Woman arrested after leaving infant, toddler in hot apartment Woman arrested after leaving infant, toddler in hot apartment
A woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon after she left an infant and a toddler home alone in an apartment without air conditioning for several... Woman arrested after leaving infant, toddler in hot apartment

A woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon after she left an infant and a toddler home alone in an apartment without air conditioning for several hours, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

Shuntia Wilson, 23, is charged with child neglect.

Officers were called about noon to the Roosevelt Gardens Apartments on South Lincoln Road in the Hogans Creek neighborhood after a person called police, saying a toddler girl and an infant boy were left by themselves in their apartment.

Police said that person waited with the children for another 20 minutes to see if someone would arrive at the apartment, but when no one did, the witness called 911.

The witness told police that the unit “had no electricity and it was extremely hot in the apartment,” according to an arrest report.

The Weather Authority Chief Meteorologist John Gaughan said the temperature inside the apartment would have likely been in the high 80s.

Police said the children were taken to the rental office, where an officer was able to interview the toddler.

According to the arrest report, the toddler told the officer that she had been home alone with her brother “since it was dark yesterday.” The girl also stated she had older siblings who weren’t staying at their apartment.

A few hours later, Wilson returned to the apartment and was arrested on a charge of child neglect. The arrest report said she “was responsible for the conditions the children were left in.”

Wilson told officers that she left to go to the store Tuesday morning, but the children were with a neighbor, according to the arrest report.

She was booked into the Duval County Jail and ordered held on $5,000 bond.

The incident serves as a reminder to parents that it’s important to recognize the signs of heat illness and dehydration this time of year. Those symptoms include fatigue, thirst, dry lips, dizziness and, in severe cases, nausea.


Source: News 4 Jax

Nkasiobi Chukwu

  • Kay

    2017-06-22 #1 Author

    This is so sad. how could you as a mother leave your baby’s. She deserves everything that’s coming to her.


  • Kiara

    2017-06-22 #2 Author

    Some Ppl just don’t need to have children . Smh SAD


  • Wyna

    2017-06-22 #3 Author

    This is a sad story 🙁 and not a peaceful parenting. We can’t leave a child for a long period of time. This makes it a crime.


  • Ebony McElroy

    2017-06-22 #4 Author

    This is soo sad god please help her please


  • Brinka

    2017-06-22 #5 Author

    Some people are crazy no way could i leave my children in an apartment by themselves not even for 5 mins smh


  • Asia

    2017-06-22 #6 Author

    Thats good they got that idiot she should be arrested and sentenced at least 8 years or more !$


  • Charnecia Thomas

    2017-06-22 #7 Author

    This Is sad. No child should be left alone period!


  • Sherita

    2017-06-22 #8 Author

    Sad, that good the was arrexted


  • Monae Johnson

    2017-06-22 #9 Author

    Smh she getting what she deserves idk why some people even have kids if you going to treat them like crap children are special


  • Brittany

    2017-06-22 #10 Author

    She is so wrong .


  • Brittany

    2017-06-22 #11 Author

    She is wrong , just sad .


  • Tikeya

    2017-06-22 #12 Author

    I hope the baby ok..


  • angella mvalamanja

    2017-06-22 #13 Author

    what a shame…


  • Quante

    2017-06-22 #14 Author

    So sad! She is exactly where she belongs


  • Sarina

    2017-06-22 #15 Author

    How Could you do your child like that.. it’s sad you live to have kids but don’t give a damn about them.


  • malaija herring

    2017-06-22 #16 Author

    wow this is so sad… i hope the baby is ok


  • Lee

    2017-06-22 #17 Author

    I hope the baby is ok didn’t deserve that


  • Mika

    2017-06-22 #18 Author

    I have read this article, they need to have a strict law about this, it happens too often.


  • Isis

    2017-06-22 #19 Author

    Some people don’t deserve to be parents! Smh.


  • Ginger Caldwell

    2017-06-22 #20 Author

    I know understand how people can harm a child….


  • JadeN

    2017-06-22 #21 Author

    Wow this is crazy


  • Kaynise

    2017-06-23 #22 Author

    That’s so sad poor baby


  • Alexis

    2017-06-23 #23 Author

    This is so sad and Makes me upset!!! You always see these posts 🙁


  • Marcy

    2017-06-23 #24 Author

    This is sad she needs help fr


  • Ashley Williams

    2017-06-23 #25 Author

    This is very sad it touches my heart when someone mistreated a helpless child I pray to god that those kids don’t get into the hands of another irresponsible, heartless, hateful person. I pray for pease for those babies.


  • Col is ha Smith

    2017-06-24 #26 Author

    How Could You Leave Your Babies ❗ I Pray The Children Are In A Better Environment And Is Being Well Taken Care Of .


  • Neicy Shepherd

    2017-06-24 #27 Author

    I Cnt even imagine leaving my child or any child in a car for tht matter. When i get out my kids come w/ me. Smh i juss dnt get it


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