I kicked My Mother-In-Law Out Of My House I kicked My Mother-In-Law Out Of My House
What do I do? I’ve had a massive screaming argument with my mother-in-law. I have a 3 month of baby and her 1st grand... I kicked My Mother-In-Law Out Of My House

What do I do? I’ve had a massive screaming argument with my mother-in-law. I have a 3 month of baby and her 1st grand baby. But since she was born I feel she has done nothing but question and judge everything i do with my daughter. We have always had a rocky relationship. But since my daughter she has become worse. Anyways the fight ended up on me loosing my cool mostly and I kicked her out of my house. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I feel she just ruins my confidence and judges my house on how clean it is. I feel she always has to find a negative with something every time they visit. I just want her to like me and accept me but she has made it clear she only accepts me cause i am her sons wife. But I feel she doesn’t respect my choices with my daughter. She is so passive aggressive. For e.g She asks me the same question about her feeds/sleeps every single day. Why do I do that etc. I explain and then she asks me again the next day. My husband is SO angry with me and has threatened to leave me cause of this. As he thinks its all me and his mum does nothing wrong. He thinks i try to justify my reactions. Yes its true i get very very angry and its not ok. But i react to things that she says like…u will get angry with your baby and shake her, if u have another you will kill it, if you stress your baby will be born screaming, I could go on and on about the things she says. She makes me feel like I have to be a perfect mum. When I tell her how she makes me feel she says she doesn’t mean it like that etc. But I dont know how else to take it. I just get my back up instantly. Husband wants me to get help. I just feel so guilty as i feel I have torn our family apart. Why cant I just shut up and not let her upset me so much? I also want my baby to be with her nana. My mother-in-law has said she doesn’t want to see me anymore and to me it seems this is the end of the road? What do I do?

Henry Okafor

  • Daijah

    2017-08-07 #1 Author

    One thing about someone questioning your parenting skills it’s frustrating , it’s your first child you live and learn but your mother in law has to understand that at the end of the day that’s YOUR child . You and your husband should sit down and have a talk because why would he leave you and his child because of the miscommunication between you and his mom . It’s take two !!! Time will tell and yes she will def come around eventually .


    • Kimberly

      2017-08-08 #2 Author

      I know I never been married or have had kids. But you life is to short and I don’t think know one is thinking at this point , but if your that husband of yours continue to take sides he will and will be missing that baby girl first tooth and that first steps and so will she. I do not think you where wrong you are the one who gave birth to those kids and you are the queen of that house. Don’t let anyone and I mean anyone tell you how to raise your kids in your house, but I would ask for assistant when needed so if you need help with certain things that you would like for your kids especially with the newborn Baby you would still be incontrol of your castle just until you get thing how you want it. If you and your mother-in-laws make piece one day go to radio shack and buy a mini tape recorder to prove yourself to your husband that you are right record every visit from her don’t tell him what it is when you play the tape just let him listen and let him know you can be a with your wife like a husband and father or go home to his mother like alittle BOY!!!


  • Am’Berelle Jaye

    2017-08-07 #3 Author

    Omg Totally Understandable Tho!


  • Dianna

    2017-08-07 #4 Author

    Anyone that judge what you do for your child i think that she just trying to help not show you what you are doing wrong sometimes it just that she she just wanna help in make yiu become a better mother that you are . just listen instead of arguin maybe you will learn something out of it


  • lauren

    2017-08-07 #5 Author

    apologise to her. but u really dont have to be frienda you know! her opinion shouldnt mean so much to you


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