Sick child left in pile of trash to starve to death–makes amazing transformation! Sick child left in pile of trash to starve to death–makes amazing transformation!
Lying among trash on the floor in Haiti, this emaciated and gravely ill baby was struggling for her life when she was saved by... Sick child left in pile of trash to starve to death–makes amazing transformation!

Lying among trash on the floor in Haiti, this emaciated and gravely ill baby was struggling for her life when she was saved by an angel of love.

In 2010 after a devastating earthquake rocked the small island of Haiti, leaving a third of the population homeless, the number of abandoned children skyrocketed and the youth were left largely uneducated. Poverty abounded and Haiti was listed as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It was under these circumstances that Sarah Conque was drawn to help out at Danita’s Children Medical Center.

She had a volunteer job as a certified therapeutic recreation specialist, (CTRS). In was in January 2014, when a young woman entered the clinic with a three-month-old infant, Nika. The woman claimed the infant was abandoned. The baby was clearly suffering from hydrocephalus—a dangerous condition that causes a severe build-up of fluid inside the brain cavity. There is a mere 3% survival rate among babies born with this condition.


Sarah immediately made arrangements for neurosurgery for Nika. She traveled with them from Oanaminthe to the capital city of Port Au Prince where the hospital is located. Skilled surgeons there are few and far between, and only children who have the greatest chance for survival are picked. After a week of trying to secure a place for her, they were accepted, and on March 14, Nika at 5 months underwent neurosurgery.
Two months after surgery, Sarah was informed by hospital staff that Nika was still there. Nobody had come to take her home. After many phone calls imploring the woman to fetch Nika, she went to the hospital. As it turned out she was indeed the biological mother of Nika, however, the young mother was ashamed of her–she wrapped her up with cloth so no-one could see that she was carrying a baby to and from home. In Haiti, there is a lot of stigma surrounding any kind of physical deformity.
After months of not hearing from doctors on Nika’s progress after surgery, Sarah began to worry. Four months later the child was finally brought to the center but to Sarah’s dismay and heartbreak, it seemed that the procedure had failed. Nika was also having seizures again and on top of that, she was undernourished. Sarah attempted to work with the mother and child to assist her in looking after Nika. The child’s mother, however, was not consistent with check-ups and Sarah began to suspect that Nika was not receiving enough care at home.

Nika was found alone, lying among the rubbish and in need of medical care


Weeks went by without contact with Nika and her mother. Sarah’s instincts told her to go visit little Nika as soon as possible. That is when they found Nika alone, starving and lying among rubbish.

After finding Nika in these terrible conditions, and with Nika at 11 months weighing only 6 pounds, half of which was fluid, Sarah was heartbroken. When Nika’s mother returned, Sarah immediately asked her for permission to take the child, and she agreed. Sarah realized that time had run out for Nika–her mother could not care for her, and Nika was dying. Sarah had no choice but to step in and save Nika’s life.

Legal arrangements were made and a few days later Sarah was granted permission to take Nika. At that point, Nika’s internal organs were beginning to shut down. With her grim diagnosis, doctor’s didn’t believe Nika would see her first birthday.

“Miracle upon miracle, she continued to survive,” Sarah wrote on her website, Little Warrior Nika.

She wasn’t supposed to live with most of her brain missing…. 


Sarah continued to fight for Nika’s life in Haiti. At the hospital, she was told that Nika’s condition was incompatible with life, with only .5% of her brain remaining. Nika was also rejected from malnutrition clinics in Haiti due to her complicated illness. Luckily, a professional healthcare person flew in especially from the US to place an intravenous drip so she could get the necessary nutrition.

Nika experiences her first swim


After six months of going through legalities and caring for Nika, she obtained a medical visa to enter the US and they arranged another VP shunt implant. Sarah was finally granted legal guardianship and they arrived in the U.S with Nika in May 2015. With the support from fellow doctors and helpers including Sarah’s partner, Stephen, they had triumphed over what seemed to be insurmountable.

After a second VP shunt implant, Nika’s head circumference decreased by two inches and she started to make significant progress.

“Queue the tears…. Nika tried out her new stander in physical therapy today!” Sarah writes. “She wasn’t supposed to survive the malnutrition…. but today she stood….She wasn’t supposed to thrive after having hydrocephalus untreated for so long…. But today she held her head up….”

Nika attends her friend’s birthday party with her new mom Sarah


Two years have passed now since Nika was saved by Sarah. Although they have still many challenges to face, they have come through the worst. Sarah’s amazing dedication and swift action have made an incredible difference to this little girls life. She lives with Nika and her partner in South Louisiana.

They are thankful to all who have supported her and were there for them. Thousands of people all across the world have been following the updates of “Little Warrior Nika,” supporting her and loving her in the knowledge that she is “worthy of being fought for, prayed for, and cherished.”

Obinna Onyia

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