Mother shares touching story and Pictures of her beautiful daughter born without eyes Mother shares touching story and Pictures of her beautiful daughter born without eyes
A mother, Kiara has shared a touching story of her beautiful daughter, Kenesley Ayanna who was born with a rare genetic disorder, Anophthalmia (born without... Mother shares touching story and Pictures of her beautiful daughter born without eyes

A mother, Kiara has shared a touching story of her beautiful daughter, Kenesley Ayanna who was born with a rare genetic disorder, Anophthalmia (born without eyes). She was hit with the news a day after she gave birth to her bundle of joy.Just after giving birth, she noticed her baby had a lump in her left eye and demanded that a test is done.  Read her story below…

“When we found out I was having a baby girl, I was so excited and started planning her whole life out in my head. Dance schools, gymnastics, modelling etc. All cute things that little girls do. And to top it off, my best friend proposed to me, taking the next step to making our family one! Life was looking up and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I ate all kinds of healthy foods, drank the best water, Google was life and avocado became my best friend lol. The day came on 3.15.2017 at 5:34am after having labour pains for almost two days. It was a natural and easy birth and God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl – Kensley Ayanna. But I noticed something.. it was a big lump under her left eye and her eyes were swollen. I asked the nurses and doctors I saw that day and everyone told me it would go down, not to worry about it. But I pressed on because I wanted her to open her eyes.. to see me and her dad. The next day we were hit with heart breaking news. “We didn’t find any”, is what they said to us. My heart fell to my stomach. My fiancé broken like never before. In an instant it pulled us closer together. With my mom by my side, they helped me to be STRONG. I had no other choice. It felt like a dream. My baby girl has a rare genetic disorder called Anophthalmia (born without eyes). Like what? Why me? Why her? But I soon realised what was best for her was me and what was best for me was her! Today I no longer have those questions. God makes no mistakes. During ultrasounds she would cover her face or turn her head because she was meant to be here. I will treat my daughter as normal because she is normal. A healthy baby girl who has the advantage of not seeing the ugliness in the world the way I do. To meet and love someone for who they are, not what they see. To surpass all limitations and expectations. Kensley will have to work a little harder but yes, I will see to it as her mother that NOTHING stands in her way. For now my eyes are hers and I will show my daughter nothing but love…

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Henry Okafor

  • Naomie

    2017-08-03 #1 Author

    Never seen something like this before.


  • Talisha Weathersby

    2017-08-03 #2 Author

    This is such a blessing to even be blessed with a born baby, we love them no matter what love this story


  • Pastor Odemeroh Kingsley

    2017-08-03 #3 Author

    Listen to me woman, The LORD said, I am the Lord of all flesh, is there anything too difficult for me to do? Kensley Ayanna will see again before this time next year according to my words in Jesus name! Amen! You are blessed and lifted.


    • Joenika Brown

      2017-08-04 #4 Author

      Coming in agreement with this word, In Jesus Name Amen!!


      • Diann jones

        2017-08-04 #5 Author

        I’m coming in agreement that your beautiful baby girl we see..


        • Joy

          2017-08-04 #6 Author

          God never make mistake, neither the sins of her parents have caused this but for the glory of God to be seen in her life. She is wonderfully and beautifully made for a divine purpose.


          • Onaolapo

            2017-08-04 #7 Author

            For divine purpose is it,God will be magnified,so pretty 😍😍❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

          • Penny

            2017-08-05 #8 Author

            Amen. God Bless your family.

      • Gold

        2017-08-04 #9 Author

        It shall come to pass in thy mighty name of Jesus ( Amen)


    • Mildred Thomas

      2017-08-04 #10 Author



    • Regina

      2017-08-06 #11 Author

      But God!!! I decree and declare that she will see


    • Casandra lee

      2017-08-07 #12 Author

      With tears flowing, I’m in a similar situation. My 10 month old have one eye due to cancer in the left eye. One thing for sure is it’s all in God’s plan. It’s hard but I accept this journey for myself and my baby boy. You have a beautiful daughter and like you spoke, your eyes will be her eyes. You have a beautiful heart and God knew who he was dealing with.


      • Nardia

        2017-08-10 #13 Author

        I love this and what you said in return may god bless both of you guys


  • Amanda

    2017-08-03 #14 Author

    So beautiful aman


  • Izaria

    2017-08-03 #15 Author

    Omg melt my heart . She is still beautiful 💓💓 bless her soul.


