Pretty Mum Shares Her First Pregnancy Experiences. Can You Relate To Any Of Them?? Pretty Mum Shares Her First Pregnancy Experiences. Can You Relate To Any Of Them??
Mother of a beautiful baby girl by the name of , Selina K. Romney shares the highlights of her pregnancy journey. Read through and let... Pretty Mum Shares Her First Pregnancy Experiences. Can You Relate To Any Of Them??

Mother of a beautiful baby girl by the name of , Selina K. Romney shares the highlights of her pregnancy journey. Read through and let us know which you can relate to.


Your funniest memory over the 9 months?

There were so many funny and beautiful moments. My husband and I were thrilled that whenever we rubbed my belly, our baby girl responded by kicking back! She never responded to a touch from anyone else. It was such a beautiful way to bond with our baby.

What do you think every woman should know before getting pregnant?
I would advise that she has her baby with the right man.  My husband and I have been through a lot together, and built our life together from nothing.  It’s been hard,but the only reason we have made it this far is the true commitment that we share. We got married when I was 19, new house when I was 20 and now at 21 our first child. Everything is going great, we’re enjoying every bit of it but we sincerely had to work hard for it.
 How would you describe the 9-month journey?
Early pregnancy was most difficult, by the second trimester I had lost 12kg. I battled with morning sickness for the first four months, threw up day and night, and couldn’t even drink water! I tried all the remedies but nothing helped, I just couldn’t wait to get over the first trimester. My easiest trimester was the second, my bump started to show and I began to feel the baby move. However, I loved the third trimester best, because I could see her kicks and she respond to our touch in that way we could bond with her better .
Did you have any maternity wear hacks?
There was no need for maternity clothes! I bought stretchy dresses and skirt  which I wore my entire pregnancy.
It worked out less expensive, could accommodate my growing bump and I looked great in them too.
Did you have any weird and wonderful cravings?

I tired hard not to give in to my pregnancy food cravings.  I never liked chocolate pre-pregnancy (yes I’m one of the few women that don’t.. LOL) but now I like brownies and white chocolate with nuts. Although all through pregnancy I had like five brownies in all.

What did you struggle with most being pregnant?
I sincerely never felt like I was struggling, we truly enjoyed our pregnancy. No complaints at all!
Name a mama you find inspiring and why?
My mother and mother-in-law. My mother raised 5 children mostly on her own. I don’t even want to think about spending these precious moments alone. My mother-in-law also had to raise her children alone while fighting her illness. We’re grateful for both of them.
How was your birth experience?
It was better than we expected, I had a home birth with with no medications or complications. Labor lasted for 11 hours and my contractions were less than a minute apart, I couldn’t have done it without my husband, he massaged my back while I was in labor to help ease off the pain. Can’t complain really, my daughter accepted breast milk within the first hour of birth, and my uterus returned to its original size within 5 days after birth ( I seriously never expected that!).
How do you intend getting your groove back
I actually feel on fire already! I’m so ecstatic about our new life, we sometimes get tired, but she gives us great joy. I have to admit though I already lost 16kg (35.2lbs) and I fit into pretty much all of my old clothes.
What do you think every expectant mom should know before having her baby?
Be wise, be sure to listen to people, be open to advise but don’t let negativity or fear get in your mind. People are quick to speak of the things that can go wrong and you hear all sorts of horror stories but none of that has to be your future if you have faith. Also, expectant moms need to be extra careful with the way they think because it could affect them, the baby and their journey through pregnancy. Be sure to relax, have faith and enjoy the most beautiful period of your life.
What are your hopes and aspirations for your daughter?
Oh we wish so many things for our daughter! We want her to be free and to be herself, we want her to be strong and wise, full of health, but mostly to be happy
Thank you Selina for your time and for sharing your story with us!  Follow her on Instagram : @skromney
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Nkasiobi Chukwu

  • Sheritta lewis

    2017-06-13 #1 Author

    I remember having my daughter last March. So exciting!!


  • Ja’Meria

    2017-06-13 #2 Author

    aww the biggest blessing is a baby 😊


  • Igia

    2017-06-13 #3 Author

    This has to be the most beautiful thing ever 😍


  • Tasha m

    2017-06-13 #4 Author

    I can relate to where they’re coming from. I want so much for my little girls.. life is a tough right now. I’m trying to teach them the positive of life. To love , to care and to respect .


  • Diamond

    2017-06-13 #5 Author

    This is very interesting


  • Joy

    2017-06-13 #6 Author

    My first pregnancy experience was a breeze. I was nervous about the labor and all the stories I was hearing. When my water broke I had no labor pains at all. My water was broke for 18 hours and still no baby until my nurse kept flipping me from side to side in order for me to dilate. I loved my pregnancy experiences.


  • Lauren

    2017-06-13 #7 Author

    I definitely can relate to what she’s saying ! My baby is the best thing that’s happen to me! ❤️


  • Shanice

    2017-06-13 #8 Author

    First pregnancy experience was one I’ll never forget. It was the most beautiful and scariest time in my life. Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their first experience


  • Zoriah

    2017-06-13 #9 Author

    Pregnancy was one of the beautiful roller coaster rides of my life.


  • Starlyn

    2017-06-13 #10 Author

    This is so adorable & I can relate my first pregnancy was amazing


  • Francheska

    2017-06-13 #11 Author

    My birth experience was pretty scary to me because this was my first baby & I didn’t know what to expect.. birth is the most beautiful thing a woman can experience. When my daughter came out, I cried.. and I eventually understood how mothers felt to feel that love of a child that actually came from them !


  • Jade

    2017-06-13 #12 Author

    This is a beautiful experience. I just recently had my first child on 4/27/17 and I most def can relate to your story. My pregnancy was one of the most beautiful time in my life. Me & my boyfriend love being parents and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! 🙂


  • Monics Hayes

    2017-06-13 #13 Author

    So beautiful. I can relate


  • Monica Hayes

    2017-06-13 #14 Author

    So beautiful i can relate


  • Ariana Dancy

    2017-06-13 #15 Author

    This is my first pregnancy and its been very easy for me! I haven’t actually had any morning sickness, no nausea or anything and im having a girl 😉 Being pregnant with a girl has changed me a lot and this article is something most moms can relate to!


  • Jollisa Griffith

    2017-06-13 #16 Author

    Awh remember having my son best thing that ever happen to me


  • Shawntasia

    2017-06-13 #17 Author

    Pregnancy for me was easy but hard! Was sick almost the whole 9months but overall I came out with a beautiful healthy baby girl 💕💕💕


  • Quasha

    2017-06-13 #18 Author

    aweee 😍 Such a beautiful beautiful feeling 💕


  • Lauren

    2017-06-13 #19 Author

    My First Pregnancy experience was something I’ll never forget , It was the biggest blessing I’ve ever received from the beginning to the end and through all the pain. Just to finally see, hold , and kiss my son after the long wait , I was extremely happy . It was all worth it 💙


  • Janika thibodeaux

    2017-06-14 #20 Author

    I love being pregnant…


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