“This is Wtf God gave me” New dad unhappy with how his new baby looks threatens to abandon it (photo) “This is Wtf God gave me” New dad unhappy with how his new baby looks threatens to abandon it (photo)
A young new dad has taken to Facebook to share a photo of his newborn baby, but rather than the happy and grateful message new... “This is Wtf God gave me” New dad unhappy with how his new baby looks threatens to abandon it (photo)

A young new dad has taken to Facebook to share a photo of his newborn baby, but rather than the happy and grateful message new parents are known to share, Scottie Smith’s announcement was filled with regret and hints at disgust.

Scottie even made inquiry about the possibility of abandoning the child with the Department of Children and Family Services. Sharing a photo of the baby, he wrote:

“So My Baby 👶🏼 Finally Here N This Wtf God Give Me 😒 Can U Put A New Born In DCFS?”

The insensitive post has gathered over 11K shares, 3.7K comments, and 2.7K reactions – most of them shocked. Comments on the post are of people calling him out for such an inappropriate comment. A look at his timeline shows that he is still a young man who just had a child early.




Henry Okafor

  • Sky

    2017-07-10 #1 Author

    He can give me the baby


    • mimi

      2017-07-10 #2 Author

      right … the baby is sooooooo freaking cute 😍


      • Michelle

        2017-12-19 #3 Author

        Right can we put the dad back


        • Bella B

          2017-12-19 #4 Author

          That baby is ugly stop lying god bless him tho


          • Fua

            2017-12-21 #5 Author

            your ugly😡 the baby isn’t ugly she/he’s beautiful💓

          • K Latrell

            2017-12-23 #6 Author

            Im wit you. He is a little creepy looking. Pretty much all babies come out looking like an alien until they grow into themselves. Hell if you’ve been in water for almost a year,you’ll look like a fish too😅😅😅

    • Rob g

      2017-11-09 #7 Author

      The man doesn’t know a thing about c section and vaginal birth. Baby’s go a lot to be born it’s a miracle half of the baby’s don’t look like coneheads when they come out some are bruised others heads come out, out of shape becouse there heads are still soft that’s a perfectly fine looking baby one that would look better as he grows and this post one that he will regret hopefully the baby will never see this


      • Carolyn

        2017-11-10 #8 Author

        He or she beautiful or handsome


    • Denise

      2018-01-06 #9 Author

      You are truly a jerk!! You don’t deserve to be a father to this baby!!! He/she is a beautiful blessing!


    • Ms Red757

      2018-01-06 #10 Author

      People are asking for the blessings that you have received and you are being ungrateful to that precious Miracle you have


    • R Randal

      2018-11-16 #11 Author

      Homaly in the cradle beautiful at the table…this baby look like a premee so she’ll can ever day, she’ll probably be the next super model. Hopefully she gets a better dad. What a DICK


  • Deserae

    2017-07-10 #12 Author

    This is so sad !


  • Deserae

    2017-07-10 #13 Author

    So sad! Every baby is a blessing !


    • Deborah Cadden

      2017-12-19 #14 Author

      You horrible horrible father. You do not deserve this baby. I would take this baby in a heart beat and bring him / her up as my own.
      Dont you know when babies are first born their little head can be out of shape and swollen. Babies go under intense pressure when being born. Give this little darling a week and he will look completely different. You dont deserve this little bubs. Give him to me… i will give him the love he deserves.


  • Vanessa

    2017-07-10 #15 Author

    This is so mean why would he say that if you aint want kids dhpuld of kept your pants up pretty baby


  • Jasmine

    2017-07-10 #16 Author

    This is so sad! I think his baby is beautiful.


  • Tyonda Grimes

    2017-07-10 #17 Author

    Wow smh all babies are different! All babies are beautiful, handsome in his own way😍


  • Happiness

    2017-07-10 #18 Author

    When the mom was busy taking abortion pills, they didn’t think about this.


  • Asia

    2017-07-10 #19 Author

    Notice how he posted his social media information! People will do anything for likes and follows! Just shows his immaturity. So sad!!!!


