My name is Nneka Orji (Mrs) and this is my story! I got married 7 years ago and i have been living as a... THE EVIL ANIMAL IS FINALLY GONE! (True Life Story)

My name is Nneka Orji (Mrs) and this is my story! I got married 7 years ago and i have been living as a barren woman! It happened that During my wedding ceremony, I was given so many gifts as a new wife but my step mother gave me a small monkey and even though I was reluctant to accept this gift because I don’t like it my husband begged me to keep it.

We celebrated our first year anniversary with no child, then came the second, the third and I started getting worried, we tried so many hospitals but no solution. What I noticed was any time I missed my period, this monkey will find a way to jump on me like its trying to play with me and once it’s skin touches mine, I will see my period the following day. This happened over and over again and we thought maybe its because I have fibroids.

Last year, I finally went to Redeem during their annual REDEEMERS CAMPING and the man of the Lord said in the middle of his preaching “YOU THAT BARREN WOMAN, THE LORD SAID I SHOULD TELL YOU THAT EVIL ANIMAL DEVOURING YOUR FRUIT OF THE WOMB HAS BEEN EXPOSED! YOU WILL MEET IT LYING DEAD WHEN YOU GET HOME! I screamed AMEN! he continued his preaching but my mind was fixed on his prophecy! I spoke with my husband that the man of God was talking to me and that my suspicions about that monkey has been confirmed! and we left the church the next day and brethren we got home to meet not only dead monkey but a weird looking monkey!

I got pregnant that same month and now I am a proud mother of a baby girl! I declare now that every evil animal tormenting your marriage, your womb, your financial life, I declare that animal destroyed in Jesus name! Type amen and claim it.

Henry Okafor

  • Arlene

    2017-08-07 #1 Author

    Amen w.o.g I receive this message in the blessed name of Our Father His Son & The Holy Spirit


  • jecinta wanja

    2017-08-07 #2 Author

    amen in Jesus name


  • Madeline

    2017-08-07 #3 Author

    Wow this is so crazy. I’m not sure if I believe in stuff like that


    • Millie

      2017-08-07 #4 Author

      So sad for you! I pray health healing and blessings and understanding and His Love for you In Jesus Name!!! Amen and Amen


  • Lucy

    2017-08-07 #5 Author

    Amen I claim this in JESUS’ precious name!


  • Kyna

    2017-08-07 #6 Author

    Amen in Jesus name.


  • seun

    2017-08-07 #7 Author

    Amen, so shall it be. , amen.


  • Nana97

    2017-08-07 #8 Author

    This is crazy, I’m going to look more into this.


    • lauren

      2017-08-07 #9 Author

      if u are of african ancestry its important that u believe. i remember preparing for an exam and the night b4 i asked God to show me what i would be tested on. somehow i started paying more attention to Deep vein thrombosis (DVT). but the next morning i got a dream that a big black bird flew into my face. i went to the exam and got Dvt patient but every question the examiner asked flew right over my head even question on the treatment drug heparin. i couldnt understand. If u believe in angels you must believe in demons. If you believe in blessings you must believe in curses. for every blessing heaven wants to give you there is a host of ecil waiting to snatch it from you. Demons may manifest in animal form like the bird of darkness that came against my life. The bibke says the devil comes to kill steal and destroy while God comes to give us abundant life JOHN 10:10. God also says without knowledge my people perish. Selah


  • Luam

    2017-08-07 #10 Author

    Amennnnn and amen in jesus name i receive


  • LaTore Watts

    2017-10-17 #11 Author

    🙏Amen in the name of Jesus


  • Kia

    2017-12-03 #12 Author

    Amen. I claim. God said it so it shall be done.


  • April

    2018-01-24 #13 Author

    Amen in jesuse name I claim it


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