Milk is no longer just milk: There’s soy milk, there’s almond milk, there’s cashew milk and there are milks the origins of which you’ve... BEWARE: THIS MILK CAN KILL YOUR BABY

Milk is no longer just milk: There’s soy milk, there’s almond milk, there’s cashew milk and there are milks the origins of which you’ve probably never heard. Take quinoa milk, for instance, which is made by blending the trendy plant’s seeds. It may be a fine substitute for vegan adults, but a baby needs specific nutrients to grow—ones that are not found in plant-based milks. A Belgian couple found this out the hard way when in 2014 their 7-month-old baby died after being fed milk made from quinoa, oats, buckwheat, semolina and rice. Now, the parents have been convicted for the unintentional death.

Identified as Peter S Sandrina V, the parents, who owned a health food store, were given a six-month suspended jail term after being found guilty of the death of their son, Lucas. At the time of his death, Lucas, dehydrated and malnourished, weighed just under 10 pounds. The parents said they set his diet because Lucas was lactose—and gluten—intolerant, but prosecutors were skeptical. “The parents determined their own diagnosis that their child was gluten intolerant and had a lactose allergy,” lawyers said.

The father, Peter S, said Lucas was never taken to the doctor because the parents never noticed anything unusual about his health. “Sometimes he gained a little weight, sometimes he lost a little. We never wished for the death of our son,” said Sandrina V.

The court found that the parents ignored warning signs of the baby’s deteriorating health. In addition to weighing less than half the expected weight of a 7-month-old, the baby’s organs had shrunk to half the normal size, and were not insulated by fat. The parents had been warned by doctors that the alternative diet was not healthy for a child that young.

The death was “the result of the systematic offer of food which was not suitable,” said Judge Mieke Butstraen.

The case is an important reminder that what may be healthy for fully grown adults is not necessarily healthy for a still-developing child. A new study outlined how this is true for cow’s milk versus plant-based milks, finding that children who drink cow-based dairy grow taller than those who drink alternative milks.

“The message for parents is to pay careful attention to the nutritional contents of these products,” said pediatrician Jonathan Maguire, who led the study, “to make sure they contain the necessary protein, fat and micronutrients to support optimal growth.”


Source: Newsweek

Nkasiobi Chukwu

  • Krystel Hurd

    2017-06-15 #1 Author

    This is scary, but we have to be mindful of what we feed our children, and above anything else, pay attention to them !!


    • Ayana

      2017-06-16 #2 Author

      Now I gotta watch the milk I give other people kids 🤦🏾‍♀️


      • JB

        2018-11-23 #3 Author

        Just watch what food you give them. Don’t push your plant based vegan ideas on a baby. A new born baby at that. Let the doctors make the determination if this baby is lactose intolerant, etc. Baby’s don’t need to be on e diet. They need to grow. Simple. Just continue to watch what you give your baby as always as parents. I’m not even a mom and I know this much Ayana!!!! Come on!!!!


  • Kalah

    2017-06-15 #4 Author

    My mom always said you learn something new everyday. I will stick to breastfeeding it is the most natural an inexpensive an best way to feed your newborn


    • Daniya

      2018-10-22 #5 Author

      Exactly. Breast milk is the best. You don’t have to work about recalls or the nutritional value. I’m on month 18 and I plan to keep it up until he turns 2.


      • JB

        2018-11-23 #6 Author

        That reminds of that movie Grown-Ups when they were trying to get their 2 year old son off the breast milk and he didn’t want to lol


  • Sadie

    2017-06-15 #7 Author

    There are a lot of babies the can’t drink regular milk 😰😥


    • JB

      2018-11-23 #8 Author

      True but that’s for a doctor to determine and give you the alternatives. These parents did that on their own.


  • Andrea ‘ Brown

    2017-06-15 #9 Author

    Breastfeeding is better the baby can control its own flow of milk


    • Shakria Evans

      2017-06-15 #10 Author

      So True I Love Breastfeeding ☺️ It’s So Safe


  • Tiara

    2017-06-15 #11 Author

    Breastfeeding is the healthiest way!


  • Santia Tickle

    2017-06-15 #12 Author

    Wow! How could the parents be convicted for the unintentional death, it not like they knew that would have happened otherwise they wouldn’t have gave it to their baby. So why convict them.


    • Teri

      2018-08-25 #13 Author

      You do realize that 7 month old baby was about 10 pounds? There was signs they ignored, it’s obvious you didn’t read or comprehend the story.


    • Tay

      2018-09-08 #14 Author

      A pediatrician told them their baby needs the nutrients that he was not getting from what they were feeding him.


    • Raye

      2018-10-15 #15 Author

      Any parent, even a new one, can tell when their baby is not thriving. That baby basically starved to death. He had to have gotten very lethargic before his demise. They should have seen there was a problem. The drs even advised them that their diet for the baby was not healthy and they chose to ignore their advice. Who does that? My heart hurts for what that poor baby went through but at least now he is at rest and out of their clutches.


  • Daveonta

    2017-06-15 #16 Author

    This is very scary that’s why I think breastfeeding is the best method


  • Kulture

    2017-06-15 #17 Author

    I plan to breastfeed so I won’t have this problem but my niece has been the the hospital because of her reaction to almond milk. I don’t even wanna risk my baby trying it.


  • Siddeeqa johnson

    2017-06-15 #18 Author

    Wow I will be mindful on what milk I give my daughter from now on


  • Lashona

    2017-06-15 #19 Author

    That’s why it’s best to try to breastfeed babies. Breastmilk is the best milk.


  • Dominique

    2017-06-15 #20 Author

    Oh wow… I sure wish I would have breast feed my baby girl… I will like to share this article for future moms…


  • Sheila

    2017-06-15 #21 Author

    I Think This Is Scary Thts What My Mom Always Told Me That Breastfeeding Is The Best Method.