  • Rosie

    2017-07-10 #20 Author

    That was mean of him being the father n all


  • Alissa

    2017-07-10 #21 Author

    He mad cuz the baby look like him smh every baby is a beautiful blessing


    • Francis

      2017-10-15 #22 Author

      I said the same thing… like um you planted that seed so obviously that’s what you look like🤔 anyways that baby is adorable 💕


  • Jaie

    2017-07-11 #23 Author

    He’s so damn sad for that smh🙄


  • Ezinne Nony

    2017-07-11 #24 Author

    The baby is very cute..am heartbroken with the father’s outburst 😢


    • Jeanita

      2018-01-26 #25 Author

      Shame on you you should be ashamed of yourself. That baby is a blessing of God and how dare you expose that baby like that that’s not nice and God don’t like ugly that baby is beautiful.


  • Malani johnson

    2017-07-11 #26 Author

    All babies are blessings but this was hilarious 😂 I’m sure he loves his child.


    • Tasha

      2017-10-14 #27 Author

      I was laughing only because who says dumb shit like this. SMH! The baby looks like a newborn all swollen and his color hasn’t come in yet. This daddy is just damn stupid. He might want to check his own baby photos out…


  • Bornoriginal Dilma Rawlins-Avila

    2017-07-11 #28 Author

    So, where is this lil angel Mother?? I will be more than happyvto have he/she in my care…”That baby is God’s beautiful creation” Wonderfully and beautifully made 😘🙌💕


  • Oesha

    2017-07-11 #29 Author

    this is not cool. He’s only a baby and he’s adorable❤😍


  • Baby D

    2017-07-11 #30 Author

    The dad is Ghetto, Poor little Angel , hope the mom is somewhat normal. Wow this is what’s really going on in the world today…sad.


  • Evelyn

    2017-07-11 #31 Author

    What is he thinking!!! Every child is a blessing from God!


  • Tanisha

    2017-07-11 #32 Author

    He is absolutely adorable


    • Yoo

      2017-07-12 #33 Author

      He really is….give it to me…and if the dad thinks he so “ugly” is probably cuz the dad is not attractive either


  • alexis prince

    2017-07-11 #34 Author

    this is so saddening , all babies are blessings.


  • Kentasia Smith

    2017-07-11 #35 Author

    Some people can’t have kids and he have a nerve to down talk his babies are blessings he don’t even deserve to be a father


  • Nia sitzmann

    2017-07-11 #36 Author

    Awe he is so cute


  • Gloria

    2017-07-11 #37 Author

    Gloria Siko

    There is no greater gift like a child…That angel is distaned for greateness…His words (Scootie) r heartwrenching…his just lost


  • Kesha Marie

    2017-07-12 #38 Author

    He looks just like him stupid that’s so sad he is so adorable


  • Kara

    2017-07-12 #39 Author

    Well the baby actually looks like him. So…..


  • Chanel

    2017-07-12 #40 Author

    SMFH that’s SOO sad and too think some women can’t have kids and it’s sad too hear that he want too abandon their baby just from how he looks


  • Kimberly Caldwell

    2017-07-13 #41 Author

    NOT. HIS. BABY! He perpetuated a very tasteless joke, using a picture of someone elses baby. It got back to the real parents and it hurt them deeply, as they considered this a miracle baby. And he’s now laughing about the whole thing, all over his Facebook wall. Scum!!😠


  • charity nankala

    2017-07-13 #42 Author

    this baby is so nice men, even the father of the baby was like this when he was a baby, so why hate your own looks, imagine can’t even have shame for exposing your ignorance hatred on media, then what.


  • Paquita

    2017-08-15 #43 Author

    Apparently he doesn’t know what newborns look like!!!! Freaking Idiot babies have to grow into their looks!!!! His momma should have have left him with DCFS!!! Especially if she would have know he was going to grow up and be this stupid!!! Be thankful all babies are beautiful!!!


  • Adeduro omowumi

    2017-10-13 #44 Author

    Pls give it to me Pls &pls for Godsake


  • Sybil

    2017-10-14 #45 Author

    He probably looks just like him too.