  • Dionna

    2017-08-03 #16 Author

    Wow this is a blessing she’s beautiful


    • Ronnie

      2017-08-06 #17 Author

      Amen , God is in control there is nothing that God can not do, I declear healing in the name of jahovia Almighty God in the name of Jesus remove every obstacle in the name of Jesus I pary, just remember that God is great and he can do anything if pary and belive you must belive for it to be down. Very important to belive. God bless you and your daughter in Jesus name. Amen and amen. God bless.


  • Tamara

    2017-08-03 #18 Author

    She is such a beauty, take care of her she is special!! #godsblessings


  • Suzan

    2017-08-03 #19 Author

    Nothing is impossible with our Almighty God in heaven.


  • Monique

    2017-08-03 #20 Author

    God bless you an mama she gonna make u proud


  • Claris

    2017-08-03 #21 Author

    I just went into tears after reading this but am so happy that the little cutie has an angel in human form for a mother. May God give all the strenght and what u need to take care of this angel.


  • Ademola opeyemi

    2017-08-03 #22 Author

    It is well with you and your baby she is a blessing to you and God will perfect everything about her.she is cute.


  • Latara Byrd

    2017-08-03 #23 Author

    She’s still beautiful omg.Mom keep up the good work


  • Jade

    2017-08-03 #24 Author

    God bless y’all !


  • S Lat

    2017-08-03 #25 Author

    Wow!! But think about Stevie Wonder…so yes she will flourish if you put no limitations on her. Get her some cute sunglasses and watch her slay!!! Be encouraged!!👍🏼💞😎


  • Donjelle

    2017-08-03 #26 Author

    She is Beautiful


  • Mae

    2017-08-03 #27 Author

    Awwww what a beautiful story. Almost in tears!


  • Henrietta Kotey

    2017-08-03 #28 Author

    Sooo cute…..God will intervene dear, he makes all things bright n beautiful at the right time.


  • Raven

    2017-08-03 #29 Author

    This is so sad 😩


    • Candy Grace

      2017-08-06 #30 Author

      Your baby looks like a lil model just posing.She is truly an inspiration.w


  • Asia

    2017-08-03 #31 Author

    Such a beautiful blessing


  • Keosha

    2017-08-03 #32 Author

    She’s Beautiful May God Bless her


  • Constance

    2017-08-03 #33 Author

    This is sad but the baby is still beautiful


  • Dominique Turner

    2017-08-03 #34 Author

    Wow…..this article really got to me. She is still a blessing and a beautiful baby girl.


  • Talisha Diane

    2017-08-03 #35 Author

    💕wow, touching story. She’s beautiful. God bless your family


  • jasmine

    2017-08-03 #36 Author

    wow she is still beautiful and god blessed you with a wonderful blessing …… may god to continue to bless you and babygirl


  • Jacqueline

    2017-08-03 #37 Author

    She is an Angel a beautiful bouncing baby girl. God guide her n protect her family..


  • Marnique

    2017-08-03 #38 Author

    She’s such a beautiful baby n blessed wit two parents whom love her most she is a blessing n wit this blessing comes love. Be blessed


  • Angely

    2017-08-03 #39 Author

    She is yet still beautiful and unique!!!


  • Cassandra

    2017-08-03 #40 Author

    Really got me teary . Im touched by how faithful you are . She is soo beautiful and God will definitely bless your family ❤ .


  • Daejalyn

    2017-08-03 #41 Author

    She is cute no matter what people say


  • Destiny

    2017-08-03 #42 Author

    She is a adorable baby 👶🏾 💖 And you are such a wonderful mother!!!! This story melts my heart!!! Much love here!!!💜💜💜


  • Evelyn

    2017-08-03 #43 Author

    She’s beautiful


  • Sarah Duncan

    2017-08-03 #44 Author

    Don’t give up she is a blessing from God and she has a purpose into this world


  • Santriana Simmons

    2017-08-03 #45 Author

    I Wonder How Stuff Likes This Happens!


  • Jennifer

    2017-08-03 #46 Author

    She is so beautiful


  • Joycelyn Anfrews-Green

    2017-08-03 #47 Author

    Your daughter is beautiful just like her beautiful Mother. God wI’ll strengthend and provide for you and your daughter and family. Stay


  • Joycelyn Andrews-Green

    2017-08-03 #48 Author

    Beautiful little princess. Just like her mommy. Jehovah God will strengthen your and keep His promises. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Stay bless my sister.


