Ten-month-old Houston boy shot dead in father’s arms Ten-month-old Houston boy shot dead in father’s arms
A 10-month old boy has been shot dead in his father’s arms as he was being taken for a walk outside a Houston apartment... Ten-month-old Houston boy shot dead in father’s arms

A 10-month old boy has been shot dead in his father’s arms as he was being taken for a walk outside a Houston apartment complex.

Messiah Justice Marshall was being carried by his father at about 1.30pm on Wednesday when three men approached them. According to police, an argument ensued, and one of the suspects fired repeatedly at the baby’s father.

Messiah’s father, who has not been named, tried to escape through a parking lot and came across a passerby who drove them to a nearby gas station, where police and paramedics arrived. The boy died at the scene.

“He was just at the beginning of his journey and his journey was cut short by cowards who have absolutely no respect for the sanctity of life, by cowards that crossed a line. You don’t shoot at a man carrying his 10-month old son,” said Art Acevedo, the Houston police chief.

Acevedo told reporters that the department is searching for three suspects in their early twenties. “There’s lines you cannot cross,” he said at a press conference on Thursday.

The driver who took Messiah and his father to the gas station described the incident to Click2Houston. “[The father] got in the car and we went to the Valero because I saw a cop there earlier. He started screaming, ‘Call an ambulance! Call 911!’ and finally help came,” the driver, Joshua Levy said. “I was a little nervous, my legs started shaking. It’s so sad seeing him walk around with his baby basically dead in his hands.”

Acevedo said that police will step up their presence at the complex in an effort to find the suspects and thwart any future gang activity. “We’re not going to rest until we bring these people into custody,” he said.

Police are investigating if there was any prior contact between the father and the suspects. “Doesn’t matter what motivated them. I don’t care what was going through their minds but they crossed an extremely, extremely clear line,” Acevedo said. “We’re not going to put up with this.”

Messiah is not the only child to die in a Houston-area shooting recently. In March, Houston police arrested a man on suspicion of fatally shooting an eight-year-old girl while she was in a car being driven by her mother that was involved in a traffic accident.

A 14-year-old boy died on Tuesday, a day after he was accidentally shot in the head by his twin brother, who had been aiming at a snake they found in a ditch.

Henry Okafor

  • Sherena McDuffie

    2017-06-17 #1 Author

    Omg… this is so sad. I hope they find them cowards. How can you be so cruel and mean & harm an innocent child?


  • Snow

    2017-06-17 #2 Author

    Omg So Sad 🙁 Prayers For The Family. Its A Very Cruel World


  • Don roja

    2017-06-17 #3 Author

    Whover shot at the father carrying his child deserves a death sentence. How more evil can people really be.


  • Taee Raye

    2017-06-17 #4 Author

    Wow so these people really didn’t care that he had a whole baby in his arms ? That’s cruel


  • Keura Langston-Gooden

    2017-06-17 #5 Author

    Horrible…. with a 10 month old myself I can’t even imagine what is this world turning into when our kids aren’t even safe anymore


  • LaKavia

    2017-06-17 #6 Author

    This is so sad 😞 god bless


  • Octavia Webb

    2017-06-17 #7 Author

    This hurts my heart to hear. What is the world coming to? May God bless this family in their time of greif.


  • Alicea Nieves

    2017-06-17 #8 Author

    I’m sorry for your loss ❤️🙏🏽


  • Aniyah

    2017-06-17 #9 Author

    This is so sad the good die young


  • Louise

    2017-06-17 #10 Author

    We have to do better with rasing these kids they are the best thing to happen to us


  • Danielle

    2017-06-17 #11 Author

    Just awful. Poor baby was innocent and did not deserve that!


  • Chedi vergara

    2017-06-17 #12 Author

    Ipagdadasal ko yung kaluluwa ng mga namatay. Lalo na nung baby 🙁 at sana managot yung may gawa neto! 😭 diyos ng bahala sa lahat!


  • Antoinette

    2017-06-17 #13 Author

    Omg I can’t imagine what this family is going thur right now…prayers for this family


    • Alisa

      2017-06-17 #14 Author

      No parent should experience something like this. Sad smh


  • Mackenzie

    2017-06-17 #15 Author

    Omg this is sooo sad ! People are so cruel !


  • TraNesha Haywood

    2017-06-17 #16 Author

    This is sad when will these cowards stop killing innocent kids this is a sad cruel world we live in.


  • Amberneshia Smith

    2017-06-17 #17 Author

    This is so sad😔how can you even have the heart to kill an innocent baby I can only imagine how he feels cause this just really hurt my heart to even read this I’m praying for him & his family😔😢🙏


  • Summy stevenson

    2017-06-17 #18 Author

    Smh this is just messed up man. Prayers for the family. It’s crazy what this world has turned into. So much stuff going on it’s just sad smh!!


  • Desirrai Mayberry

    2017-06-17 #19 Author

    This broke my heart. There are lines that should never b crossed and shooting at a person while their child is present is one. What a bunch of cowards. Y not catch him alone they had to pick him at his most unprotected state.


  • Savanna

    2017-06-17 #20 Author

    Aww Poor Baby He Did not Deserve That ! 💔


  • Treasha

    2017-06-17 #21 Author

    I’m so sorry for the family . I just can’t imagine 😢 I pray they find they heartless loser


  • Alisa

    2017-06-17 #22 Author

    No parent should experience something like this. Sad smh


  • Brieana Hall

    2017-06-17 #23 Author

    This is exactly why I stay in the house with my children people have no respect for the young at least give them a chance to grow up


  • Parie Lewis

    2017-06-17 #24 Author

    Very Sad , God bless this a family and keep his family in your prayers 😍


  • Fantasia

    2017-06-17 #25 Author

    This is so sad. Like what in the world people be thinking? Smh no child has to suffer like that.


  • Tyshuna Morgan

    2017-06-17 #26 Author

    Oh my goodness!😱 Lord I pray you keep your arms around this man and the child’s family in Jesus name, Amen. 🙏🏽


  • Jasmine

    2017-06-17 #27 Author

    Omg this is extremely sad smh


  • Lea Robinson

    2017-06-18 #28 Author

    This is the most scary thing that I could think of happening to one of my kids


  • Danette Hawkins

    2017-06-20 #29 Author

    This is such a tragic story.. May God bless the family.


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