  • Corbittjap

    2017-10-14 #46 Author

    I would love to have this BEAUTIFUL gift from God.


  • Irene

    2017-10-14 #47 Author

    I worked in the new born nursery. Being born is stressful on a baby. The way they appear at birth isn’t the way they will always appear. My son looked funny too and so do a lot of babies. Love them


  • Abrill

    2017-10-14 #48 Author

    No tengo hijos y quiero en verdad tener uno, me lo puede dar y con gusto será mi pequeño principe!!


  • Jennifer N Mayes

    2017-10-14 #49 Author

    The baby is so adorable cute as a button


  • Debbie Burgess

    2017-10-15 #50 Author

    I hope no one ever left that man alone with that baby


  • Sue

    2017-10-15 #51 Author

    So disgusted to read such nonsense. He don’t deserve to be a dad. Where is the mother? What see she think of this?


  • Chocolate

    2017-10-15 #52 Author

    He is what a couple of minutes old??? Geesh!!! You have to give him time to MOLD SHAPE AND FORM. TOMORROW HE WILL BE A WHOLE NEW LOOKING KID!! BESIDES ALL THAT YOU ARE A ASSHOLE🖕!


  • Kimberly

    2017-10-15 #53 Author

    What a big horses ass😡😡😡😤😤😤the babys adorable and god bless this baby


  • Tamara

    2017-10-16 #54 Author

    What an asshole he should be praising bub god does things for a reason you a bastard for speaking lile that about your child shame on you


  • Angelica

    2017-10-16 #55 Author

    I’ll take the BABY n I’ll care for the BABY well. Cuteness ..
    The father should not be allowed to keep the BABY cause if he’s angry then the BABY isn’t safe with him


  • Tammy

    2017-10-16 #56 Author

    You are a sorry excuse for a man who the fuck says shit like this and puts it up for the world to see I hope you get hit by a truck and see how u like it when ppl look at you and say nasty shit about ur squashed face stupid cunt


  • Education in Process

    2017-10-22 #57 Author

    That ni99@ probably ugly AF himself to have made that baby. 😂


  • Jessica

    2017-10-23 #58 Author

    I will take the baby its blessing and give all the love it deserves i cant believe the type of man he is to say that about the baby


  • Kayla

    2017-10-23 #59 Author

    This is so mean. This little angel is a blessing! What is the matter with you?


  • Ashley tkalec

    2017-10-24 #60 Author

    He can give me the baby to me n my man we would love that baby


  • Valanthia

    2017-10-26 #61 Author

    He can give me the baby… OMW this is really sad I am sure a dog will treat this child even better that this guy … The little Angel is adorable … The ungratefulness of some people astounds me sometime


  • Aretha

    2017-11-08 #62 Author

    The baby has to grow into his looks,but to me that’s a beautiful baby,and he’s going to regret making those remarks in a couple of weeks!


    • KingMuma

      2018-11-14 #63 Author

      very true he must surely regret



    2017-11-08 #64 Author



  • jamaica

    2017-11-08 #65 Author

    Your so fucking dad that the god gave you a child !! .. theres so many people that they want a baby but the god did not give them.. but you !? ur not appreciate that the god gave you !!. Actually ur lucky to have a child.


  • Bertha Katongo

    2017-11-09 #66 Author

    please give him to me……….


  • Barbie

    2017-11-10 #67 Author

    Children are gifts from God they are precious and we must appreciate and cherish them forever…


    • Shen

      2017-11-30 #68 Author

      Yes! That’s a SPECIAL GIFT from God


  • Shen

    2017-11-30 #69 Author

    Can I have that baby? Pleaseeeeeeee……I beg in the name of God….which country was the baby borne?


  • Dora Luckey

    2017-12-19 #70 Author

    Who says shit like that,he’s or she is your child regardless of what they look like.Who knows you probably looked like this baby when your ass was born.Dude you have a beautiful child so step up to the plate n deal with it.In time as the baby grows the features will change.Be glad you were blessed with a gorgeous healthy baby.CONGRADULATIONS DADDY!!!!!


