Woman finds out ‘kidney infection’ is actually a BABY – and gives birth on nan’s sofa 24 hours later Woman finds out ‘kidney infection’ is actually a BABY – and gives birth on nan’s sofa 24 hours later
A new mum was left shocked after she gave birth on her grandmother’s sofa just 24 hours after she found out that her “kidney... Woman finds out ‘kidney infection’ is actually a BABY – and gives birth on nan’s sofa 24 hours later

A new mum was left shocked after she gave birth on her grandmother’s sofa just 24 hours after she found out that her “kidney infection” was a baby.

Katie O’Brien, 25, had no idea she was pregnant and lost a stone-and-half in the months leading up to the delivery.

She went to the doctor after a day of going backwards and forwards to the loo, and experiencing a pain down the side of her right hip.

Believing she had a kidney infection she was asked to produce a urine sample.

Waiting at the bus stop afterwards, she received a phone call from the GP’s receptionist, telling her the doctor thought she was pregnant.

Katie says she “didn’t even have a bump” in the months leading up to Tristan’s arrival (Image: PA Real Life)

Katie, of Penpedairheol, Caerphilly, South Wales, said: “When my GP’s receptionist called me and told me he thought I was pregnant, I was so shocked, I nearly dropped my phone.

“I had been with my boyfriend, factory worker Ryan Thomas, 29, for four years, but we certainly hadn’t been trying for a child.”

Cleaner Katie, who lives near her job with her grandparents, Joan and Anthony Warburton, went to the doctor on March 2.

After that phone call she went home and found her grandad, chatting to her aunt.

She said: “I remember blurting out, ‘I might be pregnant. My GP says I need to get to hospital,’ and seeing their jaws drop.”

Tristan, now aged 22 weeks, was born weighing 6lb 3oz (Image: PA Real Life)

Her retired miner grandad, Anthony, 69, jumped up, steering her out of the house and into the car.

Katie said: “Overwhelmed, I was panicking and crying. Grandad was brilliant. So calming, he kept telling me everything would be fine.”

At Ystarad Mynach Hospital, they were joined by her customer assistant mum, Kay Shingler, 45, her cousin, Chantelle Evans, 18, and her grandmother, Joan, 65.

She recalled the moment when the sonographer ran a scanner over her stomach and she heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

She said: “I looked down at my tummy, but I didn’t even have a bump.

“Over the previous nine months; I’d actually been dieting and had lost a stone and a half.”

Katie still could not comprehend how she could be pregnant. Her periods had been irregular, but that was normal for her and she had not felt the baby move once.

She had an even bigger shock when the doctor said he believed the baby was full term.

Katie was asked to go to the Royal Gwent hospital 45 minutes away, and as her grandad drove her she realised there was someone else she needed to tell.

She said: “On the way, I suddenly realised I hadn’t told Ryan yet. It was 5.30pm, so he’d just finished work.

“Phoning him, I announced, ‘I’m on the way to hospital. You’re going to be a dad.’ After a moment’s silence, he simply replied, ‘I’ll meet you there.’”

Mum and baby stayed in hospital for a week to make sure they were both healthy (Image: PA Real Life)

During the journey, Katie started worrying about the nights out she’d had – not knowing she was pregnant – including a major 18th birthday celebration in February for Chantelle.

She said: “I’d had a few heavy nights, with plenty of boozing. Now I was terrified in case they’d harmed my baby.”

But there was little time for regrets. Met by Ryan at the hospital, Katie recalled: “He asked, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

“When I told him I didn’t know, we both burst out laughing and he told me it’d be fine.”

After another examination, told she was not yet in labour, Katie was sent home, where, warned she could give birth at any minute, she pulled her pyjamas on and went to bed.

Waking in the middle of the night in agony, she went to the loo, trying not to disturb the sleeping household.

But her aunt Tracy found her leaning over the wash basin and realised she was in labour.

The Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport
Katie and Tristan were taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital after she gave birth (Image: Media Wales)

As her grandmother called the hospital for advice, Katie lay down on the living room sofa, where she could no longer resist the urge to push.

She said: “Auntie Tracy whipped off my undies and, wailing, I pushed with all my might, but the baby was stuck.”

Luckily, two paramedics arrived seconds later, helping to deliver a baby boy.

Katie said: “When I heard him cry, I felt shock, surprise and then pure love. I couldn’t believe I’d had a healthy baby just one day after discovering I was pregnant.

“It had been so quick – taking just 22 minutes and three pushes – that I hadn’t even had time to call Ryan.”

Taken to Royal Gwent Hospital for checks, Ryan met Katie and their 6lb 3oz baby, who they called Tristan.

Katie said: “I remember him just beaming from ear to ear and saying, ‘He’s perfect’.”

Mum and baby stayed in hospital for a week to check her high blood pressure after giving birth, and monitor Tristan’s sugar levels.

Katie was told he had probably been tucked up near her ribs throughout her pregnancy, which is why she had not felt him.

Now 22 weeks old, Tristan is thriving and Katie and Ryan hope that, one day, he will have a little brother or sister to play with.

She said: “I love being a mum. I’m quite lucky with Tristan actually. He only wakes up once a night for a feed, so I have loads of energy to play with him during the day.

“Me and Ryan might go on to have more kids, but we’ll plan it next time and I’d have a natural birth in a hospital.

“We hope to move in together and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our new family.”

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