despite Jack being almost half her age, they are a “happy family”.

Kathleen, from Peterlee, County Durham, found out she was pregnant seven months after being with Jack.

She said she’d been to hospital five times with labour pains but each time was told she was not ready to give birth yet.

Then one night as they were getting into bed her waters broke

Screaming in pain, Jack had to phone the hospital and be guided through the birth.

Jack Fucile delivered son Jay (Photo: Hartlepool Mail / SWNS)

She said he was fantastic and really sprang into action.

Little Jay, now nine months, was born weighing 6lbs and when he was later taken to hospital, the new parents were told he was a healthy baby.

Kathleen told The Sun: “When Jay gets older we will tell him how his daddy brought him into the world and tell him what a good job he did.”

Kathleen has two children from previous relationships and the eldest is only five years younger than Jack, who had just left school when the couple met.

She admitted car valeter Jack’s mum Angela, who is eight years older than Kathleen, was shocked about the relationship.

But she said they’re just one big family and get on well.

Kathleen said Jack is mature for his age.

She said while his mates are out for drinks, he is at home being a good dad.

Speaking of the birth, Jack added: “I was in shock afterwards, but I’m proud of myself for doing it.”