  • Amanda

    2017-12-19 #71 Author

    Omg some people can’t have kids be greatful you can I would give anything to have a beautiful baby like this one this is such a shame how someone can even think this baby is ugly this baby is so adorable….


    • Heather

      2017-12-23 #72 Author

      Coming from a Mommy of 3 Angels in Heaven, thank you for your thoughtful comment on this. I just want to spit on this low life. I’m so so sorry for you. I
      can truly say I understand and feel your pain. Prayer’s and lots of hugs 😇😘👶👪🍼🎀🎁🕇♀⚢♂⚣♾👼👯💋💙💖💔


  • Bonita

    2017-12-19 #73 Author

    This post was so mean, and it’s such a precious baby. I hope the father fixes the mistake he made a removes that statement.


  • Eva Blackmon

    2017-12-19 #74 Author

    All babies are a blessing from God. Instead of criticizing the baby’s looks how about talking about the dad’s ugly attitude. He’s beautiful. There are so many couples out there wishing THEY had what he was blessed with. SMH.


  • Phyllis Ansley

    2017-12-19 #75 Author

    Get over it. All babies are not born beautiful as a matter of fact most are wrinkled and look like little old men lol but by the time they are a few weeks older they begin to change. No matter what its your child and in the eyes of love they are beautiful. Time for your ass to grow up.


  • Katherine prevatt

    2017-12-19 #76 Author

    That’s not nice you can give me the baby if you don’t want i will take good care of the baby I can’t have anymore


  • Hope

    2017-12-19 #77 Author

    Ill take that precious baby!!! He clearly dont deserve that blessing…..


  • Maureen uju

    2017-12-19 #78 Author

    Like seriously a dad is sad because God blessed him with a seed. Go out there and ask some family that need a baby how is like. May God Almighty forgive you. ….


    • Heather

      2017-12-23 #79 Author

      Some of us want a baby so bad….Count your Blessings. Some of us will never have this and
      Can only imagine the beautiful experience of it. 😢😢💔 Coming from a Mommy of 3 Angels in Heaven, thank you for your thoughtful comment on this. I just want to spit on this low life. 😇😘👶👪🍼🎀🎁🕇♀⚢♂⚣♾👼👯💋💙💖💔


  • gaby

    2017-12-19 #80 Author

    that baby is gorgeous hes an asshole who needs to Rot in a special kind of hell


  • Candi

    2017-12-19 #81 Author

    He’s going to eat his words after the baby starts to fill out
    Pray mom don’t have to put up with him.


  • Ms Bennett

    2017-12-19 #82 Author

    This baby is too precious for a bad like this azzhole


  • Lisa M Loyd

    2017-12-19 #83 Author

    Baby is beautiful


  • Peata Lepua

    2017-12-20 #84 Author

    Why would u say such a thing. Ur baby is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. God gave u his gift to look after. U should be ashamed of urself. May this angel be bless by our loving God


    • CK-S

      2018-01-17 #85 Author

      Amen to that!!!! God is awesome in all his ways and he created this wonderful little angel 😇, and I agree this so called father should thankful and grateful as some people can’t have kids.


  • Peta

    2017-12-20 #86 Author

    Fuck your ungrateful asshole. He is adorable and perfect. You should be thankful to have a child like other people can’t have kids. Go dig a hole and die you stupid idiot father


  • Moana

    2017-12-20 #87 Author

    Eff word the father

    Your a worthless dad why have sex than

    Every child 👶 is a blessing


  • Sharon

    2017-12-21 #88 Author

    Pure Idiot! God blessed you with an opportunity to take care of and raise a healthy baby and your ungrateful ass is unhappy. Do you know how many couples would love this opportunity? Children are a blessing from God!! Well I pray that the mother of this Beautiful child does not feel the same because if she does, then God can see to it that you will not bare anymore children..


