This Toddler Is Beating The Odds In His Fight With Cancer, His story is touching This Toddler Is Beating The Odds In His Fight With Cancer, His story is touching
Child cancer is no child’s play and so you can imagine the immense joy in the hearts of parents of 19 month old Easton... This Toddler Is Beating The Odds In His Fight With Cancer, His story is touching

Child cancer is no child’s play and so you can imagine the immense joy in the hearts of parents of 19 month old Easton Carraway who is making progress in his fight against cancer.


“He got to the point where at one point where he couldn’t hardly raise his hands and talk to us,” says his Dad Cody Carraway. “Now, he is everywhere and into everything and he’s got his personality back. He’s back to himself for sure.”

Three months of treatment and chemotherapy at St. Jude Hospital is changing his life. “The PET scan actually showed there is no active tumor in his lungs anymore,” says Mom Khalee Salter. The tumor on his spine has shrunk dramatically as well.

The doctors are surprised as well according to Cody. “They’re surprised as well at how sensitive his type of cancer has been to the chemo and how well the chemo is working. They are very surprised. They said it can’t go any better than it has been.”

More scans and surgery await their return to Memphis but, for now, they are just being a family. “It’s been great seeing everyone. Support continues to pour in from all over the place but it’s been nice to be home and see some familiar faces again for sure.”

There is a light in Easton’s eyes, a knowing that he is special and that he is winning this fight. If he could talk, Cody thinks he knows what he would say. “I think he would say thank you for their support and I guess he would say the same thing we are, he doesn’t know why it’s happening to him. It’s not up for us to ask why. Just keep faith strong and thanks for the prayers.”


Source: WKRG

Nkasiobi Chukwu

  • Jymesha

    2017-06-14 #1 Author

    Oh man that little guy. Cancer sucks. I’m so glad he is ok.


    • Dianna

      2017-06-15 #2 Author

      Im gonna keep you in my prayers. Stay strong lil man. God is on your side


  • Bashiri Brooks

    2017-06-14 #3 Author

    Great testimony, so much fight in such a small person, push on lil guy ✊


  • Brittny

    2017-06-14 #4 Author

    Prayers for this baby!



    2017-06-14 #5 Author

    I’m praying for the little guy. Cancer sucks but he is going to kick cancer butt!


  • Taquana

    2017-06-14 #6 Author

    Don’t worry little man you’ll beat it you are very strong and god have you. He’ll watch over you and do everything in his will and power to overcome this. God bless


  • NiJel

    2017-06-14 #7 Author

    So sad bless his little heart ❤️


  • Ardasia

    2017-06-14 #8 Author

    Cancer is something I wish no one has to ever go through, I pray all is well and keeping the family in my prayers.


  • Tyneshia Grant

    2017-06-14 #9 Author

    I wouldnt wish anything like this one my worst enemy , yet along an innocent child .. praying God heals tgis child from the inside out. Im praying for the family and strength for the little one , be blessed.


  • Leandry pryor

    2017-06-14 #10 Author

    This is amazing


  • Raven

    2017-06-14 #11 Author

    Bless his precious heart! Praying 💕


  • Aaliyah Jinnah

    2017-06-14 #12 Author

    I pray for the baby and the family its always helpful to keep the baby going and keep the faith and hope up God has the last say so and he will make sure that everything goes well for you guys.


  • Tarineka

    2017-06-14 #13 Author

    God bless you baby boy❤️


  • Diamond

    2017-06-14 #14 Author

    Prayers for the beautiful baby and the family


  • Tasha

    2017-06-14 #15 Author

    So much fight for such a young baby boy! Good job Cody Bless your heart


  • Jatavya

    2017-06-14 #16 Author

    Praying for yu baby boy


  • Amanda

    2017-06-14 #17 Author

    God bless him ! 🙏🏽❤️ Prayers are going up!


  • Mel

    2017-06-14 #18 Author

    Praying for this little miracle baby, know that God makes no mistakes and this is just a story to tell and inspire others when he gets older because in Jesus name your son will beat this


  • Donte henderson

    2017-06-14 #19 Author

    Little man got heart


  • Raven

    2017-06-14 #20 Author

    God is wirh him he is blessed and will get through it we are praying for him and his family 🙏🏽


  • Tristana

    2017-06-14 #21 Author

    Prayers for him ❤ such a tough little guy!


  • Brierra

    2017-06-14 #22 Author

    Prayer little man get better 💙🙏🏾


  • Sheryl bree

    2017-06-14 #23 Author

    Beautiful child I wonder why god brings this in an innocent child’s life , prayers and nothing but the best for the little one & his family ❤️.


  • Doneese

    2017-06-14 #24 Author

    Praying for him
    He’s a blessing


  • Peggy

    2017-06-14 #25 Author

    What a strong little guy! Kids sure are amazing! 💞


  • Peggy

    2017-06-14 #26 Author

    What a strong little guy! Babies are amazing!


  • Checotah

    2017-06-14 #27 Author

    Prayers for this baby


  • April smith

    2017-06-14 #28 Author

    Praying for him…💜💜💜


  • Jasmine

    2017-06-14 #29 Author

    Praying for his family 💙


  • lae

    2017-06-14 #30 Author

    He can pull thru keep your head up ❤️


  • Tatta Tarentino

    2017-06-14 #31 Author

    For him to be so young beating the odds like this is motivational 💪🏾


  • Ogechi

    2017-06-14 #32 Author

    Wow my positive prayers are with you little pumpkin 😍


  • Jaquan

    2017-06-14 #33 Author

    Its hurts me to see a child with cancer , cancer sucks!


  • Siobhan H

    2017-06-14 #34 Author

    Cancer is bad all together whether its adults or children. Stay strong little man, you have this!!! Prayers!


  • Teirra

    2017-06-14 #35 Author

    Awe…continue to put through


  • Jasausha

    2017-06-15 #36 Author

    ❤️❤️❤️Much prayers❤️❤️❤️


  • Kaitlyn

    2017-06-15 #37 Author

    My grandmother had cancer and she beat and I know this precious little guy will as well. Keep fighting handsome ❤️


  • Jenna

    2017-06-15 #38 Author

    Prayers for this sweet baby!!!! Cancer SUCKS!!!!


  • Ka’Netra

    2017-06-15 #39 Author

    God bless this little baby boy. Only the strong survive & your a tough little guy bless you


  • Sierra

    2017-06-15 #40 Author

    Praying for little man 🙏


  • Ja-Rai

    2017-06-15 #41 Author

    This Is So Sad! I’ll Keep Him And His Family In My Prayers 🙏🏾


  • Erica

    2017-06-15 #42 Author

    God bless his little heart.. I fee so sad reading this


  • O’nasha

    2017-06-15 #43 Author

    Prayers baby you will get through this and to the family keep your strength and faith


  • Shevon

    2017-06-15 #44 Author

    Prayers for the babies


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