  • Renee Newman

    2017-08-03 #49 Author

    Your daughter is so BEAUTIFUL I love her and she loves me cause God said we are all made with love !💕💕💕💕💕


  • Diane

    2017-08-03 #50 Author

    She is so beautiful thank you god for this precious angel she a beautiful baby girl


  • Jennifer

    2017-08-04 #51 Author

    She still a doll baby the Lord got her here for reason Amen my 👏 and hands👐 💖💖


  • Shadrika

    2017-08-04 #52 Author

    She’s blessed and take care of your beautiful baby girl I’ve never seen this in my life but God is good and she’s still perfectly healthy a blessing from God heaven sent 😍😍😍


  • Rachel

    2017-08-04 #53 Author

    She is perfect the way God made her. God bless you and your beautiful little girl.


  • Lerone drakes

    2017-08-04 #54 Author

    She is a very beautiful little princess nd 1 day the lord will bless her with eyesight to see her mom nd dad nd what goes on in the world…….i will also pray for this babygirl..


  • Jazzmine martinez

    2017-08-04 #55 Author

    She is so beautiful😍👑💅💄🎀💋❤💝


  • Reka

    2017-08-04 #56 Author

    She a cutie ❤❤ continue to be a great mother Always say kids are a Blessing. God Blessing us to carry them for a reason


  • Rev Melditz Bede-Wealth

    2017-08-04 #57 Author

    Hello,please I believe that your baby can see ,if only you can connect with me..This is a little thing for God to do.Jesus the same today,yesterday and forever.He changers not and disappointed not.There is hope .God bless you !


  • Laketa M Parker

    2017-08-04 #58 Author

    She is beautiful.


  • Chartrice Johnson

    2017-08-04 #59 Author

    Awwwe that baby is beautiful her mother has a great outlook on their situation and turned something drastic into something beautiful and humble.


  • Ashley

    2017-08-04 #60 Author

    She so cute i going pray for u


  • Ruth E Pitts-London

    2017-08-04 #61 Author

    Forever be encouraged My Sister/My Brother! She is a beautiful child! Blessings will always come her way…when the Lord God who is Mighty, Kind, & Merciful reveal that which we need to know, then shall we receive it with exceeding joy! Prayfully..Ruth Pitts-London


  • Jo combs

    2017-08-04 #62 Author

    She is absolutely beautiful to me i see nothing wrong with this gift from god she is perfect in every way. Mom you are blessed and and she is lucky to be born to a beautiful lady that loves her unconditionally. Keep those beautiful smiles on those faces because the world is blessed to have such devoted and special parents and kids such as yourselves in the world. Sending much love your way from Arkansas.


  • Kita

    2017-08-04 #63 Author

    Her is Beautiful 💖💗


  • Kita

    2017-08-04 #64 Author

    Her is so Beautiful 💗💖


  • Amanda

    2017-08-04 #65 Author

    Beautiful baby girl


  • Bernice

    2017-08-04 #66 Author

    She’s a beauty!!! What a sight to see…that clear gray color is beautiful to me. God bless you 3, cause he makes no mistakes.


  • Miracle Moore

    2017-08-04 #67 Author

    She’s My Birthday Twin ❤❤❤❤❤❤ && She’s ADORABLE 😍😍😍😍


  • LaReshia

    2017-08-04 #68 Author

    She’s still
    A Doll baby 😍👶🏾👣 Bless her soul 🙌🏾💋


  • Senita cole

    2017-08-04 #69 Author

    She’s truly amazing thank you for sharing your story it was touching your words were spoken so well God has u all so be blessed and live life let nothing stand in you all’s way I wish you all the best and Ms.Kensley is destined for greatness again God bless you and your family


  • Mrs Adesuyi k

    2017-08-04 #70 Author

    I think d beautiful girl can b operated & survive it with prayers, what about that. God is awesome.


  • Debra

    2017-08-04 #71 Author

    You are blessed with a little angel take good care of this beautiful sweet baby you are a good mother so bless you with this little angel


  • Pikiaka Sharry

    2017-08-04 #72 Author

    Wow what a beautiful baby girl mummy u are blessed with her love her like u have never loved before she is so cute many pray for butt they don’t have.Thank God all de days of ur life for her


  • Hazel

    2017-08-04 #73 Author

    She’s so beautiful hugs to you all mom


  • Kimberly Woods

    2017-08-04 #74 Author

    Your baby is beautiful
    She is a blessing, God is good. I love your attitude and I will continue to pray for you and your sweet bundle of joy…. Kimberly Woods


  • Idoko Chinenye Elsie Ifeoma

    2017-08-04 #75 Author

    “A healthy baby girl who has the advantage of not seeing the ugliness in the world like i do”. You saw the best in this situation. this bundle of joy and happiness couldn’t have come into a better family!!!! May God strenghten you both and may you only recieve the best things of life. Love you both


  • Sherhonda

    2017-08-04 #76 Author

    She very beautiful and ur a strong woman keep God first n know that he wouldn’t put more on you that u can’t bare…God bless you and ur family…


  • Asanda Maseko

    2017-08-04 #77 Author

    My sister and I saw her on Instagram. She’s prweetyyy ❤😍


  • Shontiel

    2017-08-04 #78 Author

    She has beautiful eyes. And when she gets older she will be even more stunning.