  • Candice

    2017-06-15 #22 Author

    This is really sad his parents should have know better and that poor little boy would still be alive.


  • Rashonda Cole

    2017-06-15 #23 Author

    This is why breast milk is the best source for our babies ,best nutrients and very healthy for them ..


  • Gabrielle H

    2017-06-15 #24 Author

    Wow that’s very scary!


  • Jaquan

    2017-06-15 #25 Author

    Omg , things getting more crazy by the day !


  • Chelsea Mae Micke

    2017-06-15 #26 Author

    This is why it’s important to be informed of what we’re feeding our children. If possible breast milk is always a safe option. Making sure our young ones are getting the proper nutrition to grow and thrive is extremely important.


  • Hope Word

    2017-06-15 #27 Author

    This is so scary


  • Jackie

    2017-06-15 #28 Author

    My baby can’t drink milk it makes him very sick so I try to give him almond milk but he scared now since we tried cows milk he thinks the almond milk is cows milk so we give him vitamins and give him other dale products such as cheese , yogurt etc. and out baby boy is healthy he’s 16 months and he’s tall


    • JB

      2018-11-23 #29 Author

      Hey make sure you are consulting a doctor with all of this stuff. Don’t be stupid like these parents and think you know what is best like these parents did.


  • Marstella

    2017-06-15 #30 Author

    This is real scary


  • Jakia

    2017-06-15 #31 Author

    This is scary! Breastfeeding can be a way better option!


  • Mayra

    2017-06-15 #32 Author

    Very scary healthiest thing to do is breastfeed !


  • Katrina Morris

    2017-06-15 #33 Author

    Omg this is crazy!!


  • Iesha Foster

    2017-06-15 #34 Author

    Very scared I will never Breastfeed


  • Erica

    2017-06-15 #35 Author

    This is so sad.. I’m a huge believer in breastfeeding but understand not all babies can. If yours can not please please please speak to a pediatrician veggie giving your child anything!


  • Mick

    2017-06-15 #36 Author

    This very sad and scary. My 4 month old son had the same issues he would spit up anything he drinks within minutes of feeding and he was only getting 4 ounces so I don’t think he was stuffed but his pediatrician switched his milk so much that nothing really help. I lowered his feeding to only 3 ounces every 3 hours due to his severe acid reflux. Milk substitution can be very tricky


  • Ezekiel

    2017-06-15 #37 Author

    Breastfeeding is good when a woman have a child but when is twins it will be difficult to breastfeeding.


  • Shekeya

    2017-06-15 #38 Author

    Wow that’s very scary but to be honest I’ve never even heard of that particular milk.


  • Shauny

    2017-06-15 #39 Author

    Makes me Want To Start Breastfeeding My Daughter Again


  • Alexia

    2017-06-15 #40 Author

    That’s scary I can’t believe that


  • Erica

    2017-06-15 #41 Author

    That’s why breast milk is the best milk .. so sad what happened tho


  • Beatrice

    2017-06-15 #42 Author

    Wow ! Can’t Trust Nothing Nowadays 💯


  • Sierra Garrett

    2017-06-16 #43 Author

    It’s crazy for a baby to be a vegetarian. This article shows how some parents go over board to make sure there kids are healthy but in the long run can harm them. Good article for first time moms to read.


  • Raeisha stephens

    2017-06-16 #44 Author

    So if we suppose to have 2 cups of milk than what milk is safe to drink


    • Raeisha stephens

      2017-06-16 #45 Author

      That’s why I breastfeed my son but afterwards what’s a safe milk for them if you no longer produce milk


  • Yewande Banwo

    2017-06-16 #46 Author

    Breastfeeding I think is the best…..


  • Dessi

    2017-06-18 #47 Author

    This is so scary! I most definitely will breast feed with ALL my children from here on.


  • Felicia

    2018-08-27 #48 Author

    Wow this is sad…Who puts their 7 month old baby on a diet??? At that age the baby needs all of the nutrients they can get for their growing bodies and strong bones…Once they start walking and are more active the weight will come off…If the parents were noticing that the baby was having problems with the type of milk they were giving him/her the first thing that should’ve been done was consulting their pediatrician to find an alternative…


  • Rene

    2018-09-08 #49 Author

    Everyone saying breastfeeding is best is wrong. Not all babies can digest even breast milk & need alternative FORMULA not alternative milk types….. this is insane a 7 month old shouldn’t even be on regular milk of any kind except breast….they should be given formula…..if they’re not breastfed at least until 1yr old.


  • JB

    2018-11-23 #50 Author

    Everyone commenting, it is not about breast milk and reading packages. (That is obviously what parents should be doing)What we should all take from this article is that It’s about listening to the doctors. They went to school for this, you didn’t. A baby is supposed to grow, not be on some diet!!!! The parents in the article were stupid. They didn’t listen to the doctor. They drew their own conclusion that the baby was lactose intolerant. They should have consulted a doctor and allowed the doctor to make this assessment. So what, not every baby drinks regular cow’s milk. TELL YOUR DOCTOR AND ALLOW THE DOCTOR to give you an alternative type of formula. Duh. Common sense ppl.

    I’m not a mother and know this!!!! It better be an allergy reason why your baby doesn’t drink cow’s milk and not some health nut vegan crap. Wait until your child reaches a certain age for all of that heal the world, red meat is bad for you, here is some plant based milk and plant based burger crap. Your child is growing. Let him grow. I’m talking about babies and toddlers here by the way!!!! At least talk to your doctor and take the advice before trying plant based this and soy and almond that unless your doctor says it’s okay. Geez.


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