Can you never seem to go 28 days without getting a period? Here’s what that might say about your chances of getting pregnant. We’ve... WHAT A SHORT MENSTRUAL CYCLE SAYS ABOUT YOUR FERTILITY!

Can you never seem to go 28 days without getting a period? Here’s what that might say about your chances of getting pregnant.

We’ve all heard that women are supposed to have 28-day cycles between periods….but we also know that no two women are alike when it comes to matters like these. Case in point: Some of us got our first periods at age 9 while others went into the teen years having never menstruated. But did you know that a woman who has a 26-day cycle might have a different level of fertility than someone who gets her period every 30 days? And that the age at which you had your first period could have an effect on your baby-making odds as well?

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According to a new study from Boston University, both length of menstrual cycles and onset of menstruation can affect fertility.

These findings appear in Annals of Epidemiology and are based on the study of more than 2,100 women who were trying to conceive. The women responded to questionnaires detailing characteristics of their menstrual cycles, and after taking a good look at the data, researchers determined that women with short cycles (26 days or fewer) had lower odds of getting pregnant. Similarly, women who started menstruated before age 12 had reduced fertility when compared to women who started menstruating between 12 and 13 years old.


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According to the study’s authors, a short menstrual cycle could signal a narrow fertile window or ovarian aging, and may also reflect a lack of ovulation (we don’t have to tell you how important ovulation is when you’re trying to get pregnant!).

“In agreement with previous studies, we found that short menstrual cycles were associated with reduced fecundability among North American pregnancy planners, independent of age, irregular cycles, and history of reproductive illness,” the research team said, according to Futurity. “These results indicate that menstrual cycle characteristics may serve as markers of fertility potential among pregnancy planners.”

While the link between early onset of menstruation and fertility isn’t quite explained, it’s an interesting one to consider—and Boston University’s Pregnancy Study Online initiative is ongoing, so hopefully we’ll have a clear picture of how this works soon.

Does this mean that women who have short cycles or got their periods early in life can’t get pregnant? No! Like most other studies, this one represents one slice of the population and these results definitely shouldn’t get you down if you’re trying to conceive.

Henry Okafor

  • mya walker

    2017-06-21 #1 Author

    This is very good info! Good to know!


  • Shakeeva

    2017-06-21 #2 Author

    That’s very interesting.


  • Ifeoma

    2017-06-21 #3 Author

    My cycle is 30 days, when will be my fertile periodo


    • Beth

      2017-06-27 #4 Author

      The safe is 7days before your cycle and after ur cycle.the rest days are your fertile period.


  • Desiree McPeters

    2017-06-21 #5 Author

    Does the amount of days that you are on it matter too?



    2017-06-21 #6 Author

    My cycle is 30days when is my fertile period


  • Natasha

    2017-06-22 #7 Author

    I defied all these odds!! Mom of 9 here (7living), I started my period at 10, only had 4day cycles, and had a period every 28 days😳


    • Lillie

      2017-07-10 #8 Author

      Me too. Mom of 8 last was two twin girls. 3 mnths ago.. And was told I would never have a single one. Lol God is awesome.


  • Leea

    2017-06-23 #9 Author

    Learn something new everyday


  • Jennifer Edeh

    2017-06-24 #10 Author

    Nice info..thks much


  • mervis

    2017-06-25 #11 Author

    My cycle is 21 days


  • Faith Riche

    2017-07-20 #12 Author

    I have my periods for 3 days…. and i have a period every 28 days. Started my period when i was 12 years old. Am very fertile that I hate it.


  • Anowai chidi

    2017-07-20 #13 Author

    My cycle 1s 24 days


  • hafsat abdullahi

    2017-10-30 #14 Author

    My period and ovulation are normal, but am unable to concieve. What wil i do?


  • Charlotte West

    2017-12-03 #15 Author

    Not the total truth… I started early… Before 12 and my cycles are shorter than 28days and i have 5 children, lol… Even got pregnant on birth control… Lol


  • Akangajoyce

    2017-12-17 #16 Author

    Hi my name is Joyce. And my cycle is not regular I started cycle when I was 12 and I want to conceive am unable can u pls help me


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