  • Rojina Adhikari

    2017-08-04 #79 Author

    She is cute god bless you baby girl


  • Tammie

    2017-08-04 #80 Author

    Very Beautiful baby girl, life is to precious not to listen to God in God’s time he will heal her he will lay his hands upon her eyes and she will see again one day God is a miracle of man and woman and children if you shall believe in him you have everlasting love amen


  • Miangela

    2017-08-04 #81 Author

    She’s so beautiful, God has a plan for her


  • Bre Montana

    2017-08-04 #82 Author

    There’s nothing like a mother’s love 😍


  • Chas

    2017-08-04 #83 Author

    Such a beautiful story! Prayers going up for the mother and others that will make her life amazing!! She is so cute and that smile is on point for every picture. The eyes of her heart are open, from there she sees clearly!


  • shadricka early

    2017-08-04 #84 Author

    baby girl you is beautiful


  • Bri

    2017-08-04 #85 Author

    She is beautiful and she’s a blessing! Looking at her pictures makes me want to jus pick her up and kiss her face consistently!!! She’s so lovable!!!


  • Tamika Banks

    2017-08-04 #86 Author

    This story truly saddens me, but look at that beautiful smile.


  • francisca

    2017-08-04 #87 Author

    the girl is so adorable.


  • Lena

    2017-08-04 #88 Author

    You are right, God makes NO mistakes, she is fearfully and wonderfully made!. A precious gift you have. She’s beautiful!


  • Elizabeth

    2017-08-04 #89 Author

    Baby u will see again in Jesus Name Amen


  • Tameka Jennings

    2017-08-04 #90 Author

    Hello as I look at the picture before I started reading tears came to my eyes god is so awesome and that beautiful bundle of joy is amazing oh you are strong and an amazing mom and your Babygirl will still be able to do everything you want her to do nothing is impossible when go take over I look forward to seeing this Beautiful baby girl on tv one day and I’m going to look back on this post and tears of joy will come again speak upon everything you want and it will come be bless gods has everything planned out


  • Dixie

    2017-08-04 #91 Author

    Your little girl Is so so beautiful take very good care of her the almighty father knows best. He will give u patients wisdom strength understand an everything else your heart desire to look after her she is a blessing keep the faith god bless both of you


  • Alexis

    2017-08-04 #92 Author

    Things like this breaks my heart to pieces she’s so precious


  • Leyette

    2017-08-04 #93 Author

    The mothers words melted my heart. This story is beautiful from every aspect. God bless this beautiful Kenesley Ayanna keep her close to your side. Let your light be her companion, and your love be her constant guide and hold her hand throughout life’s journey. Amen


  • Ytesha

    2017-08-04 #94 Author

    She is so Beautiful and you is a great mom to her god bless y’all both


  • Donnetta Jackson

    2017-08-04 #95 Author

    She is just fine! God has her in his hands! Your both beautifully blessed! Just keep doing what your doing, and that’s loving her!! That’s all that matters! 💓


  • Tameka Nelson

    2017-08-04 #96 Author

    You sad it. God do not make mistakes. She is here for a reason and I am sure in time you will see the reason. You are a very positive mom and I love that. She is such a beauty and I hope everyone she meet will see past her eyes and see the beauty in her. God will never leave you alone, he will be there to guide you and help you with whatever challenges you or your princess may face. I will pray for her to have sight and hope others will do so too. Keep the faith and love you guys.



    2017-08-04 #97 Author

    She’s a beautiful baby girl no matter what anyone says ….. you can really tell that she has an amazing personality 😍😘 may god bless you and your family and give you all the strength that you will need because your little girl will need for you to be strong for her every second and everyday …. bless your heart sweetie because God has really given you a beautiful gift


  • Calvina

    2017-08-04 #98 Author



  • April Robinson

    2017-08-04 #99 Author

    She is beautiful


  • Latrice bosf

    2017-08-04 #100 Author

    Your baby is beautiful in every way like u said god knows what he was doing the way this world is now is horrible


  • Ava Gordon

    2017-08-05 #101 Author

    She is so beautiful…


  • Denise

    2017-08-05 #102 Author

    She is so beautiful


  • Pb

    2017-08-05 #103 Author

    Hallelujah, I admire ur strength..God made no mistake. This is for his glory..she is sososo beautiful…


  • Simone

    2017-08-05 #104 Author

    She is beautiful!!!!!


