Firefighter put to the test by having to deliver own baby at home Firefighter put to the test by having to deliver own baby at home
FIREFIGHTER Bradley Raath is trained to be cool in a crisis. It was put to the test with the sudden birth of his baby... Firefighter put to the test by having to deliver own baby at home

FIREFIGHTER Bradley Raath is trained to be cool in a crisis. It was put to the test with the sudden birth of his baby at home.

Bradley, 34, had the lives of wife Stacey and their unborn child in his hands and “swung into work mode”.

“My wife woke me up at 11.30pm and said she thought she had gastro because our son had it the night before. But then the contractions started,” Bradley said.

“I rang Rockingham Hospital and the midwife advised us there was no need to go in at that point, but just 10 minutes later Stacey was in absolutely agony and said she needed to push.

“I had the midwife on loud speaker and there was no way we were going to make it to the car so I put my wife on the bed, chucked some towels on her and got the midwife to ring 000. From there on the midwife talked me through how deliver the baby. She said, ‘Make sure you hold the baby’s head, get under the shoulder, let the baby come, don’t force it out’.

“I slipped into work mode. I didn’t hear my wife screaming once, but I dare say she was screaming the house down. I focused on the job at hand. It was sink or swim. There was no one else.”

The unique thing about the delivery was there were no waters broken in the lead-up to the labour, so the baby was born in the amniotic sac. “I had no idea what to do. I said to the midwife, ‘She’s coming out, but she’s all wrapped up’,” Bradley said.

“Suddenly the baby kicked out with her left leg and broke away from the sac and took her first breath. I put her in the recovery position because she had a bit of fluid in her throat and she vomited it up. Then she let out an almighty cry — I was overcome with emotion.

“I placed her on mum’s chest and treated Stacey for shock by putting more towels on her and some blankets. About a minute later my toddler Sam wandered in and said, ‘Daddy, the baby is crying’. It was a special moment.”

Ambulance officers arrived seven minutes after the birth of Annabelle, at 12.23am on June 3, and treated Stacey with saline before taking her and the baby to hospital.

Stacey endured the 32-minute labour without any pain relief. “If Brad wasn’t home I don’t know what I would have done,” she said.

“It was so quick. Having Brad here kept me calm and he knew what he was doing.”

The firefighter said emergency service experience went a long way towards “keeping my head level”.


Henry Okafor

  • Carey

    2017-06-25 #1 Author

    Wow 😳 That’s amazing ! 😀


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    2017-06-25 #2 Author

    What a brave man and a great husband! #GoDad and congratulations family ❤️


  • Mackenzie

    2017-06-25 #3 Author

    That’s so crazy couldn’t imagine but the baby will have a cool birth story


  • Erica

    2017-06-25 #4 Author

    This is amazing to know that you put your life on the line daily for others not knowing what day u might need to used those same tools that u learn on your job for family emergencies. I applauded this dad for being a superhero 💪🏼


  • Aol kinging

    2017-06-25 #5 Author

    Waoooooooooo what an amazing story, I love this so much I love his courage, glory be to the lord almighty


  • Nobuhle

    2017-06-25 #6 Author

    Wow such an inspiring story…. The father is very brave fience would’ve jump off the house 😂


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    Wow ❤️ That’s amazing !


  • Tynesha

    2017-06-25 #8 Author

    Wow!!! What a super hero (dad)… I wish I had a home birth! My husband would’ve passed out! 😂😂


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    Wow that’s amazing 😊😊


  • Destiny Freeman

    2017-06-25 #10 Author

    I love this it really made my day 😘


  • Tiana

    2017-06-25 #11 Author

    Such a brave man! I would be scared for my child’s father to do that, lol. I love this.


  • Bongiwe Stella Shabangu

    2017-06-25 #12 Author

    Wow this is so touching especially when she kicked ncoooah. You are the best dad she could ever ask for.


  • Jylia robinson

    2017-06-25 #13 Author

    I love this story he fights all day for the safety of other ppl and still had the courage and bravery to help his wife in need.😍😍😍


  • Deniesha Owens

    2017-06-25 #14 Author

    Wow this is an amazing story, God bless them ❤️


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    That’s amazing 😍


  • Asia

    2017-06-25 #16 Author

    Wow its amazing the experiences life has to offer


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    What a Beautiful and amazing story!!!


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