1-year-old boy raped and killed by his mothers boyfriend 1-year-old boy raped and killed by his mothers boyfriend
What would compel a human in his right minds to commit such a hideous crime is still utterly beyond us and the rest of... 1-year-old boy raped and killed by his mothers boyfriend

What would compel a human in his right minds to commit such a hideous crime is still utterly beyond us and the rest of the world is still in such as

A 1-year-old boy has died after being raped and killed by his mother’s boyfriend. The man known for being a street goon has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and related offenses.

The suspect has been named as 24-year-old Saleem Salaam, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Police said that he brutally raped then killed the 1-year-old boy. It was initially thought that the boy was his stepson but later it was discovered that he’s only dating the victim’s mother.

The assault took place on June 7. Someone found the abused child unresponsive on an upstairs floor and alerted the police following which they arrived at Saleem’s residence to arrest him. The child was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where doctors noted that he had multiple bruises and injuries indicating sexual assault. Some of the injuries on the child’s body appeared to have been inflicted before June 7. He was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Homicide Capt. James Clark later confirmed the sad incident, saying:

“The young man had been tortured, brutally beaten and sexually assaulted,” Clark said.


Source: Laila’s Blog

Nkasiobi Chukwu

  • bekina

    2017-06-15 #1 Author

    hope the little boy is okay 🙌🏼


  • markima

    2017-06-15 #4 Author

    hope all is well 🙌🏼


  • Tiff day

    2017-06-15 #5 Author

    This is extremely sad, perfect example of why u cannot have anyone around ur children dating or not😥😥😥😥


  • Chastity french

    2017-06-15 #6 Author

    This is why I never no man touch my child 😒


    • Robin Peery

      2017-06-15 #7 Author

      Exactly​,@ Tiff day, u cnt have no one around ur precious child cause for one, u dnt know them well enough. Secondly, all u know is u love them but not well enough to
      hve around ur precious angel. I feel this goon should be hong by his smelly nut sack!!!!! This is terrible!!!!! I pray the family get Justice😢.


  • Shinica

    2017-06-15 #8 Author

    This is extremely sad.. this is why I don’t let my bby jst go anywhere.. u will never kno


  • Keyiona Jasmin

    2017-06-15 #9 Author

    Prayer for the family of this angel. Let justice be served.


  • Vivian

    2017-06-15 #10 Author

    Hope the little boy ok


  • Keria

    2017-06-15 #12 Author

    This broke my heart 😭I don’t see how ppl can do that to innocent defenseless babies😡


  • LeCresha Sanders

    2017-06-15 #13 Author

    Wow this is disturbing news. I hope the little baby is okay!!


  • Harmony

    2017-06-15 #14 Author

    Praying for the little boy strength 😰😰


  • Kayla sciarabba

    2017-06-15 #15 Author

    So sad! Hope this guy gets the death penalty, people are so sick now a days such a sad world!


  • Neisha

    2017-06-15 #16 Author

    This broke my heart i hope he ok


  • Lilian liliy

    2017-06-15 #17 Author

    This animal need to be locked up for life,CO’s he is mentally derailed.


  • Lynn

    2017-06-15 #18 Author

    😢😢😢😢😢 Omg this is very sad. He is an animal that needs to get some jail house justice done on him cause no matter how much time he gets it will never bring back that child to life. It hurts my heart when children life gets cut short by some evil person for there own self pleasure. May his family find comfort in the most high this one is very hard to process.


  • Tasha

    2017-06-15 #19 Author

    This is so sad. Exactly why you have to watch who you have around your kids!! Prayers for him!


  • Brittany Ginyarf

    2017-06-15 #20 Author

    This is so sad…… thats why you havr to be so careful who let be around your kids…praying for this family!!!!


  • Arneisha Clayton

    2017-06-15 #21 Author

    How can people honestly be so cruel…. this is really sad 😢


  • Nishh Green

    2017-06-15 #22 Author

    I’m praying for the family. Mothers, please watch who you have around your children. You can’t be too careful now and days.


  • Tiffany Miller

    2017-06-15 #23 Author

    Wow this is horrible 💔 As a mother this just broke my heart. May that lil boy soul Rest In Peace


  • Alexia

    2017-06-15 #24 Author

    That’s sad I can’t believe that


  • Jennifer

    2017-06-15 #25 Author

    Hope they hide him under the jail …pray the baby is OK 😔


  • Adriana

    2017-06-16 #26 Author

    Poor baby!!!! RIP little angei. He should be put to death. We as mothers should protect our children. We need to be vsreful who we let be around our children!!!


  • RoWoodson

    2017-06-16 #27 Author

    This so sad were was mom during all the abuse


    • RoWoodson

      2017-06-16 #28 Author

      Isee using Amen during a sermon or when something is being said that is right OH LORD


  • Mickey Clark

    2017-06-16 #29 Author

    Lord Have Mercy Jesus!!! Praying for The Mother and Families of Both Sides.. This world is So Cold and So Many People are Hurt and Causing Hurt and Pain to Others, even their Loved Ones.! We Need You Jesus!


  • Navada Melvin

    2017-06-16 #30 Author

    Stuff like this disgust me idk how any adult could fine doing stuff like that to any baby ok


  • Jordan morris

    2017-06-18 #31 Author

    That’s digusting,they about to tear him up in jail


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