  • Hope

    2017-08-05 #105 Author

    Your beautiful baby girl will see again in God’s name


  • Stephanie

    2017-08-05 #106 Author

    Such a touching story. God bless your family. Continue to be her eyes mommy. I admire your love and courage.


  • Nadia

    2017-08-05 #107 Author

    She is beautiful. You are blessed to have each other. God bless you both.



    2017-08-05 #108 Author

    Congratulations girl you have a beautiful daughter in your life that is all that matter and give her all the love in the world she deserve it be strong lady you have a blessed child in your life God blessed you with a beautiful little girl in your life keep being
    strong baby that’s love👍👍😘😘


  • Enrika Matthew

    2017-08-05 #109 Author

    Keep your faith In the most high..she will see that’s a miracle baby right there. Blessings


  • Brianna

    2017-08-05 #110 Author

    She’s beautiful, bless this family.


  • Victoria

    2017-08-05 #111 Author

    She’s is beautiful either way God bless her n ur family


  • Tammi

    2017-08-05 #112 Author

    She is beautiful no matter what


  • Jennifer

    2017-08-06 #113 Author

    She so adorable God has blessed you with his special creation cherish her love her hug her give her all the attention you can and you will learn so many things about her and from her.
    I works with blind kids and we have a child who born with out eyes as well she’s about 10yrs now and is so sensible and loving. .
    Praise and thank God for her.
    God blessings is so rich keep in line with him for her cares for you.


  • Lori

    2017-08-06 #114 Author

    She is a very beautiful baby with or without eye sight god has blessed you she will bring you joy god bless the both of you keep up the good work


  • Janee Bey

    2017-08-06 #115 Author

    She is very beautiful



    2017-08-06 #116 Author

    hi ms. kenesley u r a blessed woman who was bless wit a sweet bundle of joy u have to keep thanking god for your sweet daughter she will be an inspiration to u an ur husband one sweet day god will regain her sight he is an awesome an miracle working god so u be strong an don’t ever give up on that precious gift that he has given to u be bless,be strong an most important keep the faith,,god bless u an ur family.


  • Alfreeka

    2017-08-06 #117 Author

    She will accomplish wonder things and make her family proud. She is strong and her mother is her strength right now. God bless your entire family. May God give you so much wisdom in how to keep her ahead and on track. Lovely Little Lady


  • Ellen Evans

    2017-08-06 #118 Author

    She is so beautiful just how God planed her to be and she has a special propose on this earth that god will reveal in his time but for now just remember god chose you to take care of one of his special angels


  • Gwendolyn

    2017-08-06 #119 Author

    She is very beautiful no matter what anybody else say about her she is your child and Gods child


  • Tracey

    2017-08-06 #120 Author

    She is a blessing, a gift from God. Hee will give you both the strength and courage you need. She is an angel and so are you! Be Blessed.


  • Monique Richardson

    2017-08-06 #121 Author

    She is beautiful with or without eyes teach her a such queen she is


  • Shay

    2017-08-07 #122 Author

    She so pretty such a blessing her and my daughter have the same bday


  • Quintina

    2017-08-07 #123 Author

    You have a beautiful daughter don’t matter wat you going through God by your side. That baby is your blessing


  • Veronica

    2017-08-07 #124 Author

    She has eyes she just can’t see but she will and can be like any other child she can laugh, play, run, be a star attain any dream she is a blessing God makes no mistakes never question life just embrace and thank God may that baby enjoy life God bless her beautiful self


  • Angel

    2017-08-08 #125 Author

    She’s so beautiful.
    She’ll be able to see. Trust and believe
    God Bless y’all on y’all Bundle of Joy


  • Lisa

    2017-08-09 #126 Author

    Everything we go through in life is for a reason whether we see it as good or bad. Your beautiful princess is a gift from GOD, HE gave her to you because HE knew that you have what it takes to love her unconditionally as HE loves us. Many may not understand but before the foundations of the earth HE knew. I pray GOD’s continual BLESSINGS on you and your beautiful princess!!!


  • alice

    2017-08-09 #127 Author

    mom she is an angel she can’t see you with her eyes but she see you with her heart i commend you for being a loving mother God will take care of you both and if it is God will she will see someday God bless


  • LivhuNes

    2017-10-17 #128 Author

    May God give u more peace love and hapiness in ur family..
    Such an blessed all of u


  • Carla

    2017-10-18 #129 Author

    My little sister was also born without eyes. She is now 22 years old. To her, she knows no different. She is the happiest sweetest girl you will ever meet.


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