  • Katrina dickson

    2017-12-21 #89 Author

    That fucking man needs to grow the fuck up that baby is an angel


  • Pauline

    2017-12-22 #90 Author

    This dad should be greatful n thankful for what he get,children’s are the gift from God, as we all known the Bible mention only children, just be greatful you got that gift but others didn’t, may God bless your soul n bless that baby he’s or she grow up n be a blessing to others……


  • Heather

    2017-12-23 #91 Author

    There is nothing at all wrong with this baby. Some babies just have a more difficult journey in to the world than others. Sometimes it effects their skin color, eye and head shape and other things. Shame on this “Man”. I hope the baby never finds this out when it’s older. Some of us want a baby of our own but we just can’t for one reason or another. Count your Blessings. Some of us will never have this and
    Can only imagine the beautiful experience of it. 😢😢💔


  • Mary

    2017-12-23 #92 Author

    Those eyes are beautiful. I would love to have this baby. Like so many people have stated, ALL babies are gifts from God! I pray for this dad to love his baby and be a proud dad!!!


  • Blessing

    2018-01-06 #93 Author

    This baby is beautiful ,the man must be mad


  • Rowena

    2018-01-06 #94 Author

    He cursed himself!!!??? Father and child lips and eyes. Didn’t he saw himself in his child!!!!!!


  • Carolyn Brown

    2018-01-06 #95 Author

    DSS should take this baby from the mother if she allows this father to come near this baby, because he is a sick man and doesn’t deserve to have this beautiful bay in his life, a person with love in the heart will love their baby no matter what he or she look like.


  • Annka Steele

    2018-01-17 #96 Author

    If you feel that way next time your ugly ass should wear a condom or better yet you shouldn’t of been born


  • CK-S

    2018-01-17 #97 Author

    It doesn’t matter what the baby looks like, ALL babies are a gift from God, this baby deserves a loving family and not a dad that is hateful to his child. Children are beautiful in their own way and in God’s eyes cause God created this little tiny miracle who has done nothing wrong and deserves to be here, this man being like that does not deserve to be a father to any child. The baby is a beautiful miracle that God himself created in his mother’s womb, and if I was not living at the mission with my baby, I most definitely would take the baby in a heartbeat and raise him/her as my own and love and care for him/her as if the baby were my own. 😠


  • Crystal Snowden

    2018-01-26 #98 Author

    I would be more than happy if you would like to give me the baby. I have a loving family that would except him with open arms


  • Letitia

    2018-02-07 #99 Author

    That will be a beautiful baby when she/he grows up. It wouldn’t take long. The daddy would regret. He shouldn’t be ungrateful…10 toes n 10 fingers.. In perfect baby. Thank God from whom all blessings flow.


  • Suffield

    2018-05-24 #100 Author

    Soulest pathetic disgusting monster who should be CASTRATED!!! Give that baby to a family that will LOVE IT!! If you keep him/her you’d abuse the child!!! Your a true blue idiot moron!!!


  • Cindy

    2018-11-13 #101 Author

    So cute I have the baby he so cute some people are not lucky they can’t have kids u have one and say this he so cute get over it


  • Suzy

    2018-11-14 #102 Author

    God don’t make mistakes I will take him and love him lthe way God meant for him to be loved he is a perfect little angle so sad the way the father is acting and he is ashamed of his own flesh n blood that’s so wrong


  • Lenitria

    2018-11-14 #103 Author

    If I was the baby’s mother, he would’ve been smacked!! Gtfoh! We don’t need yo sorry ass anyway!! If he’s ugly, which clearly he’s a cutie pie, but if he’s so ugly, hell he looks like yo stupid ass!! But he’s NOT! He’s cute and a blessing!! Kick his dumb ass to the mfin curb!! Sorry bastard!!


  • Monita

    2018-11-15 #104 Author

    Lets see how he looks!!! Damn shame…!


  • Karina garcia

    2018-11-16 #105 Author

    I’ll take the baby it’s cute how can so.e one do that


    • Karina garcia

      2018-11-16 #106 Author

      How can someone do that it’s a dam shame I’ll take that pretty baby


  • Faleisha Willis

    2018-11-21 #107 Author

    This dude was bless with a blessing that a lot of people are not fortunate to have then u say some shit like this.. U a piece of shit for a father. I believe u look ugly.. Maybe ur parents shouldve abandon you. U bitch ass nigga..


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